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Sonic Origins/Sonic 3 & Knuckles

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This is a sub-page of Sonic Origins.

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Check for more changes from the August patch.

This Retro Engine version of Sonic 3 & Knuckles was created specifically for use in this compilation, and it has numerous improvements and changes when compared to the Genesis original.

Level Select

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Add new shrunken Level Select icons.
Sonic Origins S3K Level Select.png

The Level Select is enabled the same way as in Sonic the Hedgehog 3: Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up. Notably, Origins removes the requirement of needing to enter it in the rather narrow timeframe between the Sega logo background turning black and the white flash just before the title screen.

If performed correctly, you will hear a ring chime. Then, scroll down the list of menu options and select Sound Test. As in prior games, the Sound Test allows several cheats:

  • To play a specific Special Stage, play a sound from 00-0F and then select Special Stage.
  • To enable Debug Mode, play sounds 01, 09, 09, 04, 01, 00, 01, 08 (October 18, 1994, the US/European release date of Sonic & Knuckles; this is also the Debug Mode cheat from Knuckles in Sonic 2).
  • To start with all Chaos Emeralds, play sounds 04, 01, 02, 06 (exactly the same as it is in Sonic 2).
    • To start with all Super Emeralds, enter this cheat twice.

Patch v1.04 only

  • To enable the original shields from previous Sonic games (using their design from Sonic 2), play sounds 01, 09, 09, 01, 00, 06, 02, 03 (June 23, 1991, the official launch date of Sonic 1).
  • To enable infinite continues in Classic Mode, play sounds 01, 09, 09, 02, 01, 01, 02, 04 (November 24, 1992, the US/European release date of Sonic 2; this is also the Debug Mode cheat from Sonic 2).
  • To give Sonic the Super Peel-Out from Sonic the Hedgehog CD, play sounds 01, 09, 09, 03, 00, 09, 02, 03 (September 23, 1993, the Japanese release date of Sonic CD).
    • Brand-new sprites for the Super Peel-Out were created for Sonic.
  • To remove "& Knuckles" from the game's title screen, title cards and endings, play sounds 01, 09, 09, 04, 00, 02, 00, 02 (February 2, 1994, the US release date of Sonic 3).
  • To fly as Super Sonic, play sounds 02, 00, 01, 07, 00, 08, 01, 05 (August 15, 2017, the release date of Sonic Mania; this is the same cheat as in Mania). This behaves like Egg Reverie boss in Mania.
  • To disable the Super transformation's theme music, play sounds 06, 02, 01, 04 (exactly the same as it is in Sonic Mania).
  • To replace all freed animals with Ricky, play sounds 01, 09, 07, 09, 00, 08, 01, 01 (August 11, 1979, the birthdate of Headcannon lead developer and lead programmer Simon "Stealth" Thomley; this is the same cheat as in Sonic Mania).
  • To replace all enemies with Icecap Zone's Penguinator, play sounds 01, 09, 09, 09, 00, 03, 00, 06 (March 6, 1999, the birthdate of Headcannon programmer Noah “Mr. Poe” Hall).
  • To replace all items with Competition Mode's banana peels, play sounds 02, 00, 00, 01, 01, 00, 01, 03 (October 13, 2001, the birthdate of Headcannon programmer Derrek “TheStoneBanana” Harbold).
  • To randomize all items, play sounds 04, 07, 09, 08, 01.
  • To have Competition Mode play more similar to the main game, play sounds 03, 02, 01, 06, 00.
    • The Super Peel-Out cheat also affects this cheat.
  • To prevent the camera from lagging behind a speeding player during gameplay, play sounds 02, 02, 06, 03, 07, 02.
  • To remove all rings, items, and Special Stages, play sounds 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00.

Things of note:

