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Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

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Title Screen

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Platform: MSX2
Released in JP: July 20, 1990

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake is the sequel to Metal Gear that Hideo Kojima actually worked on. It's basically what Metal Gear Solid would've been if it was 2D and came out exclusively on a Japanese 8-bit computer instead of a console most of the world actually owned. Konami would later include this and the first MSX2 game in most re-releases of Metal Gear Solid 3 with a full English localization, but at the expense of the original likeness-infringing character portraits.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Text

Offset Text
0x67461 COP

An unused name tag assigned as a value to the byte variable D6. This was a name tag likely intended for "Maniac Cop", a scrapped enemy character mentioned in the liner notes for the official soundtrack. According to an early draft of the game's map, he would've been encountered on the first floor of Zanzibar Building, most likely after the first boss battle, since this name tag is stored right after Black Color's (D5), but before Running Man's (D7).

Offset Text Translation
0x67483 へいし Soldier

Another unused name tag, obviously intended for enemy soldiers. The enemy soldiers in the game have a few lines of dialogue, but none of them ever use this name tag. It's assigned to the byte variable DD.

Offset Text Translation
0x67317 ワイヤー Wire

This appears among text strings used for weapon pickups between the lighter and the silencer. Wires were likely intended placed traps similarly to land mines and plastic explosives. There are wired traps in certain areas of the final game (such as the spiral staircase chase and the final escape sequence), but they're used exclusively as obstacles against the player.

Transcript Translation


Searchlights can expose where you're going.
Measure their timing and move quickly
from one cover to the next.

This is located at offset 0x61834. It's codec advice given by Campbell on how to avoid searchlights, an obstacle that was cut from the final game. Searchlights were intended to be used by the enemy in the very first area of the game (similarly to the ones present on the heliport in the original Metal Gear Solid).

Transcript Translation


Mister, are you Snake?
It's me, Carrie.
Daddy went fishing.


But it's alright...
He took the codec with him.
The number is 140.99.
Come and play with me next time. Bye.

This appears among Campbell's codec dialogue at offset 0x61D50, but he's obviously not the intended speaker (despite the dialogue being assigned to his name tag). The character of Carrie (キャリー) was most likely Master Miller's daughter, Catherine (キャサリー), who is mentioned in the game's manual. This conversation would've likely been used for a frequency number change, similarly to the ones Campbell and Holly go through, but Miller sticks with the same number throughout the final game.

Sound Test

Equip the cigarettes and then go to the radio screen. Set the frequency to 140.07 and the game will play a random music track. Change to another frequency and then switch back to 140.07 to play a different track.

Debug Mode

Metal Gear 2 has an extensive debug feature that's been made inaccessible in the retail version. The only way to unlock it is by opening the ROM image with a hex editor and changing the value placed at offset 7F801 to a 0, which will remove the instruction preventing its access.

This can also be done on an actual MSX2 with a MegaRAM cartridge containing the ROM, although the procedure is a bit different. Go to page 3F of the ROM and change the value placed at position B801 to a 0.

(Source: Manuel Pazos)


Key Function
x Adds all the standard card keys to Snake's inventory.
r Adds all three types of rations to Snake's inventory, with 20, 40 and 60 units in that order.
z Adds all the other items (including the master card keys) and weapons to Snake's inventory.
Insert Enables Stealth Mode. Snake will be rendered invisible to enemy soldiers and security cameras until he touches someone.
Delete Disables Stealth Mode.
Backspace Unlocks the path in the Jungle Maze without having to stalk the Green Beret.
p Displays Snake's X and Y co-ordinances atop the item and weapon display, respectively.
; Promotes Snake to the next level (it won't be reflected on his life gauge).
' Demotes Snake to the previous level.
= Skips to the ending sequence.
t Changes the shape of Natasha's brooch. The change will not take effect if the brooch is equipped.
. (numeral key) Skips the initial radio conversation with Campbell when the game starts.
2 (numeral key) Jump one screen south.
4 (numeral key) Jump one screen west.
6 (numeral key) Jump one screen east.
8 (numeral key) Jump one screen north.
STOP (or Page Up) Enters Stop Mode.

