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Shutokou Battle R

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Title Screen

Shutokou Battle R

Developer: Genki
Publisher: Genki
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: April 25, 1997

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Shutokou Battle R is one of many Shutokou Battle games, localized under many different titles, that remained in Japan.

Debug Menu

To do:
Is the MOVIE ID 9 unused?

To enter the debug menu, use the GameShark code 30062518 001F while in Scenario mode. To use it in Practice mode, set it to 0017 insetad; to use it in Link Race mode, set it to 000F instead.

When the code are enabled, the menu choice is locked to an option that leads to the debug menu. Unless otherwise stated, all options has values that can be changed by the D-pad. The following functions are available in the debug menu:

Option Effect
RETURN Sends the player to a menu when Start is pressed. The following values, representing menu IDs, are available:
  • 0: Crashes the game.
  • 1: Plays the opening movie, and returns the player to mode selection.
  • 2: Returns the player to the main menu. This is the default option.
  • 3: Goes to the Load menu.
  • 4: Goes to the config menu; highly likely to crash the game.
  • 5: Goes to the car selection; however, the background and the text color are all black and the car itself does not appear. If you attempt to leave the menu, the game soft-hangs with only menu header and the icons for Shop and memory card.
  • 6: Would have sent you to the course selection menu, however nothing works; only a checkerboard background and two black outline arrows appear.
  • 7: Goes to the shop menu. If you go to Parts or Settings however, all options before the choices for manual transmission gear ratios will have corrupted or missing text.
  • 8: Goes to the Setting menu of the shop (where purchased parts are equipped). The text corruption issue applies here.
  • 9: Goes to the Parts menu of the shop (where parts can be purchased). The text corruption issue also applies here.
  • 10: Loads the debug menu again. This is in fact the menu ID for the debug menu.
  • 11: Goes to the Key Configuration menu, but only the controller appears on screen. You can make changes, and pressing O after it returns you to the main menu without the background or the car (until you select a car; but even then, the car name will not appear), but the game operates normally after that.
  • 12: Goes to the race start confirmation, without the track map appearing. The game practically locks up here.
  • 13: Locks up the game in the loading screen.
  • 14: Goes to the car name editor. Since there's no car chosen, nothing will appear. Attempting to leave Config menu after leaving the name editor causes only the Shop and Memory Card icon to appear, locking up the game (same situation with 5).
  • 15: Forcibly starts a race, without sound. If the race is ended for any reason, the game hangs.
  • 16: Forcibly starts a race. If used in Link Race mode, the game will hang if the player cancels the Link Wait portion.
  • 17: Displays the ending movie (cannot be skipped), then displays the opening movie and returns the player to the mode selection. All settings (such as key settings and car names) and progress will be reset to default in process.
MY CAR Cannot be changed; it displays the car ID of currently selected car, chosen from main menu. It does reveal the car IDs, which are as follows:
  • 0: TYPE-IMP (Subaru Impreza WRX STi)
  • 1: TYPE-LAN (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV)
  • 2: TYPE-FD7 (Mazda RX-7 FD)
  • 3: TYPE-SUP (Toyota Supra RZ)
  • 4: TYPE-GT (Nissan Skyline GT-R R33)
  • 5: TYPE-NS (Honda NSX)
  • 6: GENKI-SP1 (Nissan GT-R LM GT1)
  • 7: GENKI-SP2 (Honda NSX Keiichi Tsuchiya Special)
  • 8: DODA-S30 (Nissan Fairlady Z 240Z)
RIVAL CAR Cannot be changed; for some reason the MY CAR and RIVAL CAR IDs are always the same.
ROUND Cannot be changed; it is unknown what causes it to change.
SPU BGM Basically, a sound test for songs played natively from the console's SPU. There are ten menu songs to play from 0 to 9; sound ID 9 is silent. Use Circle or Triangle to play and Cross or Triangle to stop.
SPU SE Basically, a sound test for menu sound effects. There are ten sound effects to play from 0 to 9; sounds 8 and 9 are silence. Use Circle or Triangle to play and Cross or Triangle to stop.
BG MAP Changes the background. IDs range to 0 to 11 (10 appear to be unused). Circle moves the background to right, Cross moves the background upwards, Square moves the background to left, and Triangle moves the background downwards. Diagonal movements are allowed.
DA BGM Plays CD audio tracks. Select track 0 or 1 (data track) to stop all playback. Tracks up to 30th audio track can be played (by default, tracks 7 and beyond plays the second CD audio track, Endless Highway). Use Circle or Triangle to play and Cross or Triangle to stop.
MOVIE Plays a car-specific FMV, each of them contains commentary about a specific car. IDs 0-8 correspond to playable cars (see MY CAR), while ID 9 corresponds to the Tokyo Ring Line course.
EDIT 09 Allows you to change the number of money you have, in increments of ten thousands.

(Source: Grin)

Unused Graphics




It seems this would have been displayed on the main menu.


Shutokou Battle R PUSH START BUTTON.png

It was supposed to be displayed on the title screen, but the game goes directly to the game mode selection menu, making this redundant.


Used Unused
Shutokou Battle R meter.png
Shutokou Battle R meter Unused.png

Graphics are also stored in this file, but the HUD has changed a lot. Notably, the gear display is different and there is a "GAME OVER" message.