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FIFA 15 (Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

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Title Screen


Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: EA Sports
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Released in JP: October 9, 2014 (PS4/XB1)
Released in US: September 23, 2014
Released in EU: September 25, 2014

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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This game's online features are no longer supported.
While this game's online features were once accessible, they are (as of September 15, 2021) no longer officially supported and online-exclusive features may be documented as now-unseen content.

FIFA 15, now with a new "dream squad" mode.

Unused Face

FIFA15-Steven Caulker face.jpg

While Steven Caulker has a generic face, he has files containing a scanned version of his face. His face however is bugged ingame.

(Source: soccergaming.com)

Unused Club IDs

Orlando City SC and New York City FC both have unused club IDs in the game. They are currently unused because they are new teams in the MLS, but they will both start their first season in 2015, leaving their IDs as placeholder.

(Source: soccergaming.com)