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Proto:Hello Neighbor

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Hello Neighbor.

<Sanky> please suggest an unused sprite with a clock or something
This game is still under active development.
Be aware that any unused content you find may become used or removed in the future. Please only add things to the article that are unlikely to ever be used, or went unused for some time. If they do get used, please remove them from the page and specify in the edit summary!

Hello Neighbor is a first-person Stealth-Horror game in which you have to get into your Neighbor's mysterious basement.


Gameplay mechanics come into play.
Alpha 1
More rooms to explore...
Alpha 2
What is it with the basement anyway?
Alpha 3
Time for a break-in at night, in a bigger house...
Alpha 4
Much of the same, only several more rooms!
Beta 1
We're still not there yet? Oh, and there's also the Unreal Engine upgrade.
Beta 2
Some important fixes were added.
Beta 3
Programming has been improved, fewer bugs occurring because of the engine upgrade.
Final release
The game is now complete.

Unused Neighbor Dialogue

At one point in development, it seems like the Neighbor would've yelled out curse words as you get his attention. This is seen in the prototype build as when the Neighbor runs outside to check the tomato thrown at his window in the announcement trailer you can hear the Neighbor yell "SON OF A JESUS FUCK." These lines have been ripped from the game and are all quite vulgar.


You're killin' me!


Ahh, shit...


Aww, sunnova-- Jesus! Fuck!




C'mere, ya big fuck!


Fuck! Shit!




Fuckin' cunt.



Unused Music

This is a test version of the Alpha 3 intro song ripped from the game's files, it is also present in Alpha 4's resources. It was eventually removed in the Beta release, followed by the used one in the final release.


Unused Sounds

There is an unused glass tapping sound as heard here.

Unused Drawings

In the Alpha 1 build, there is a child's room that is littered with drawings. Some of these drawings do not appear in-game though. These drawings also do not make an appearance in the Alpha 2 build.

Second Level in the Rifle Range

The Rifle Range in Alpha 1 was already unfinished, allowing you to get a key no matter how many people you shoot but it wouldn't give you any of the other rewards. Inside the files though lays leftovers of a Level 2 in the Rifle Range. This contained a Mirror and "Pride." Pride of which has no texture but has a model. The Mirror is fully modeled and textured though.

Unused Items

The player uses many items to fight off the Neighbor or progress further into the game, but a few of these items go unused. These items include a Wood Saw and a Slingshot.

Unused Houses

Pause Menu

To do:
  • Screenshots need to be better; I could only get 1280x768 instead of 720p and these still don't even show the full game. Dammit, Dynamic Pixels.

From Alphas 1 through 3, a "hidden" pause menu can be discovered by pressing the M key while in-game. Looks like this menu was also work-in-progress...? Alpha 4 finally added a proper pause menu that works.

Note that the Pre-Alpha has no pause menu, instead the Escape key quits the game.

Alpha 1 Alpha 2 Alpha 3 Alpha 4
HelloNeighborAlpha1-Pausemenu.png HelloNeighborAlpha2-Pausemenu.png HelloNeighborAlpha3-Pausemenu.png HelloNeighborAlpha4-Pausemenu.png

Alpha 1

The menu is in English, and supports the mouse to an extent. However, only "Continue" works as Settings and Save and Quit seem to be dysfunctional. Trying to save the settings does nothing as the graphics are instead decided by a wizard before starting or after completion of the alpha. The graphics menu lists resolutions from 720p to 1080p, none of which are selectable in the startup settings. Of note is that the Advanced Options menu lists all options as always being at Low, and they are reset to this value upon leaving.

Alpha 2

The menu remains, but has been translated to Russian. The menus have less functionality, as the mouse is invisible and the keyboard commands no longer work. Only the first and third menu options work properly as they translate to "Continue" and "Save and Quit".

Alpha 3

Because the Russian fonts were apparently removed in Alpha 3 (since nobody would normally access the pause menu anyway), all menu text besides the game title is in garbage unicode letters consisting of a mirrored R.

Alpha 4

The pause menu is finally back to proper English as well as supporting optional Russian, and comes with a new version of the game's logo. However, only directional keys and directional pad buttons work. Good news is at least the menu options all work perfectly.

Beta 2

An option to skip the intro and tutorial was added to the pause menu, this was originally added in the Alpha 2 intro.

Beta 3

A "Go back home" button was implemented, to quickly let you go back to your own house from the Fear levels. This does not work in the basement however, at least outside TinyBuild's version of the third beta build.


Support for extra languages besides Russian and English have been added.