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Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)

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Title Screen

Ninja Gaiden

Developer: Team Ninja
Publisher: Tecmo
Platform: Xbox
Released in JP: March 11, 2004
Released in US: March 2, 2004
Released in EU: May 14, 2004

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Ninja Gaiden is a reboot of the classic 2D platformer series.

Unused Sounds

To do:
Check if the japanese dialogues have unused lines too.


Contains the voiced dialogue used in-game, plus several that aren't.


Unused Murai voice line, probably meant to be used when talking with Ryu at the begining of Chapter 3.


Unused Rachael voice line, probably meant to be used when meeting with Doku at the begining of Chapter 8.


Doku's voice without the voice filter, probably a leftover.


Unused Rachael voice line, probably meant to be used as an alternative to the call for Ryu at the end of Chapter 15.


Unused Ryu voice line, probably meant to be used as after his previous dialogue "You're still open?" during Chapter 14.

Unused Music


Contains the songs used in-game, plus several that aren't.


A song that was used for the 2002 Xbox Summer lineup trailer. It sounds similar to the Supply Base music, except for the intro. This was included in the Original Sound Trax, though.


Maybe a leftover from early development stages.


Probably meant to be used at the begining of Chapter 1, as Ninja Gaiden Sigma makes use of this song as soon as starting the game. Remains unused in Ninja Gaiden Vanilla and Ninja Gaiden Black. This was included as a bonus track in the Original Sound Trax.

Unused Text


The game cannot be saved in the demo.

Leftover text line from the game demo included in the OXM29 demo disc and kiosk demo, when trying to save the game.

Unused Sprites


This file contains several common sprites, like items or menu screens.

Name Sprite In-game Description
Ninja gaiden prototype Xbox sprite.png
Ninja gaiden 2004 xbox prototype ingame.png
Unused Prototype Xbox sprite. It was used for the Prototype Xbox item, seen in the E3 2003 gameplay footage.
(Source: David Lim)
Arc fo1.png
Ninja gaiden 2004 arc fo1 ingame.png
Unused unknown book sprite.
Arc pa1.png
Ninja gaiden 2004 arc pa1 ingame.png
Unused unknown map/scroll sprite.
Arc st1.png
Ninja gaiden 2004 arc st1 ingame.png
Unused unknown stone sprite. Probably an early version of the Stone Tablets.
Ay ku.png
Ninja gaiden 2004 ay ku ingame.png
Unused Ayane kunai sprite.
Ninja gaiden 2004 gofu ingame.png

Ninja gaiden 2004 gofu comparison ingame.png
An alternate, unused, sprite for the Talisman of Rebirth. It is taller than the used one.
Top is unused. Bottom is the final version.
Ninja gaiden 2004 nodata ingame.png
Unused "No Data" sprite.
Ss orb.png
Unused sprite. The sprite is the same as nodata.spr. Probably for an unused or unfinished item found in The Hayabusa Village, which is known as ssato in the files.
Unused Kitetsu Level 2 sprite. It is unfinished. The sprite is the same as nodata.spr. (The Kitetsu is known as yoto in the files.)
N/A Unused background image. Purpose is unknown.
Ninja gaiden sv chap22.png
Ninja gaiden 2004 sv chap22 ingame.png
Unused save point sprite, at the entrance of the Military Supply Base at daytime, contrary to Ninja Gaiden Black where the sprite shown is this one, no matter of the actual day time.
Sv chap29.png
Ninja gaiden 2004 sv chap29 ingame.png
Unused save point sprite, just at the entrance of the Ice Cavern.
Theat p2.png
Obscured E3 2002, E3 2003, and TGS 2003 sprites, meant to be dispayed in the Movie Theater, probably to play their respective press conference trailers.
saveload.spr Saveload-7.png Saveload-8.png Saveload-9.png Saveload-10.png Saveload-6.png Saveload-5.png N/A Early Ki meter gauge. During early stages of development the Ki power was apparently refilled by inflicting damage to enemies, instead of using the Devil Elixirs.
(Source: David Lim)
Meant to be displayed at the Save/Load screen. These are also present in demo.spr inside demo.afs.
Saveload-2.png Saveload-3.png N/A Unused "Select" and "Cancel" buttons. Meant to be displayed at the Save/Load screen. It is present in many other sprite files, such as shop.spr and clear.spr
Ninja gaiden 2004 5th scroll icon ingame.png
Unused Ninpo icon. Probably linked to the 5th Ninpo Scroll mentioned in the default.xbe. Meant to be displayed at the Save/Load screen. It is also present in menu.spr inside cmn.afs and in game.spr inside demo.afs.
N/A Obscured information sprite. Only part of it is actually displayed. "Press start to back" is totally obscured. It is present in many other sprite files.
Ninja gaiden 2004 duke controller in game.png
Unused Xbox Duke Controller sprite. Meant to be displayed in the Button Remapping screen.
N/A Unused Japanese Xbox S Controller jewel. Probably meant to be displayed instead of the American/European counterpart.
N/A Leftovers from the OXM29 and Kiosk demo version, meant to be shown as a sequence after the ending cutscene of Chapter 1.
(Source: XZize)