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Bayonetta (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

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Title Screen


Developers: Nex Entertainment (PS3), PlatinumGames (360)
Publisher: Sega
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Released in JP: October 29, 2009
Released in US: January 5, 2010
Released in EU: January 8, 2010
Released in AU: January 7, 2010

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This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
  • Shuraba (and likely Jeanne's equivalent, Angel Slayer, as well) has an unused animation. According to the director, Hideki Kamiya, said animation has the sword's hilt open when the weapon is fully charged, making the pulsating heart inside it fully visible. According to Kamiya, the animation is still in the game and was simply forgotten to be reconnected to the other animations when animations were readjusted.
  • Look into the Wii U, Switch, and Steam ports.

Bayonetta can be best described as Devil May Cry with a feminine flair, and a far less controversial DMC than Ninja Theory's. If we ever get a Project X Zone 3, perhaps Dante can finally prove Kamiya wasn't right, right?


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Models

  • The models of Bayonetta and the Affinity that were used in an early build of the game (circa 2007) are still left within the files. Bayonetta's is pl1010.dat, while the Affinity's is et00fb.dat. Bayonetta's model seems to be cased within a really...ugly...shell for some reason, while the Affinity has no textures present.
  • pl1000.dat is an early model of the hood on Bayonetta's "Old" outfit.
  • A red gem seen in prototype footage is in et000b.dat. It is referred to as "ローズ ハート" ("Rose Heart"), and restores health in the field, similar to the Laurel items.
  • wp0000.dat contains an early version of Scarborough Fair. They look almost like the final versions of the guns, although the guns are red instead of a purple-ish color, the textures are very low-res, and the guns themselves are encased in rectangular shells.
  • es0097.dat is a "model" containing joke credits, courtesy of "Lumen Sage Productions". It also has a typo present, spelling "Director" as "Derector", and lots of incorrect grammar, such as "Produced by A Lumen Sage Production", and listing two or more enemies (i.e. Grace & Glory, Braves) as "Himself" rather than "Themselves". It is possible that these credits may have initially been intended for use in the Jubileus boss battle, when the fake credits roll halfway through.
  • et0007.dat contains an unused model of a massive, demonic arm. It also has a few simple animations.
  • wp0129.dat contains an hourglass with purple sand, along with a sound file of glass shattering.
  • it0200 and it020c.dat have a model of an unused Angelic Hymns Gold LP.
  • bm0021.dat is a stack of bags of gunpowder. They are likely inside the structure that explodes in "The Witch Hunts", bm0020.dat, but are never actually seen.

  • gm01d0 through gm01d4.dat contain a model of Fortitudo used in the Records of Time chapter, "The Witch Hunts". However, these files also have sub-models that show an early version of its design.
    • gm01d0.dat is missing much of its gold armor and the spikes on its tail.
    • gm01d2 and gm01d3.dat load the same blue-headed unused model, but they each contain meshes to make them either red or blue. The render of gm01d2.dat has its blue-colored meshes disabled.
    • gm01d1 and gm01d4.dat are mostly similar to the final version, with some minor changes to the gold motifs on them.

Placeholder/Test Models

  • pl003f.dat contains a set of spheres that have some of Bayonetta's textures on them.
  • es0014.dat, es001d.dat, and es0012.dat have a black-and-white screenshot from a very early build, with debug text present in the upper left corner, and some odd gauges in the lower-right.
  • es0600.dat has the same screenshot of an early build, but with a brown tone and a black square in the center of the image.
  • es0603.dat and es0604.dat contain a blurry picture of the inside of the Ithavoll Building.
  • es0605.dat through es0607.dat contain a placeholder image of a still from the intro, with the text "フィルム ベース" ("Film base") on top.
  • es0118.dat is a flat panel containing a placeholder texture.
  • es001a.dat through es001c.dat, es011a.dat through es011c.dat, and es0119.dat are a flat panel containing a color version of the first still shown in the intro, with the number 52 in the bottom-right corner. In the actual intro, the still is in sepia tone, and is actually part of a pre-rendered video.
  • es0096.dat is a simple black cube.
  • et00f0.dat is a black sphere with a white cone.
  • et00f2.dat are two cubes with placeholder textures.
  • et00f3.dat is an untextured spiked ball.
  • et00fe.dat is a pair of legs. Judging by the color of the pants, they may be Rodin's, but the shoes look vastly different.
  • et00ff.dat is a cube and a sphere, both of which have a rose pattern.
  • et0fff.dat contains two flat triangles.
  • et0002.dat is a yellow sphere.
  • et0103.dat is a series of three basic untextured shapes.
  • In many .dats (mostly in the gm folder) is a model of a cube with red crosses on each side.
  • wp012b.dat contains a flail with a human skull on the end of it.

