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Pikmin 4

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Title Screen

Pikmin 4

Developers: Nintendo EPD, Eighting
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: July 21, 2023

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Pikmin 4 is the game Pikmin fans have been waiting over 10 years for. This time, you play as your own custom character on a mission to rescue Captain Olimar after he sends out a distress call. It introduces night missions, Glow Pikmin, and dog companions to the series. Also, dandori trials and battles.

This article was brought to you by Unreal Engine 4.

To do:
  • The Rescue Command Post map seems to have special object placement meant for playing in Olimar's Shipwreck Tale.
  • Whole lotta Bean Pikmin references. Likely an early Glow Pikmin?
  • More unused music

Unused Graphics

Alternate Playing Card Icons

Pikmin 4 alternate playing card icons.png

The game files contain alternate icons for three of the playing cards, taken from a different angle from those used in-game.

Aquarium Cave Caption Board

The aquarium cave type has a caption board similar to one you would see in a real museum outside of the tank. This board has a fully textured front, but the Survey Drone cannot get to an angle where this sign is visible from the front, rendering this texture unseen.

The texture shows four radar maps of aquarium caves, with the top-left being the 2nd sublevel of Seafloor Resort, the top-right being the 1st sublevel of Seafloor Resort, the bottom-left being the 4th sublevel of Seafloor Resort, and the bottom-right being the Dandori Challenge "Planning Pools". There is also some text to the right which is unreadable due to it being too blurry.

Pikmin 4 aquarium caption board texture.png

Unused Green Onion

Pikmin4 Cropped Radar.png

An icon for an unused green Onion exists in T_ui_Icon_Radar_L_000_NoMipmap_D, though its use is unknown; It may have once been an Onion for the Glow Pikmin, or for the unused Bean Pikmin.

(Source: Wigwam Man)

Unused Pellet Colors

The file DT_PelletColor has several unused Pellet color entries. The game can process these by overwriting used entries with unused color values.

Bean Pellet Color

Pikmin 4 - Bean Pellet Color.png

The Bean color entry might have been considered for the Glow Pikmin at some point in time and has the following color entriesː

Redː 0.25
Green: 1.0
Blue: 0.0
Alpha: 1.0

Undef Pellet Color

Pikmin 4 - Undefined Pellet Color.png

This unused color is defined for the entries of NewPikminC, Minion, Undef, Mix, and Random. All Color values except alpha are 0.0.

Unused ID Badge Settings

Unused Hair Colors

Pikmin4-unused haircolor white.png Pikmin4-unused haircolor grey.png

Via real-time memory editing the game can be tricked to use unused hair colors of either white (internal value 6) or grey (7).

Unused Suit Colors

Pikmin4-unused suit color white.png Pikmin4-unused suit color grey.png

Same as above but for the suit color instead. If an unused color ID has been saved to the ID Badge it will also affect the Rescue Corps' appearance.

Unused Music

The Tropical Wilds theme from Pikmin 3, likely used as a placeholder.

Early Final

An early version of the Blue Pikmin introduction theme. Sounds more wavy than the final.

Early Final

Just like the Blues, The Ice Pikmin have an early intro variant as well. Sounds clearer/louder than the final.

Pikmin 2/3 Pikmin 4

The Challenge Mode Results Theme from Pikmin 2 and 3 is left over as a placeholder for the Dandori Results.

Early Final

Following the trend of different Pikmin jingles, this time its for the Glow Pikmin, not that many differences, besides a bit more echo

Early Final

The Today's Results from Pikmin 3 is left in the files possibly being a placeholder. From where its at it could have possibly been used for Olimar's Shipwreck Tale.

An unused Alternate version of the title screen with note differences.

The success theme from Pikmin 2 is remade in Pikmin 4, but sadly never gets used.

A distorted version of the Red Pikmin Introduction Theme. Possibly a placeholder for the Glow Pikmin Introduction, or for the Unused Bean Pikmin.

Unused Sounds

Along with a couple of unchanged voice lines from Pikmin 3, there are a few strangely distorted voice lines of Charlie's.

While unplayable, there are 4 unused voice files each for Russ, Dingo, and Yonny. Example: AkB_Npc_(name)_BodyA.bnk - with a BodyB, BodyC, and BodyD variation as well. This matches up with the 4 body types available in the character customizer, which implies that these characters could have been randomly generated at some point in development.