Stop Mode

Key Function
Up Causes the screen to scroll up.
Down Causes the screen to scroll down.
0, 1, 2 or 3 Shows graphics currently loaded in the RAM.
Tab Shows a currently loaded character graphic atop the item/weapon display. Press the Up or Down keys to change the sprite shown.
Home Displays the co-ordinances of the screen. Use the arrow keys to move the blinking cursor.
Esc Resume normal play.

Warp Keys

The following keys will transport the player to the indicated location when the game is running on debug mode.

Key Function
0 Entrance Point
1 Zanzibar Building 1F
2 Zanzibar Building 2F (jump one screen north)
3 Zanzibar Building 3F
4 Zanzibar Building 4F
5 Zanzibar Building B1
6 Zanzibar Building B2
7 Jungle Maze
8 Zanzibar Building B3
9 Tower Building Southern Entrance
a Tower Building Northern Entrance
b Tower Building 1F (jump one screen north)
c Tower Building glitched area
d Tower Building glitched area
e Tower Building glitched area
f Sealed Door to the roof of Tower Building (jump one screen north)
g Tower Building glitched area
h Final Getaway
i Detention Camp B2 (in front of Metal Gear D)
j Detention Camp B1

Revisional Differences

Metal Gear 2 was released on the Wii Virtual Console in Japan in 2010. This version has some graphical and text changes that were made to bring it more in-line with the 2004 mobile phone port that the versions included in Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence and HD Edition were based on.

Graphic Changes


Original Virtual Console
Mg2msx balmal.png Mg2msx gator cigs.png

The Balmal-branded cigarettes pack (an obvious pastiche of the real life Pall Mall brand) was changed to Gator brand and the palette used for the rest of the image is slightly different as a result. Oddly enough, the Lucky Strike-like design used for the cigarettes icon on the inventory screen and HUD went unchanged, despite being replaced with a different icon in all the other versions.

Original Virtual Console
Mg2msx snake opening.png Mg2vc snake opening.png

The close-up of Solid Snake's face at the end of the opening prologue (which is also used for the ending cast roll) was changed from the original Mel Gibson-like design to a stylized design more akin to Yoji Shinkawa's promotional artwork in the later games.


All of the character portraits used for the game's conversation sequences were similarly replaced as well. Most, if not all, of the original portraits were traceovers of actual celebrities at the time, with some of them being pretty blatant, such as Colonel Campbell's (who is obviously based on Colonel Trautman from the Rambo movies), and Big Boss's (basically Sean Connery with an eyepatch drawn over him), which may had necessitated their replacement when the game was ported to other platforms in later years.

The revised character portraits are drawn in a style similar to Metal Gear Solid series illustrator Yoji Shinkawa's (as well as somewhat resembling the style of the character portraits seen in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel), in order to more closely resemble how the characters looked in the later games, with Gray Fox and Master Miller in particular no longer resembling how they originally looked on the MSX2 version. However, the revised portraits lack the eye and mouth animations that the original versions have, with the sole exception of Natasha. Natasha (who was renamed Gustava in all re-releases) was given an alternate portrait with her eyes closes used for her death scene in the other ports, but the Virtual Console version uses it to give her a blinking animation.

The blood on Fox's face after he is wounded from his fistfight with Snake are sprites that are layered over his portrait. However, the blood pattern was not changed to better suit his new portrait, unlike the other versions (which all use an alternate portrait instead).

Original Virtual Console
Solid Snake Mg2msx snake.pngMg2msx snake cigs.png Mg2vc snake.pngMg2vc snake cigs.png
Roy Campbell Mg2msx campbell.png Mg2vc campbell.png
Holly White Mg2msx holly.png Mg2vc holly.png
Master Miller Mg2msx master.png Mg2vc master.png
Yozev Norden
(Johan Jacobsen)
Mg2msx norden.png Mg2vc norden.png
George Kasler Mg2msx kasler.png Mg2vc kasler.png
Natasha Marcova
(Gustava Heffner)
Mg2msx natasha.pngMg2msx natasha blinking.png Mg2vc natasha.pngMg2vc natasha blinking.png
Kio Marv Mg2msx marv.png Mg2vc marv.png
Dr. Madnar Mg2msx madnar.png Mg2vc madnar.png
Gray Fox Mg2msx fox.pngMg2msx fox bloodied.png Mg2vc fox.pngMg2vc fox bloodied.png
Big Boss Mg2msx boss.png Mg2vc boss.png


The romanized names used for the ending cast roll were also changed to match the other versions, with some rather interesting results.