  • The selected character(s) are displayed at the bottom-right rather than indicated by a number below Angel Island.
  • The selection screen is more condensed, including more entries such as the "Gumball" bonus stage and all five multiplayer stages.
  • The Level Select has level preview icons, a feature that was previously only present in vanilla Sonic 3. Added alongside this was new shrunken-down icons for all the game's Zones (except for Death Egg, which reuses its icon from Sonic 2), as well as new icons representing the Bonus and Special Stages, a redesigned Sonic portrait for the Sound Test, and new Tails and Knuckles portraits for the Sound Test:
Sonic Tails Knuckles
  • "Deathegg" was corrected to "Death Egg".
  • Extra/renamed entries compared to the original include:
    • Lava Reef B - Lava Reef Zone's boss area, which was originally Lava Reef 3.
    • Hidden Palace - Now has its own entry instead of being considered Lava Reef 4.
    • Death Egg B - Giant Eggman Robo boss fight, which was originally The Doomsday 2.
    • Sky Sanctuary S - Sonic's Act.
    • Sky Sanctuary K - Knuckles' Act (or, more accurately, just a boss fight).
    • Bonus Stage G - Gumball Machine bonus stage.
    • Bonus Stage R - Slot Machine bonus stage ("R" for "rotating").
    • Bonus Stage S - Magnetic Orbs bonus stage ("S" for "spheres").
    • Blue Spheres - Original Blue Spheres mode. Playing this in Anniversary Mode gives a 16:9 perspective. Losing will bring up a message saying "Super Emerald retrieval unsuccessful."
    • New Blue Spheres - New Blue Spheres mode. Playing this in Classic Mode gives a 4:3 perspective.
  • For whatever reason, the Sound Test only goes up to 19, meaning that only the main Zone themes and the two standard boss themes can be listened to.

General Differences

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Get comparisons for the following:
  • Sonic's adjusted sprites
  • Hyper Sonic's color changing effect
  • Eggman's glasses
  • Competition Mode stages
  • Compare the original game's music, the new music, and the November Prototype music.
As well as adding sprites pointed below.


Eggman's new glasses while standing out of his Eggmobile
Eggman's new glasses while in his Eggmobile
  • The game is internally referred to as "Project Cobalt", and its description is "Knock Knock it's Sonic 3 and Knuckles", a reference to a lyric from Unknown from M.E., Knuckles' theme from Sonic Adventure.
  • The title screen background features an animated water distortion effect, instead of the palette cycling seen in the original.
  • The Drop Dash ability from Sonic Mania has been added.
  • The camera now features a vertical easing effect, first seen in Sonic Mania.
  • Many of Sonic's sprites have been touched up slightly. Notably, he no longer reuses Sonic 2 sprites when running sideways inside the giant tree in Angel Island 1.
  • Sonic now falls asleep if you idle for too long, using unused sprites from the Genesis original.
  • Super Sonic has been given a complete set of sprites, instead of partially using normal Sonic's art.
  • Hyper Sonic now smoothly changes colors, and his dash attack has added sparkle effects.
  • Eggman's glasses are now properly colored blue instead of the original game's black.
    • Eggman laughs a lot more. Depending on the boss, he does it when first showing up, when using certain attacks, or when he deals damage to the player, similar to Sonic 1 and Sonic 2.
  • The Tornado now properly displays "SONIC" when facing left, instead of flipping to read "ƆIИOƧ".
  • Dropped rings now bounce off walls and ceilings instead of scaling up them instantly.
  • Air bubbles now use sprite scaling when breathed in.
  • Super Sonic now de-transforms on death.
  • Rings and Special Rings have more frames of animation, giving them a smoother appearance.
  • The character icons in the slot machine bonus stage are more detailed like in the prototype build of Sonic 3.
  • Tails now has a standard Super form that can be accessed after collecting the first seven Chaos Emeralds, which doesn't have the Flickies from the Hyper form. The original's Super Tails is renamed to Hyper Tails, but acts the same way as before with his homing Flickies. Additionally, Super Tails now leaves a spark trail just like Super Sonic and Super Knuckles, while Hyper Tails uses afterimages in line with the other characters' Hyper forms.
  • Knuckles' gliding and falling sprites are now animated.
  • Special Stages now animate more smoothly, and the spheres become semi-transparent when collected, similar to Sonic Mania.
  • A portion of the game's music has been replaced entirely due to copyright issues (although despite this, everyone from the original game's sound team is still listed in the credits). The affected tracks include Carnival Night Zone, IceCap Zone, Launch Base Zone, the Competition Mode theme, and the Sonic 3 credits. The replacement tracks are based on the compositions from the Prototype build and Sonic & Knuckles Collection. These are stated to be new arrangements by Jun Senoue, but some tracks are identical to their Prototype counterparts, and others sound less refined, suggesting that they may originate from an earlier build. Comparisons are provided throughout the article.
  • Prior to the v1.04 patch, the Blue Spheres theme would not speed up the longer you stay inside the Special Stage.
  • In addition to the existing Blue Spheres mode (which has been updated to allow the player to play as Tails), Origins adds "New Blue Spheres", which features some fancy new artwork and two new sphere colors originating from Stealth's pitch for his version of Sonic Classic Collection and later appearing in the initial proof-of-concept for the Sonic 3 & Knuckles remaster (but not officially debuting until Sonic Mania's Blue Spheres mode). The New Blue Spheres difficulty rating screen uses an unused track from the Prototype (which also ended up in Sonic & Knuckles Collection, still unused).
1103 Prototype / Sonic Origins Sonic & Knuckles Collection (General MIDI) Sonic & Knuckles Collection (FM Synthesis)
  • There's a bug where the music restarts from the beginning rather than resuming whenever a jingle plays (such as a 1up).
  • Two tracks previously unused in Sonic 3 & Knuckles are now properly used: the Sonic & Knuckles All Clear jingle is used during the score tally for Launch Base Act 2, and the vanilla Sonic 3 credits theme is now used in the ending instead of the Sky Sanctuary theme if the player has collected all Emeralds.
Original 1103 Prototype / Sonic Origins Sonic & Knuckles Collection (General MIDI) Sonic & Knuckles Collection (FM Synthesis)
  • A new theme was composed for Super Sonic, instead of reusing the Invincibility music. Unlike the other tracks, it is clear that this is a new composition by Jun Senoue, as it uses the same instrument set as Sonic the Hedgehog 4 rather than the Genesis sound chip.
  • Before transforming into their Super/Hyper forms, Tails and Knuckles now use a frame from their new rotated ducking sprites before going into their original transformation animation frames.
  • A new code can be entered to change Tails' name into Miles by pressing Up Up Up Down Down Down Up at the title screen.
  • Prior to the v1.04 patch, the Fireball Dash mission had six blocks at the end of the intended playable area to prevent players from leaving the mission area. This wasn't tall enough as Sonic could easily charge a spindash with enough height to clear the blocks. This allowed access to the rest of the level and could easily lead to further glitches and even completing the game. With the patch, the height of the blocks is now at least 11 blocks tall to prevent escaping the mission area.
(Source for Tails code: CodenameGamma)

