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Lemmings (Mac OS Classic)

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Title Screen


Developer: DMA Design
Publisher: Psygnosis
Platform: Mac OS Classic
Released internationally: 1991

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

The Mac installment of the classic Lemmings, released the same year as the DOS and SNES versions.

Unused Graphics

The fire tileset has a full set of letters, though only about half of them are used in-game. The unused ones look like this:

LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 32.y.png LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 36.y.png LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 37.y.png LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 40.y.png LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 41.y.png LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 42.y.png LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 45.y.png LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 46.y.png LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 47.y.png LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 48.y.png LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 49.y.png LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 51.y.png LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 53.y.png LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 55.y.png LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 57.y.png

There's also this small three-bars object in the fire tileset that doesn't appear in any level.

LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 25.y.png

In the tile tileset, there are a few unused blocks.

LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1502 Grounds3 20.y.png LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1502 Grounds3 48.y.png LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1502 Grounds3 52.y.png

The stone/wood tileset has an unused tile which appears to be intended as an eraser.

LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1503 Grounds4 59.y.png

Finally, this steel block is unused in the crystal tileset.

LemmingsMac-Unused-Graphics.1504 Grounds5 33.y.png

Erase-Only Graphics

There are some graphics which are only used as erasers, so their (negative) shapes can be seen in levels but their actual images never appear.

From the dirt tileset:

LemmingsMac-EraseOnly-Graphics.1500 Grounds1 16.y.png

From the fire tileset:

LemmingsMac-EraseOnly-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 8.y.png LemmingsMac-EraseOnly-Graphics.1501 Grounds2 33.y.png

From the tile tileset:

LemmingsMac-EraseOnly-Graphics.1502 Grounds3 6.y.png LemmingsMac-EraseOnly-Graphics.1502 Grounds3 19.y.png LemmingsMac-EraseOnly-Graphics.1502 Grounds3 51.y.png

From the stone/wood tileset:

LemmingsMac-EraseOnly-Graphics.1503 Grounds4 58.y.png

From the crystal tileset:

LemmingsMac-EraseOnly-Graphics.1504 Grounds5 23.y.png LemmingsMac-EraseOnly-Graphics.1504 Grounds5 24.y.png

Deleted Level Features

In some levels, the developers seem to have edited or remade parts of the level, but instead of actually deleting the moved or overwritten tiles, they just added eraser tiles on top so they wouldn't appear in the final layout. In this section, level maps are rendered with eraser tiles only partially opaque, so erased tiles are still visible but appear darker than normal tiles.


On Fun 3 (Tailor-made for blockers), they used large column objects, then erased most of them to make the thin platforms. It also looks like they tested this out off to the left a few times, then completely erased those tiles.

LemmingsMac Fun 3 Tailor-made for blockers deleted tiles.y.png


On Tricky 20 (One way digging to freedom), there are some erased bricks in the space where the fire shooter is just to the left of the entrance.

LemmingsMac Tricky 20 One way digging to freedom deleted tiles.y.png

On Tricky 23 (From The Boundary Line), it looks like the starting platform and central column were remade at least once.

LemmingsMac Tricky 23 From The Boundary Line deleted tiles.y.png

Rendering this level with all tiles partially transparent reveals some hidden stairs inside the central column that were likely part of an earlier design.

LemmingsMac Tricky 23 From The Boundary Line hidden stairs.y.png

On Tricky 25 (Cascade), the starting platform and stairs were originally a few pixels higher.

LemmingsMac Tricky 25 Cascade deleted tiles.y.png


On Taxing 3 (Heaven can wait (we hope!!!!)), there are some erased triangular blocks under the exit platform. Also, there's an erased column top/bottom tile where the leftmost cone now is.

LemmingsMac Taxing 3 Heaven can wait we hope deleted tiles.y.png

On Taxing 5 (Lend a helping hand), there are some deleted wooden platforms that would have blocked access to the exit.

LemmingsMac Taxing 4 Lend a helping hand deleted tiles.y.png

Taxing 16 (Mary Poppins' land) has a deleted slope under the second dropoff.

LemmingsMac Taxing 16 Mary Poppins land deleted tiles.y.png

On Taxing 17 (X marks the spot) there are some deleted triangular bricks in the starting area.

LemmingsMac Taxing 17 X marks the spot deleted tiles.y.png

On Taxing 24 (Take a running jump) there are several erased features:

  • Several bricks under the first bridge
  • A steel block near the center
  • Some rocks and a red stroke in the climb-up section on the right

LemmingsMac Taxing 24 Take a running jump deleted tiles.y.png


In Mayhem 1 (Steel Works), the starting platform was moved down just a few pixels, but the old blocks are still there under an eraser. Also, most of the steel structure on the right is destructible - only the left and top edges are actually unbashable. If the player goes out of their way to get the lemmings under that structure, they would be able to bash, mine, or dig away most of it.

LemmingsMac Mayhem 1 Steel Works missing collision.y.png

On Mayhem 5 (Down, along, up. In that order) it appears that the central chandelier used to be quite a bit less dangerous - it was just a bunch of steel blocks.

LemmingsMac Mayhem 5 Down along up In that order deleted tiles.y.png

Mayhem 9 (Curse of the Pharaohs) has some deleted stairs hanging from the ceiling above the starting gate.

LemmingsMac Mayhem 9 Curse of the Pharaohs deleted tiles.y.png

A block was deleted at the bottom of Mayhem 13 (The Great Lemming Caper). Perhaps this was done to prevent some unintended strategy, but it's not clear what that strategy could have been.

LemmingsMac Mayhem 13 The Great Lemming Caper deleted tiles.y.png

There are some deleted vertical columns under the horizontal parts of the rightmost structure in Mayhem 25 (Have a nice day!).

LemmingsMac Mayhem 25 Have a nice day deleted tiles.y.png