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Proto:Pikmin 3

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Pikmin 3.

To do:
Possible unused onion in the event demo: demoOnyon.szs

Two Pikmin 3 demos have been found in dumped Wii U demo install discs. One is a version similar to the E3 2013 demo, found on the "81641: DISC, CAT-I PIKMIN 3 EVENTRTLCANUSA" disc, named in the filesystem as "GameStop_Demo_2013-07-09-14-09-20" and the other is a normal store kiosk version, which can be found on a few of the standard USA kiosk discs. Until more information is obtained on the latter, this article will pertain to the E3 2013 demo-like version.

(Research: Espyo, Hiccup)

General Information

The demo has the date 2013/07/09, and is the US version of the game.

When booted up, everything looks similar to the final build, except the story mode and Bingo Battle buttons are grayed out, and the only option available to pick is the Mission Mode button, which is now called "Demo Version". Inside the Mission Mode menu, instead of choosing what mission type you want, you can only choose the "Experience Pikmin 3!" option, which is otherwise identical to Collect Treasure! Only one stage can be picked: Tropical Forest, or as it's known here, "Trial Stage". The other stages' buttons only show empty squares, and cannot be chosen. Completing the first stage will not unlock them.

Unless otherwise stated, the contents of the existing files match the final build.

Missing Content

Some files and folders are not included in this build, and are only present in the final release.

Streamed Music

The demo only has streamed music for the following:

  • Pikmin extinction cutscene.
  • Leader down cutscene.
  • Mission selection.
  • Some "results"-related file (m_result.o.32.dspadpcm.bfstm).
  • Another "results"-related file (Result.o.48.dspadpcm.bfstm).
  • The Mission Mode stage song.
  • The Mission mode stage song during the final minute.
  • Title screen.

Stage Data

In /content/CMCmn/course_arc (models and parameters of the objects used in each stage), the demo only has data for the Collect Treasure! and Battle Enemies! versions of Tropical Forest. Every other file is missing.

In /content/CMCmn/generator (layout of objects in each stage), the demo does not have the mis_E3, mis_test, mis_watanabe, and player_00/test folders. All of these are empty, anyway.

In /content/CMCmn/map (models and parameters of each stage), the demo only has giugno.szs, giugno_text.szs, mis1.szs, and mis1_text.szs. Everything else is missing.

In /content/CMCmn/map2d (radar textures and parameters), the demo only has files for the Mission Mode stages. All other files are missing.


The demo doesn't have any model+texture archive files for the following enemies, but it still has their parameter files.

  • Sandbelching Meerslug
  • Armored Mawdad
  • Vehemoth Phosbat
  • Quaggled Mireclops's head
  • Quaggled Mireclops

Pre-Rendered Videos

The demo only has files for the Mission Mode stage preview videos, including Battle Enemies!, Defeat Bosses!, and the remaining Collect Treasure! stages.

Debug Leftovers

The final build has a few leftover debug folders that the demo does not. All of these lack any files.

  • /content/CMCmn/3D (empty folder).
  • /content/tmp (has debug_info, debug_save, screenshot, and user. The latter has the folders ito_yukihiko, kando, kinoshita, muraki, waken, and yamada.)

Altered Content

To do:
Figure out what the exact differences are.
  • In the demo, Pellet Posies do not have a Poko/Battle Enemies! score value. In the final build, this was changed to 1, and some data about how the score number is offset has been added to the Pellet Posy files.
  • The "generator" file in /content/CMCmn/generator/mis1/poko.szs is quite different in the demo. This means the mission has a different object layout.
  • The menu data for the mission selection menu in /content/CMCmn/lyt/missionselect.szs is different.
  • /content/CMCmn/system/mission_set/miset_mis1_poko.szs is different in the demo.
  • A lot of text strings are different.