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Metal Gear (DOS)

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Title Screen

Metal Gear

Developer: Banana Development
Publisher: Ultra Software
Platform: DOS
Released in US: November 1990

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Metal Gear for DOS is not based on the MSX2 version. Instead, it's based on the only version widely known to Americans at that time, the NES version. It also appears to be quite the rush job, enough so to make the game impossible to complete without cheating.

Debug Cheats

The game checks for a file called delete.me. This file was removed from the shipped game. However, by creating a new file named that with CE written in it, the player can unlock a few things:

  • The ability to skip the copy protection
  • Ctrl + Esc to get all the items
  • Ctrl + F1 for invincibility

It should also be noted that CE are the initials for the port's developer, Charles Ernst.

(Source: S&F Productions)

Display Prompt

Originally, it seems the game would have allowed the player to choose display modes within the game's overlay code. However, this is handled by a separate program in the final game. The text remains at 633AB in the decompressed overlay.

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