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Proto:Lemmings (Amiga)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Lemmings (Amiga).

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There were several demos of Lemmings on the Amiga. This one was released on a standalone demo disk by Psygnosis themselves, and apparently was given away at computer shows and by mail. It's commonly found on the internet as a cracked released by Skid Row. The near-final demo of the Amiga Lemmings has some small changes compared to the final game. Being a demo, it has no difficulty selection, instead presenting five preselected levels. Also, for whatever reason, the menu control for turning music and/or sound on and off does not work. This version also includes a title screen not seen in the final game. This was apparently kept only for the game's still unreleased level editor[1].

The menu also does not list Tim Wright as a musician because none of the songs he composed are included.

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You need to save a much higher percentage of lemmings (87% in the prototype, 50% in the final), and the stage has a slightly higher release rate (60 in the prototype, 50 in the final).

One way digging to Freedom
Missing the flamethrower object to the left hand side of the final level and requires a slightly higher number of lemmings to be saved (100 in the prototype, 80 in the final).

Watch out, there's traps about
This is somewhat harder than the final version, since you have 120 lemmings (enough to cause the game to lag) rather than 80. On top of that, a slightly higher percentage need to be saved (88% in the prototype, 80% in the final).

No changes.

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As with "One way digging to Freedom", the only difference is that you have 100 lemmings instead of 80.

(Source: Lemmings wiki])

Unused Music

Included in the demo files are several songs from Brian Johnston's original soundtrack that were never used, presumably because the songs were covers of famous works under copyright, something DMA were concerned with avoiding at the time[2]. It seems they were replaced in the final game with Tim Wright's original music for this reason. It's also of note that the below songs are not actually played in the demo, only Johnston's covers of non-copyrighted material (e.g. The Can-Can) are played, and those songs survived to the final release alongside Wright's compositions.

Filename Song Play
addamsfamily The Addams Family Theme
ateam A-Team Theme
batman The Batman Theme
birdie The Chicken Dance
daysnight A Hard Day's Night
entertainer The Entertainer
hogan Hogan's Heroes Theme
matchespana Match of the Day Theme and Eviva España
missionimpos The Mission Impossible Theme
oblasuper Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
panther A Shot in the Dark Theme
petergunn The Peter Gunn Theme
raindrops Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
richman If I Were A Rich Man
scoobydoo The Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo Theme
twist Let's Twist Again

Magazine Cover Disk Demo

There is also a second demo that was released on Amiga Format magazine cover disk 18 and CU Amiga cover disk 8. This demo has animations missing that are in the other demo and the final game, suggesting it is older than both. This version does not start with the Psygnosis logo and the "rock" Lemmings logo as in the demo above, it starts directly on the Lemmings menu screen.

Animation Differences

  • In this version builders do not pause and perform their shoulder shrugging animation when they run out of bricks, they simply immediately start walking again, making the game harder.
  • When Lemmings explode, either with the exploder job or via nuking, their final shaking animation once their counter reaches zero is not present, and instead they stand still and a question mark appears over their head before they explode.

(Source: Lemmings Forums posts ])

Sound Differences

  • The "explosion" sound used for exploders and nuking Lemmings is actually just the release rate change sound effect
  • Toggling through the abilities using the keyboard makes no sound, only clicking the icons makes a selection sound

Unused Map

Unlike the first demo, this version has a unique map that is not in any other version of Lemmings, called "One way to Freedom". Not to be confused with "One Way Digging to Freedom" as found in the previous demo (and the final game), this level has a similar concept of overcoming a one way wall from the wrong side, but has very different actual design. Possibly this was an early version or precursor to the final map.


(Source: Lemmings Level Database ])


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