Unused Textures

The jp folder in data00\id contains HUD and menu textures for the Japanese language version, a few of which are early item or option names.

  • msg110 and msg111.idd contain a texture that says "ローズハトロリポップ" ("Rose Heart Lollipop"). It may be an early name for the Green Herb Lollipop (given the Rose Heart's healing properties in the prototype), or the Bloody Rose Lollipop.
  • msg118 and msg119.idd contain a texture that says "バタフライドリームロリポップ" ("Butterfly Dream Lollipop"). It may be an early name for the Purple Magic Lollipop.
  • msg120.idd is an image that says "The MagicTriton Ouverture". It is placed between various item name graphics, and has no other files within the .idd, so it is difficult to ascertain its meaning.
  • msg125.idd says "コンティニューバレット" ("Continue Bullet"). result300.idd also has a graphic that says "Continue Bullet", but in English.
  • msg126.idd has text that says "レッド・ジユース" ("Red Juice"). It may be an early name for the Red Hot Shot.
  • msg500.idd contains the names of some of the Angel's ranks. One of these is unused-- the rank "Fabula", meaning "fable" in Latin.
  • chapter901.idd is an image of the term "Bonus Roulette". The texture's proximity to other files indicates it may have been some sort of option or game after you clear a chapter.
  • subscr100.idd contains graphics of eight rings with colored bands in the middle, found with other item renders. They may be scrapped accessory options.
  • subscr501.idd contains textures for various item names, one of which is "Umbran Elegance #06".
    • It has a placeholder item render in subscrbbe.idd-- a Bloody Rose Lollipop over a pink background.
  • subscrb15 and subscrb97.idd contain renders of Umbran Sisters, the guns used by Bayonetta and the witch apprentices in the past. As one is unable to open the subscreen when utilizing this weapon, these renders go unused.
  • result800.idd contains graphics for the Leaderboard feature, as well as three textures that appear to be early versions of the Play History screen. Notably, the final difficulty is named "Nonstop ∞ Climax Hard", rather than "Nonstop ∞ Climax". The "All" column is also missing.
  • result9b3.idd is located with the chapter clear screens, and was presumably intended to be "The Witch Hunts"'s clear screen. In the final, the screen fades to white, and you are taken directly to the Prologue chapter select menu.
  • data11\event\ev02.dat has early textures for Applaud's enemy introduction.
Bayonetta ev02 1.png
Bayonetta ev02 2.png
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Text

The data00\mes folder contains the game's script. rc00.mes has two entries that go unused.

  • A repeating string of numbers, likely used for testing.
  • A message intended for the Angel Attack minigame. In the final version, you cannot exit this game by any means other than running out of bullets or exchanging your bullets for Halos.
Bullets remaining. Exit the game?

subscr000.mes has a few unused entries as well, including descriptions for the aforementioned Umbran Sisters weapon and (presumably) Umbran Elegance #06.

Umbran Sisters

Magical weapons used in the Umbran martial techniques collectively known as the Bullet Arts. While resembling a flintlock pistol, the Umbran Sisters have been in use long before the 15th century appearance of the human-crafted flintlocks. Whether it be magical melee attacks, or rapid fire via magically apportioned bullets, the Umbra Sisters are capable of fully exploiting their user's magical abilities.
Umbran Elegance

Perfume for witches made from unique fragrances. Will change you into a costume that is a perfect match for Bazillions. 