Original Virtual Console
Mg2msx kyanbel name.png Mg2vc campell name.png

Roy Campbell's last name was originally given the rather Engrish-sounding romanization of "Kyanbel" in the MSX2 version. They tried changing it to the way it's normally spelled on the Virtual Console release, but they were one letter short, so we get "Campbel" instead (the fan-translation patch by G&T Soft managed to use the full spelling, but apparently Konami didn't think it was worth the effort to code-in an extra letter).

Original Virtual Console
Mg2msx horry name.png Mg2vc holly name.png

Similarly, Horry became the more natural-sounding Holly...

Original Virtual Console
Mg2msx kesler name.png Mg2vc kasler name.png

...while Kesler became Kasler.

Original Virtual Console
Mg2msx petorovich name.png Mg2vc pettrovich name.png

Petorovich was changed to Pettrovich (the manual uses Petrovich, without the extra 't', which is how the actual name is normally spelled). His full name was actually changed to "Drago Pettrovich Madnar" in the re-releases, which the revised script for the Virtual Console version also uses, but they obviously didn't try to fit it in here.

Original Virtual Console
Mg2msx norden name.png Mg2vc jacobsen name.png

Yozev Norden was renamed Johan Jacobsen for some reason, but they didn't have enough room for the full name, so they simply shortened the first name to its initial.

Original Virtual Console
Mg2msx grey name.png Mg2vc gray name.png

The spelling of both, Fox's real name and his code name, were changed to match the ones used in the original Metal Gear Solid.

Original Virtual Console
Mg2msx natasha name.png Mg2vc gustava name.png

Natasha Marcova became Gustava Heffner in the re-releases, possibly to avoid confusion with the similarly-named Nastasha Romanenko from Metal Gear Solid, but also because her last name was taken from a character in the J.C. Pollock novel Crossfire (which is where some of the plot elements in the game were drawn from, including Natasha's doomed romance with Frank).

Metal Gear D

The screen-flashing effect that occurs when Metal Gear D is being damaged or destroyed during its boss battle was removed in the Virtual Console version in order to reduce the risk of seizure.

General Text Changes


In addition to the name changes from the ending shown above, all the bosses, most of which had reference-themed names in the MSX2 version (such as Black Color, whose name is a mistransliteration of Blackcollar) were renamed except for the Running Man and Red Blaster. The spelling for FOX HOUND was also changed to the one word style used in the later games.

Original Virtual Console
Japanese Romanization Abbreviation Japanese Romanization Abbreviation
ヨセフ・ノルデン Yozev Norden ノルデン ヨハン・ヤコブセン Johan Jacobsen ヤコブセン
ナターシャ・マルコヴァ Natasha Marcova ナターシャ グスタヴァ・ヘフナー Gustava Heffner グスタヴァ
ペトロビッチ・マッドナー Petorovich Madnar ペトロ ドラゴ・ペトロヴィッチ・マッドナー Drago Pettrovich Madnar マッドナー

The name change of Dr. Madnar is particularly a special case. Originally he was simply called Dr. Pettrovich in the first MSX2 game, with the initial idea being that this was the character's surname, only to be given the full name of Dr. Pettrovich Madnar in this game, as well as in Snatcher. Despite this, he is still addressed as Dr. Pettrovich in the script like he was in the first game, creating a bit of an inconsistency. In the re-releases of both games, he's addressed exclusively as Dr. Madnar and his full name was further changed to "Drago Pettrovich Madnar", establishing Pettrovich to be his patronym. On a side note, the original MSX2 version was inconsistent over the transliteration of Dr. Pettrovich's name, switching between ペトロビッチ and ペトロヴィッチ depending on the line.


The names of some of the items displayed on the weapon and equipment selection screens were changed. Most of the changes were done to omit the proper names of weapons (such as the Beretta M92F and Ingram M11), as well as references to real-life products (such as Lucky Striker, a pastiche of the Lucky Strike cigarette brand), while other changes were just transliteration-related (such as Plastic Explosives and the Hang Glider).

