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Snake's Revenge

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Title Screen

Snake's Revenge

Developer: Konami
Publishers: Ultra Games (US), Konami (EU)
Platform: NES
Released in US: April 1990
Released in EU: March 26, 1992

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Snake's Revenge is the sequel to Metal Gear that was brought over to the west instead of the actual Kojima-directed sequel. In fact, it wasn't even released in Japan despite being made there. As a result, fans of the series tend to regard this as a misguided cash-in at worst or an unusual side-entry at best. Kojima himself did praise it a few times in interviews, or at the very least doesn't seem to mind its existence as much as he does with the first NES game. Unlike that game, they actually managed put in a few Metal Gears this time (mass-produced versions of the original mech in the first half, and a new prototype at the end), even though the mech's name isn't on the title anymore.

Unused Text

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.

The text string "GAME" and "DEMO" can be found at offset 0x1D145, which seems to imply some sort of debug feature.

Unused Graphics

Mg2nes overworld items.PNG A set of unused sprites meant for item pickups. From left to right: a gas mask, a handgun and a rope. The most notable of these is the gas mask, since there are a few gas-covered rooms throughout the game, but no possible way to avoid taking damage in them. The omission of the gas mask is quite peculiar, considering the presence of similar items such as the boots and oxygen tanks. The handgun actually appears in the game, but it's part of Snake's initial equipment rather than something he picks up along the way, which made its sprite here unnecessary. It is unknown what the rope was for (perhaps they would've been left behind by hostages after being rescued).
Mg2nes menu items.PNG Another set of unused item icons, but these ones were meant for the inventory screen. In addition to the gas mask, there's what appears to be an ammunition cache, a cardboard box (a trademark of the series missing in Snake's Revenge) and a compass. It is unknown what purpose an ammo cache would've served in the inventory screen, since they're meant to replenish ammunition for every firearm and are not usable items by themselves. Perhaps this was a special ammo cache that would've increased the ammo capacity of firearms similar to what the backpack does for missiles and landmines.
Mg2nes elevator numbers.PNG Large numbers and letters stored among the elevator graphics meant to identify different floors, as evident by the presence of a "B" and an "R" (for basement and rooftop respectively).

Regional Differences

Mg2nes title screen.png Mg2nes main menu.png
Mg2nes pal title screen.png

The logo on the title screen was updated for the European version to more closely resemble the one that's actually used on the game's packaging, featuring a slightly different, taller font, green text and lines going across certain letters (though its dropshadow is colored light green instead of the box art logo's yellow). Curiously, the coloration the American logo (with blue text and orange shadows) is the same that was used on the Metal Gear logo for the Famicom version of the first game (the coloring for the NES version's logo was different, as it featured yellow fonts with blue shadows).

Since the European version was published under Konami's own label instead of Ultra's, all the copyrights information regarding the Ultra Games branding was removed, allowing the programmers to move the main menu into the title screen (thus, eliminating the need for a separate screen).

Keen eyes may have noticed the big hole in the European logo next to the R. The correct tile is in the rom, it was just deleted from the tilemap on accident. Here's what it looks like with the tile restored.

SnakesRevenge eutitle fixed.png