Perfume for witches made from unique fragrances. Will change you into a costume that is a perfect match for Bazillions. Can only be used with your default, normal costume. 
  • An unused technique that would have been an upgrade to Stiletto.
Super Stiletto

A version of the Stiletto technique that features a longer thrust for added range. Can also be performed in mid-air. (Press [LS] towards an enemy twice quickly [0x1002] [Y]. Can also be executed by holding [RB] and pressing towards an opponent with [LS] [0x1002] [Y].)
  • An unused Angelic Hymns Gold LP, translating to "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy". It also has a music track associated with it.
Angelic Hymns Gold LP
[0x1001]Danse de la Fée Dragée[0x1001]
  • A number of early descriptions for File submenu options.
View detailed information regarding

View detailed information regarding 
standard techniques.

View detailed information regarding
special techniques.

View detailed information regarding
weapon-based techniques.









See a list of files you have gathered.

Enemy Files

Witch Files

subscr004.mes has additional text for Queen Sheba's guidebook description. This text can also be found in the second game.

Having brough order to Inferno, the sense of fright all hold towards Sheba is the root of her exalted title - Queen. Not a single soul has ever laid eyes on her, and it is said she has no true form. 
Instead, the vast darkness that spreads over the entirety of Inferno is said to be Sheba herself. Many witches are said to have experimented with summoning this spirit, only to have the cost be their very lives, as they are dragged into the depths of hell. Even if one were able to summon the Queen, it would most likely be only a sliver of the full power this legendary being possesses.
To do:
  • Are these files in any of the other ports?

r210ev.mes and r210ev_jp.mes are two files only found in the Switch port. They contain text meant for the cutscene where Cereza breaks free from the kidnapper Joy and runs back to Bayonetta. In both the us and jp localization folders, the file with the suffix "_jp" has additional text.


English Japanese
Little one! チビ!


English Japanese Japanese (Translated)
Mummy! マミ! Mummy!
Little one! チビ! Little one!
Go away! キライ! I hate you!

data13\posjump.dat contains .pos files, which hold position and location data, as well as text describing their purpose. Many .pos files exist for locations unreferenced by the final game.

Room Name Description Translated Description
Market (r09e)
Tramway (r09e)
Small open space (r09e) Mission 2・3
Fork (r09e) 
Enter the place name
Mission 24 start
Rocket 2nd stage
Rocket 3rd stage
Rocket 4th stage
Rocket 5th stage
Mission 24-2 start
Mission 24-3 start
Mission 24-4 start
Tornado boss's head
Road break second half experiment
Starting point
Initial position
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Sounds

LRCLfLsRs_master_aif and LRLsRsCLf_master_aif

Found within the test folder of se\core.cpk, there are these two test sound files. The file names and audio suggest it is a kind of multichannel audio test. After all, this was Platinum's first game to use a 5.1 sound setup.

Japanese English


Here's the left.

Here's the right.
Here's the center.
Here's the back left.
Here's the back right.


Inside se\r000.cpk is this leftover sound file that was used in the start-up of the 2007 prototype.

tutorial_voice_aif and moon_balder_02_aif

In se\r200.cpk are two unused voice lines spoken by Balder. Given their filenames, and the fact that r200 corresponds to the "The Lost Holy Grounds" chapter, they may have been intended for the chapter's Witch Walk segments.

Test beep
There are numerous files in the bgm folder that contain a short, .1 second long beep. Whether these files were used for testing or were dummied out is unknown. The full list of files is below.


1KHz_-20db_Surround_(master)_16l_wav and 1khz_-20dB_wav

These two audio files are beeps that slowly fade out, with the former being 10 seconds long, and the latter being 26 seconds long.


An unused version of "Trois Marches Militaires", played as Rodin creates the Onyx Roses. There are additional noises of the record player starting up at the beginning, and the crescendo of noise near the end is a bit quieter.


An arrangement of "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy", likely intended to be played when acquiring the unused "Danse de la Fée Dragée" Gold LP.

Test opening narrations

To do:
See if the voice files might still be in the game

During development, different characters of the story voiced the opening narration to see which would fit better. Of course, none of the characters were chosen and the narrator we all know was ultimately used in the final game. Two videos on the blog below feature Luka and the Umbra Elder voicing the opening.

(Source: Bayonetta Japanese blog)

Unused Cinematics

sega_000.sfd is a video containing a static image of the Sega logo, accompanied by the classic "Se-gaaaaa!" jingle. It can be assumed that they were going to use the classic logo due to all of the references and homages this game makes to Sega arcade games, but ended up using the then-current Sega logo instead.

Unused Used