Original Virtual Console
Japanese Translation Japanese Translation
ハンドガン  【ベレッタM92F】 Handgun (Beretta M92F) ハンドガン Handgun
サブマシンガン 【イングラムM11】 Submachine Gun (Ingram M11) サブマシンガン Submachine Gun
グレネード  【M68】 Grenades (M68) グレネード Grenades
タイクウミサイル 【スティンガー】 Anti-Air Missiles (Stinger) スティンガーミサイル Stinger Missiles
リモコンミサイル 【M47ドラゴン】 Remote Control Missiles (M47 Dragon) リモコンミサイル Remote Control Missiles
プラスチック・バクダン Plastic Explosives プラスティックバクダン Plastic Explosives
ジライ  【M 78】 Landmines (M78) ジライ Landmines
カモフラージュ・マット 【ファントム07】 Camouflage Mat (Phantom 07) カムフラージュ・マット Camouflage Mat
ムリョク化ガス 【ABC M25A2】 Incapacitating Gas (ABC M25A2) ガス・グレネード Gas Grenades
ライター  【JR TOKAI】。 Lighter (JR Tokai) ライター Lighter
サイレンサー Silencer サプレッサー Suppressor
タバコ  【ラッキー・ストライカー】 Cigarettes (Lucky Striker) タバコ Cigarettes
ナイトビュア Night Viewer アンシゴーグル Night Vision Goggles
ボディ・アーマー  【S・P・S】 Body Armor (S.P.S.) ボディ・アーマー Body Armor
ガスマスク【ライアット・フェイス・マスク】 Gas Mask (Riot Face Mask) ガスマスク Gas Mask
ソウガンキョウ 【ニコス F500】 Binoculars (Nicos F500) ソウガンキョウ Binoculars
ハングライダー Hang Glider ハンググライダー Hang Glider
カゼグスリ 【PLカル ホワイト】 Cold Medicine (PL Cal White) カゼグスリ Cold Medicine
スプレー  【ミセス・スプレー】 Spray (Mrs. Spray) スプレー Spray
Cレーション  【B1ユニット】 C. Rations (B1 Unit) レーション  【B1ユニット】 Rations (B1 unit)
Cレーション  【B2ユニット】 C. Rations (B2 Unit) レーション  【B2ユニット】 Rations (B2 unit)
Cレーション  【B3ユニット】 C. Rations (B3 Unit) レーション  【B3ユニット】 Rations (B3 unit)

Similar changes were also applied to the shortened names used for item pickups and dialogue. ムリョクカガス (Incapacitating Gas) became ガス・グレネード (Gas Grenades), タイクウミサイル (Anti-Air Missiles) became スティンガーミサイル (Stinger Missiles) and ボデイ・アーマー (Body Armor) was corrected to ボディ・アーマー. The B1 ユニット (B1 Unit) was changed to B1 レーション (B1 Rations) and likewise for the B2 and B3 ration types. Despite this, the typo for the Green Card (which is displayed as グレーン カード when picked up as an item instead of the correct グリーン カード) was left unchanged.

Original Virtual Console Translation




A cardboard box for express delivery.

According to the label, it's bound for
Zanzibar Land. Its use is unknown.

The description for the cardboard box was slightly changed. The term takkyūbin (タッキュウビン) used in the original description is a reference to an express delivery service used by the Yamato Transport company in Japan. Since the term is trademarked, it was replaced with the more generic takuhaibin (タクハイビン).

Script Changes

Roy Campbell

Original Virtual Console
Japanese Translation Japanese Translation


I'm changing my frequency
number from here on.
The new number is in a picture
on the back of the packaging.


I'm changing my frequency
number from here on.
The new number is in a picture
inside the manual.


I'm changing my frequency number.
I'm sending the new number with tap codes.
Decode it.


I'm changing my frequency number.
I'm sending the new number with tap codes.
Decode it with the
chart in the manual. ...Over

The MSX2 version originally required you to look up in the back of the game's case to learn Campbell's second frequency number (apparently intended as a copy protection gimmick, later reused in the original Metal Gear Solid). But since the Virtual Console version was a digital download, he tells you to look up for a screenshot in the digital manual instead. Likewise, he helpfully reminds you of the tap code deciphering chart in the manual during his next frequency change. The original versions of the lines are still present in the game's ROM.

