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FIFA Soccer 2005 (PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Windows)

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Title Screen

FIFA Soccer 2005

Also known as: FIFA Football 2005 (EU), FIFA Total Football 2 (JP)
Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: EA Sports
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Windows
Released in JP: December 9, 2004 (PS2)
Released in US: October 12, 2004
Released in EU: October 8, 2004
Released in KR: October 29, 2004 (PS2)

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

To do:
  • Figure out what enabling ALLOW_SCREEN_DEBUG does. 2028EF70 00000000. Seems to take effect in the Career screen.
  • Find any way to access the debug mode in the GameCube, Xbox & PC versions.

Debug Options

Applying the codes below will enable a few debug features. Normally these options would be part of a config file, however the entries are blank.

USA codes:

201308D0 00000000

2016D794 00000000

Display Game Number
20307F60 00000000

Enable Physics Display
2057FE48 00000001

Enable System Stats
2057FF90 00000001
2058942C 00000001

Debug Free Camera (L1 + D-Pad Up = On, L1 + D-Pad Down = Off)
20134354 00000000
D0708B42 0000FBEF
20134368 00000000
D0708B42 0000FBBF
20134368 14430007
(Source: Original TCRF research)


FifaSoccer05 - Debugoption1.png

Enables system time statistics.


FifaSoccer05 - Debugoption2.png

Enables another set of system statistics.

Display Game Number

FifaSoccer05 - Debugoption3.png

Enables game mode ID display on-screen.

Physics Display

FifaSoccer05 - Debugoption4.png

Enables some basic physic information.

System Stats

FifaSoccer05 - Debugoption5.png

Enables another set of system statistics.

Debug Camera

FifaSoccer05 - Debugoption6.png

Enables a free camera mode. This would have part of the camera settings menu under a camera setting called "Free cam".

printf Logging

Several stubbed printf functions can be re-enabled with the below code. A unique printf function was also replaced which was removed from the game, however it doesn't separate text with this method properly.

Re-enable printf Messages
20471BE8 080E707E
20471BEC 00000000
2016C9A0 080E707E
2016C9A4 00A0202D
20390DE0 080E707E

If you are playing the game on a regular PlayStation 2, you will need to use a TOOL, RDB, or a debug version of OPL to view the logs. If you are playing on an emulator, you can see this information by enabling the option "Show Console".

(Source: Original TCRF research)