Unused Videos


An early, pre-rendered version of the cutscene that plays after creating your character. In the game, this cutscene is made with in-game assets and isn't pre-rendered.


A simple sound test video, which is 2 minutes and 10 seconds of metronome-like ticking. Sounds of an Onion waking up can be heard 48 seconds in.

Unused Text

Debug Text

Some debug placeholder text exists, with the files containing them starting with "Debug_", which are all test dialog.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG A TOTAL OF 5,728,100,643.99 TIMES.

Mr Jock, TV quiz PhD: bags 20% fewer* lynx at a café; voilà, they're "worth" £10/€10 ÷ $10. That's 10 + 9 - 8 = 11 Nintendo Switch™ consoles & Nintendo 3DS! He claimed—though I don't believe him—to have done so in an eyes-shut state...?
© Nintendo
® Nintendo


A similar piece of text exists in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD.

Build Info

A text file located in the games root folder contains some build info about the game, including some dates, with the earliest date being July 12, 2022.

Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd_root	2023-04-03T10:32:47.432Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/program0.ncd/code/main	2023-04-03T10:32:43.976Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/program0.ncd/code/main.npdm	2023-04-03T10:08:27.742Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/program0.ncd/code/sdk	2022-07-12T09:36:53.991Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/program0.ncd/code/rtld	2022-07-12T09:36:54.422Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/program0.ncd/code/subsdk0	2022-07-12T09:36:53.910Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/program0.ncd/logo/NintendoLogo.png	2023-04-03T10:32:45.731Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/program0.ncd/logo/StartupMovie.gif	2023-04-03T10:32:45.731Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/meta0.ncd/data/Application_0100b7c00933a000.cnmt	2023-04-03T10:32:47.336Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/control0.ncd/data/control.nacp	2023-04-03T10:32:45.762Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/control0.ncd/data/icon_Japanese.dat	2023-04-03T10:32:45.917Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/control0.ncd/data/icon_AmericanEnglish.dat	2023-04-03T10:32:46.026Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/control0.ncd/data/icon_BritishEnglish.dat	2023-04-03T10:32:46.130Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/control0.ncd/data/icon_French.dat	2023-04-03T10:32:46.239Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/control0.ncd/data/icon_CanadianFrench.dat	2023-04-03T10:32:46.345Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/control0.ncd/data/icon_Spanish.dat	2023-04-03T10:32:46.454Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/control0.ncd/data/icon_German.dat	2023-04-03T10:32:46.560Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/control0.ncd/data/icon_Dutch.dat	2023-04-03T10:32:46.666Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/control0.ncd/data/icon_Italian.dat	2023-04-03T10:32:46.772Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/control0.ncd/data/icon_BrazilianPortuguese.dat	2023-04-03T10:32:46.879Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/control0.ncd/data/icon_Korean.dat	2023-04-03T10:32:46.985Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/control0.ncd/data/icon_SimplifiedChinese.dat	2023-04-03T10:32:47.093Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/control0.ncd/data/icon_TraditionalChinese.dat	2023-04-03T10:32:47.199Z
Carrot4/Binaries/Switch/Carrot4-Switch-Shipping.nspd/control0.ncd/data/icon_LatinAmericanSpanish.dat	2023-04-03T10:32:47.305Z
UE4CommandLine.txt	32098CD1945CFB3CE3C1A340DC9C06D4


Koppaite Internal Names

The internal names for three of the Koppaites - Yorke, Nelle, and Don Bergman - refer to them as Alph, Brittany, and Charlie, the main leaders of Pikmin 3. These characters are clearly references to the leaders, as they share the same colors and Yorke is an engineer like Alph. Oddly, Collin's localization name (Normal01) is called for when Don's nickname is used, as shown here.

[Npc:EmphasisStart NpcName=\"Normal01\"/]Dobbs[Npc:EmphasisEnd/]

Dog Internal Names

The internal names for Moss and Oatchi refer to them as Lucky and Happy respectively.

Inconsistent Internal Name Scheme

In text files, Collin, Shepherd, and Russ are referred to as Normal01, Normal02, and Normal03, but Dingo is Normal06, Yonny is Normal10, and Bernard is Pilot.

Reused Tracks

The End of Day theme from Pikmin 3 is reused, as well as the after-hours theme from the same game, and the "Tutorial Time!" track which is only used once in the Prologue for some odd reason. Many Pikmin 3 Tracks lay in the Pikmin 4 Soundtrack that go unused.