Original Virtual Console
Japanese Translation Japanese Translation


It's a tap code. They were used

to communicate in the Hanoi Hilton,
a North Vietnamese prison camp.



It's a tap code. They were used

to communicate in a North
Vietnamese prison camp.



You cannot use the radar
in areas with high density of
Minovsky particles. ...Over


You cannot use the radar
in areas where the signal
is being jammed. ...Over

References to the Hanoi Hilton and Minovsky particles were removed.

Holly White

Original Virtual Console Subsistence




The tower building is 600 meters tall.
You can go to the basement floor,
floors 1, 10, 20, and 30,
and the roof (R).

The original text says that the rooftop is the 40th floor, but it´s actually the 31st. The manual also made this mistake.

Original Virtual Console Subsistence



南エレベーターが1F,30 Fにと

There are three elevators in the tower building.
The north elevator stops at floors 1 and 10.

The central elevator stops at floors B1, 1, and 20.
The south elevator stops at floors 1 and 30
...See ya.

The original text incorrectly stated that the northern elevator stops at the basement (the B1 floor), when it's actually the central elevator that does that.

Original Virtual Console Subsistence
There's a mine detector
on the 3rd floor of
the Zanzibar building...See ya.

Holly originally did not specify on which building the mine detector was located. Not that she needed to, since the 3rd floor on Tower Building is inaccessible, but it helps a bit.

Master Miller

Original Virtual Console Subsistence




Whatever happens, don't give up.
Do whatever it takes to survive! ...Over and out.

生きのびびる was corrected to 生きのびる (survive).

George Kasler

Original Virtual Console
Japanese Translation Japanese Translation


Red Blaster huh?

He's an elite assassin
from the Soviet Union's Lumumba
University known as the Red



Red Blaster huh?

He's an elite assassin known
as the Red Bomber.

The Patrice Lumumba University was an actual university in Moscow that was established in 1960. However, the organization changed their name to the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia in 1992 following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, which dated the game's story. At any rate, it's doubtful that "elite assassination" was ever part of their curriculum, as the Lumumba University is just a regular college, which would've necessitated the line change anyway.

The reason for the redundant translation for both versions of the line is due to the fact that he's explaining what the name Red Blaster means in Japanese (赤い爆破魔). This was naturally unnecessary for the English localization, so the line was slightly rewritten.

Original Virtual Console
Japanese Translation Japanese Translation


Big Boss...
A legendary soldier
alongside William Morgan.
He's a living legend among mercenaries.


Big Boss...
A legendary soldier
renowned around the world.
He's a living legend among mercenaries.

The William Morgan mentioned by Kasler was likely a reference to the U.S.-born Cuban revolutionary known as the Comandante Yankee, whose life has a few parallels with Big Boss's backstory due to the fact they're both Americans who fought as revolutionaries for third world countries. The comparison was likely removed due to being too obscure.

Dr. Madnar

Original Virtual Console
Transcript Translation Transcript Translation
Petro: "It's been a while,
Solid Snake"
Snake: "Dr. Pettrovich?
...but how!?"
Madnar: "It's been a while,
Solid Snake"
Snake: "Dr. Drago
Pettrovich Madnar?
...but how!?"

Snake now uses Dr. Madnar's full name during their first encounter in the Virtual Console version of the game.

Original Virtual Console
Transcript Translation Transcript Translation
"They used him as an experimental
subject in order to accelerate
Pettrovich Madnar's Snatcher project"
"They used him as an experimental
subject in order to accelerate
Madnar's Snatcher project"

As a result, Kasler's later use of Dr. Madnar's full name when talking about Big Boss's rumored involvement in the Snatcher project was omitted.

Kio Marv

Originally Dr. Marv's dialogue was written in what was apparently either, broken Russian or Russian-sounding gibberish, that was passed off as Czech. In the later ports his dialogue was completely rewritten into something actually resembling Czech in both, the Japanese and English versions. The Virtual Console version used a transliterated version of the new dialogue. The script from the Subsistence version has been provided as well along with corresponding translations for reference purposes.

