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Fester's Quest

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Title Screen

Fester's Quest

Also known as: Uncle Fester's Quest: The Addams Family (Title Screen)
Developer: Sunsoft
Publisher: Sunsoft
Platform: NES
Released in US: September 1989
Released in EU: September 14, 1990

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Fester's Quest is one of the first games based on The Addams Family, following Fester on his aforementioned "quest" to save the townspeople from aliens.

Unused Graphics


A ball, usually stored near the graphics for the missiles and items. A bullet type perhaps?


An icon for an unused special item...looks like a knight's hat and a shield. Armor, maybe?


In-Game Fixed

A crab-like alien with some resemblance to Hard Shell from Blaster Master, meant to appear in the spaceship. It's the only unused enemy, that is actually functional.

It can be seen in the game by setting the value of the RAM address 030E to 15 (in some cases, the game might freeze after that).

This enemy will slowly approach to Fester and spread three bubbles when it takes damage, which is the behavior similar to the other bigger alien found in the same area.

However, the game will display it's part of the body with incorrect tiles (5D,5E,6D,6E) instead of the proper ones (79,7A,89,8A).


A scorpion stored in the graphics for the streets. In the horizontal angle, it has sprites for firing a projectile from it's tail.

Interestingly, this enemy is mentioned in the instruction manual, but the screenshot shows a giant spider instead.

Implying, that either scorpion used to be in the game or the spider was simply mistaken for it.

Tiles Mock Up

A four headed and legged enemy located in the spaceship assets, which could fire in four directions.

This enemy is assembled to have the horizontal part mirrored and then overlaid by the vertical sets of the heads as a single sprite.

The vertical head is similar to the one, which appears during the 5th boss, with the difference being the shading and seperate tiles for the eye, looking left and right.


Tiles Mock Up
Tiles Mock Up

What seem to be two unused bosses.

In the sprite bank for the 2nd and 3rd boss, there are unused tiles for a gun and what it looks like a left arm, which fits into the graphics of the upper boss.

The same bank contains the graphics for the projectile, similar to the one fired by the 4th boss. Also intended to be fired by this boss.

In the game, there are buildings, each of them having the boss inside with exception of the first one being optional to enter, so maybe this building was meant to have one too.

The latter one appears to be based on the Plutonium Boss from Blaster Master. His arms and lower jaw are loaded as sprites.

He was able to fire projectiles from his hands (or to walk, hard to tell...), along with launching his jaw, which has tiles for a 90 degree rotation.

This boss is stored with the graphics for the final boss, the alien ship computer, so there may have been two bosses to be fought at this point.





The computer has lots of tiles related to it's eye looking around and being destroyed, which is static in the game. It could be that the boss would look at direction where Fester is standing.

Strangely, the eye was supposed to be animated by a background layer, unlike the rest of the bosses where their limbs are represented as sprites instead.

It's turrets have the unused graphics for the completely upward angle and for firing the laser beams, while those were just fired without any effect.

The graphics below the turret could be a particle for charging up the laser beam.


Tiles Mock Up

The sprite tiles for the lightning with the graphics of the alien ship combined, meant to be overlaid with the original ship sprites.

This was supposed to be used right before the UFO blows up, given that during this sequence the palette is loaded, fitting for this graphics.

Unused Music

Although this theme is used for the beginning cutscene, only 12 seconds (out of 26) are used before the song fades out.

Regional Differences

The European version of Fester's Quest contains some differences that make the game noticeably easier.

  • All enemies and bosses take less hits for them to be killed.
  • The projectiles fired from the gun can go through walls and obstacles.

Revisional Differences

Revision 0 Revision 1
Nesfesterq-eurcopyright.png Nesfesterq-eurcopyrightrev1.png

The European version gained a revision which updated the copyright spiel, making it clearer that the game is based specifically on The Addams Family television series from the 1960s in the process.