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Lemmings (SNES)

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Title Screen


Developer: Sunsoft
Publisher: Sunsoft
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: December 18, 1991
Released in US: March 1992
Released in EU: October 22, 1992

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

The SNES version of Lemmings is surprisingly faithful to the Amiga original, given the constraints of the SNES hardware. Too bad it predated the release of the SNES Mouse by about 7 months.

To do:
Lots of differences in the spelling structures of two-player level 17 between US and Japanese versions of the game.

Unused Graphics

LemmingsSNES Excalamtion.png

A unused exclamation mark can be found in the title screen graphics.

LemmingsSNES Font.png

Several unused characters from the internal game font.

Partially Unused Music

This song is used during the rating completed cutscenes, these cutscenes usually last around 19 seconds. If you play this song in the sound test, you will notice there is more to hear than what is played in the cutscenes: 41 seconds of this song is cut during these cutscenes!

Unused Passwords

Starting at offset 0x7749 (right after the "SUNSOFT SPECIAL 5" password) is a set of 25 unused passwords, suggesting that the "Sunsoft" rating was originally planned to encompass 30 levels, as seen in the later Genesis port. The final game has only 5 levels.


Leftover Levels

As mentioned here, a few levels had to be slightly modified/replaced in the U.S. version to meet Nintendo's copyright/censorship policies. What is interesting about this is that the modified/replaced levels were given their own level IDs, leaving the "original" levels untouched and unused in the U.S. version.

Edit offset x8C58F with one of the following values to replace the first level:

Hex Value Level
05 Tricky 21
14 Fun 16/Taxing 3
28 Taxing 24
5E Two-Player 17

Sound Test

Lemmings SNES Sound Test.png

Hold Select and press Start at the title screen to be taken to a hidden menu that contains a sound test.

Regional Differences

An odd melange of classic Nintendo censorship, reference loss, and copyright censorship.


Japan US/Europe
LemmingsSNES JPpassword.png LemmingsSNES EUSpassword.png

The Japanese version uses a full alphabet for its password system, whereas the US and European versions do not use vowels.

Level Name Changes

Level Name Japanese US
Tricky Level 16 Luvly Jubly Lovely Jubilee
Tricky Level 21 All the 6's ........ Ohayo Lemming san!
Tricky Level 28 Lost something? Exit in the ground
Taxing Level 3 Heaven can wait (we hope!!!!) Paradise can wait (we hope!!!)
Taxing Level 16 Mary Poppins' land Umbrella land
Mayhem Level 12 The Far Side The Other Side
Mayhem Level 20 No added colours or Lemmings No added colors or Lemmings
2P Level 11 Just for fun or to the death? Just for fun or to your doom?

Level Differences

Tricky 21
Tricky 21 is the infamous "All the 6's" level, which originally featured the number "666" made out of rocks. Along with the name change, the level itself was changed to spell out "ohayou" in hiragana in the English versions, and all of the 6-based level statistics (time, number of abilities, etc.) were changed to twos instead.

Taxing 3
The level structure spelling out the word "heaven" was changed to "paradise", predictably.

Taxing 24
The level structure spelling out the word "death" was changed to... "terminate"? Oddly, the "MAD DAM DMA" graffiti was left untouched.

Terrain Differences

Japan US/Europe
LemmingsSNES dirtJ.png LemmingsSNES dirtUE.png

The crosses in the dirt tileset were changed to signs in the US and European versions.

Japan US/Europe
LemmingsSNES Mayhem22J.png LemmingsSNES Mayhem22UE.png

The christian cross in the beginning of the level A Beast II of a level was changed to generic pieces of wood.

Controller Configuration

Europe/Japan US
LemmingsSNES ControllerJE.png LemmingsSNES ControllerU.png

As usual, the Japanese and European versions uses the colored buttons while the US version uses the purple buttons.

End of Taxing cutscene

Japan US/Europe

The cutscene after completing the Taxing rating was changed. In the Japanese version, the last Lemming down the slide has the seat of its tunic thing chafed off, exposing its bottom and causing it to blush when it notices. In the international versions, it keeps sliding after it hits the ground.