Original Virtual Console Subsistence
Transcript Translation
マルフ「メニャー ザビート マルフ。

シュトー ナム ジェラーチ?ムィ
ハチーム ミーラ。」
「ムィ イスラルニャー エム
スボィ ドルト。ナジョー 
ユースィ,シュトー アン
「モィ タヴァーリシィ・・・」

マルフ「タディ イエ マルフ。

ツォ マーム ヂェラット?
フツェメイエノム ミール。」
「ヂェラーメ ポウゼ スヴーイ
ジェ ムニェ ザフラーニーテ。
ムーイ プシーテリ。」
「ドラヒー プシーテリ!」

Marv: Tady je Marv. Co mám dělat?
Chceme jenom mír.
Děláme pouze svřj úkol. Pevně
doufám, že mě zachráníte. Mřj
Drahý půíteli!
Marv:This is Marv.
What should I do?
I only want peace.
I just want to do my job.
Please save me.
My friend. My dear friend!
ナターシャ「メニャー ザヴート ナターシャ」

マルフ「メニャー ザヴィート マルフ」
ナターシャ「マルフ!カク ヴィ セジャー
シューフスト ヴェチェ?」
マルフ「スパシーバ,ハラショウ モイ 
タバーリシィ,ナターシャ アナ 
セゴドニャ アソベンナ
ムコヴァ シュシュノワ 
シリバシュ イケタニ」
ナターシャ「ムエェ ナーダ
ナダズシ イアチ」
マルフ「ヤ エム オダガダーレン

グスタヴァ「タディ イエ グスタヴァー。」

グスタヴァ 「パネドクトレ!
ヤク セ チーチーテ?」
マルフ「ジェクイ。チーチーム セ
ヴィパダーテ ヴェルミ
グスタヴァ「グデ ステ?
パネ ドクトレ?」
マルフ「ナセヴェル ヴィェジャークー
イエ ロズセドリナ。ザニー
マイー コンツェントラーク。
タム セム。」
グスタヴァ「ウルチーチェ ヴァース
マルフ「イセム ヴヂェチュニー。

Gustava: Tady je Gustavá.

Marv: Marv.
Gustava: Pane doktore! Jak se cítite?
Marv: Děkuji. Cítim se dobůe. Gustavá.
Vypadáte velmi dobůe.
Gustava: Kde jste? Pane doktore?
Marv: Na severu věžákř je rozsedlina. Za
ní mají koncentrák. Tam jsem.
Gustava: Určitě Vás zachráníme.
Marv: Jsem vděčný. Děkuji.

Gustava: This is Gustava.
Marv: This is Marv.
Gustava:How are you doing, doctor?
Marv:I'm fine, thanks for asking.
You seem to be doing fine too. Gustava.
Gustava:Where are you right now?
Marv: I am in the concentration camp north of the crevice.
Gustava: We're coming to rescue you.
Marv: Thanks. I'm grateful.

Natasha Marcova

Original Virtual Console Subsistence




Snake, Dr. Marv is safe... for now.
He says there's a large crevice to the north of the tower building.
The prison is on the other side.

The title 博士 was added to Marv's name.

Snake's Fan

Original Virtual Console
Japanese Translation Japanese Translation


Snake: "Night Sight..."
Fan:"He's wearing the latest
in stealth camouflage."
"Moreover he's armed with a

Wēi Shēng Shǒuqiāng,
a silent gun.



Snake: "Night Fright..."
Fan:"He's wearing the latest
in stealth camouflage."
"Moreover he's armed with a

silent gun.

Aside from the obvious name change from Night Sight to Night Fright, the name of the gun mentioned in the original line, the Wēi Shēng Shǒuqiāng (微声手枪), is just a Chinese word meaning "silent handgun".


Original Virtual Console Subsistence




Heh heh heh...
こいっ!FOX HOUNDER こいっ!FOXHOUND Show me what you've got, FOXHOUND!




That's right.
A trap clever enough to catch a fox.
Or should I say, a FOXHOUND?

Every instance of "FOX HOUNDER" (all three of them), a term for FOXHOUND members used in the two MSX2 games that felt into disuse in the later games, were replaced in the revised script.