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Half-Life 2 (Windows)/Unused Textures

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This is a sub-page of Half-Life 2 (Windows).

To do:
  • Screenshots of the popcan model with these textures.
  • Try to find more unused model textures, whether it be for existing models or for models that aren't in the game.

Unused Textures

Dummy Texture

Half Life 2 Dummy Texture.png

A dummy texture can be found in the engine folder of hl2_textures_dir.vpk.


Half-Life 2 PC Breen fakemonitor 00 00 00.pngHalf-Life 2 PC Breen fakemonitor 01 00 00.pngHalf-Life 2 PC Breen fakemonitor 02 00 00.png

An unused 3-frame placeholder animation for the City 17 screens, named breen_fakemonitor_.vtf.

Snow & Ice

A set of snow and ice textures that don't seem to be used anywhere. They do end up appearing in Mossman's transmission in Half-Life 2: Episode One.


To do:
Whose cat is this, though?

HL2-matsys regressiontest-background.png

Inside an inconspicuously named folder is this picture of a cat. This is probably the most well-known unused texture from Half-Life, due to how frequently it crops up in various Garry's Mod miscellany.

This texture was apparently meant for regression testing while they were rewriting the materials system for The Orange Box, and somehow it made it all the way into the final release.

Prototype HUD Leftovers

The HUD and weapon icons from the prototype still exist inside the game's files. The final game instead stores the weapon icons in fonts. There are also graphics for Half-Life weapons scattered around, intended to be used for its Source engine port, Half-Life: Source.

HL2 Proto HUD.png

Half-Life 2-w icons1.png Half-Life 2-w icons1b.png

Half-Life 2-w icons2.png Half-Life 2-w icons2b.png

Half-Life 2-w icons3.png Half-Life 2-w icons3b.png


Spinal Cord
The Intestine
The Bottom Intestine

The textures for the cut Hydra lies in both the effects and sprites folder.


To do:
Texture/texture on model comparison with used version.

Seems to be for an early version of Portal's Chell's facemap. There are no models to this, only textures. "Boxrocket" is the codename used for the Source Filmmaker, which had been released with the TF2 update Meet the Pyro in 2012.

This is not present in the 2004 retail version, but was added when Portal was released.


To do:
Are any of these textures also unused? (From the same folder, filenames are exactly the same as in the folder minus the HL2 prefix) Also if you do want to help, you can decompile every map with bspsource and open them in a text file, then use ctrl + f and type in the texture you want to find, repeat for all maps.

There are a number of development-related textures in the dev folder, along with several unused textures for things like brick buildings and signs.

HL2 dev brickwall012d.png HL2 dev brickwall012e.png HL2 dev glassfrosted01a.png

HL2 dev envmap.png HL2 hemisphere height.png HL2 hemisphere normal.png

HL2 dev ceiling.png HL2 dev floor.png HL2 dev northwall.png

HL2 dev eastwall.png HL2 dev southwall.png HL2 dev westwall.png

HL2 dev monitor.png HL2 testgrid.png

HL2 dev cratewood01a.png HL2 dev signflammable01a.png HL2 dev slime.png

HL2 dev camo.png HL2 dev camoenvmap.png HL2 twenty.png HL2 dev exclude error.png

Orange Box leftovers

Leftovers from the Xbox 360/PS3 versions of Half-Life 2.


Unused Achievement Icon

In the game files, under materials\vgui\achievements, there is an achievement icon for finding G-Man sightings. There is no corresponding name and description for it on hl2_english, however. Judging by the name hl2_find_allgmans, it could indicate that it would be similar to Lambda Locator.

Unused Model textures


Unused can textures

In the game files, there are 2 unused textures for the popcan. The textures are named popcan02a.vtf and popcan03a.vtf respectively. They would have appeared in the vending machines.

HalfLife2 popcan02a.png
HalfLife2 popcan03a.png

Unused 1984 novel texture

In the game files, there is a texture sheet for George Orwell's 1984 novel. The texture itself is in props_junk\garbage_001a.

HalfLife2 Booktexture.png