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Gradius ReBirth

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Title Screen

Gradius ReBirth

Developer: M2
Publisher: Konami
Platform: WiiWare
Released in JP: September 2, 2008
Released in US: March 9, 2009
Released in EU: July 3, 2009
Released in AU: July 3, 2009

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

To do:
  • Check for more possible unused content.
  • Rip the unused sounds when I can.
  • Possible regional content?

What would happen if you took all of the games in the series and put them in a blender? The result would be Gradius ReBirth, a fruity twist of all the best parts of Gradius.

Unused Graphics

GradiusRebirth-AobaAnoa.gif GradiusRebirth-AobaAnoaBlack.gif

Aoba Anoa from the Otomedius series appears in the files for the Vic Viper, vic_viper_red.bmp. There is also a silhouette of her sprites found in vic_viper.bmp. Judging from her amount of sprites, she might have been considered to be a playable character.


She even has a life icon hidden in font.bmp.

GradiusRebirth-Stage2 boss.png

The Crawler X is animated with multiple segments in-game, however, an assembled version can be found in stage2 boss.bmp. It could have been used for a reference guide on how it should look, or may have acted more similar to the Crawler found in Nemesis on Game Boy.

GradiusRebirth-Stage2 boss damage.png

The very same graphic has a hurt version where the shell is colored orange along with the eye. In-game, only the eye becomes orange when the boss is hurt.

GradiusRebirth dupetitle.png

A rather boring and choppily-made title screen can be found in _title.bmp.

Developer Text

GradiusRebirth-stage3 01.png

Hidden in \map\stage3_01.bmp is some text presumably by one of the artists.