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Goal! FIFA World Cup Soccer Quiz Game

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Title Screen

Goal! FIFA World Cup Soccer Quiz Game

Developer: Icontact
Publisher: Philips Media
Platform: CD-i
Released in EU: August 1, 1993

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Goal! FIFA World Cup Soccer Quiz Game is to association football as NFL Football Trivia Challenge is to gridiron football.

Development Text

To do:
Get a full list of the program's text.

Near the end of the file cdi_goal are the text and data for a debugging program. Most of the strings are fairly generic and unremarkable... apart from two unusual lines which mention a programmer in some way.

The first is located at 0x2BE61:

sack the programmer...

While the second's at 0x2F046:

AV which_dcp flags out of sync. 
Call the programmer: +44-306-875777

Given that the text appears in Wimbledon Challenge unaltered, the programmer in question is either Stuart "Stuie" Pilkington or Kevin Higgins, who are listed as "Software Engineers" in the credits of both games. It's not the programmer's personal telephone number, though - the same number appears in an old Philips document advertising courses for designers and programmers for the CD-i (page 66 of this file).