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Oh No! More Lemmings (DOS)

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Title Screen

Oh No! More Lemmings

Developer: DMA Design
Publisher: Psygnosis
Platform: DOS
Released internationally: 1991

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.

Oh No! More Lemmings can function as an expansion pack for the original game, or as a standalone program. It's treated as the latter here.

Sound Driver Test Text

Similar to the original game, the following sound test text can be found in adlib.dat after the game loads and decompresses the data in the file (e.g. you can retrieve it from a memory dump of the running game).

Note that the test tracks are merely descriptors of the music tracks rather than names of the tracks.

Ad-Lib Music/FX Driver - (c) 1991 Sound Images   Tel. 061 773 4541

			~ Lemmings ~

Press ... 	A - Very cute
		B - Wacky
		C - Patronizingly happy
		D - The smiling blues
		E - Much joviality
		F - Not at all serious

	     Shifted A-Q for Sound Effects

		 Space - Fast Forward
		 Enter - Stop Tune
		 Escape - Quit