Angel Island Zone

  • Sonic now has jumping and transforming sound effects in his intro cutscene, and he kicks up sand plumes when flying over the beach.
    • During this same cutscene, Knuckles now gets into a fighting stance before grabbing the Emeralds from Sonic.
    • In addition, Tails now appears by walking into the scene from the left-hand side of the screen instead of flying in from above.
    • If you have collected all the Super Emeralds, Sonic transforms into Hyper Sonic during the cutscene instead of Super Sonic.
  • Tails has a new introduction cutscene where he lands the Tornado on the beach and proceeds into the jungle on foot.
  • Knuckles' intro cutscene from Sonic & Knuckles is reimplemented. Strangely, it still takes place in Mushroom Hill; Knuckles still starts at Angel Island.
  • The grabbable swing now has a smoother animation.
  • Characters now uses smooth sprite rotation when swinging around the long vine ziplines.
  • The large spiral tree no longer caps the player's speed. As a result of this, the player may actually speed up while inside it.
  • During the initial encounter with Fire Breath, the controls are locked and the player now looks up at it from the middle of the screen when it arrives into frame.
  • The Bubble Shield monitor at the end of Act 1 has been moved. Because of this, the signpost won't bounce on it if the signpost is not touched.
  • Act 2's music no longer plays when re-entering the second half of Act 1 after a Bonus or Special Stage, fixing a bug from the original game.
  • Activating a door switch in Act 2 causes the camera to shake.
  • Underwater flames in Act 2 have been removed.
  • The green bomber in Act 2 has been lowered to show the section of it unseen in the original game.
  • The bridge pieces destroyed during the Egg Scorcher Mk. III battle now keep their collision until they start falling.
  • The Floating Egg Capsule now moves off-screen after being opened. This could be a bug, since the one in Sonic's version of Lava Reef Zone continues to stay in place.

Hydrocity Zone

Original Origins
S3 Middle Pointdexter.png SOS3aK Middle Pointdexter.png
  • The Pointdexters have had their graphics fixed. In the original, the graphics for the partially inflated torso were squeezed into a 3×3 square, in order to consume as little VRAM as possible. However, the head and rear pieces were aligned to the top of the torso graphics rather than aligned in the center, making it misaligned. Origins fixes this error by realigning the head and fin to the center.
  • The splash effect from Turbo Spikers now display properly.
  • The previously non-moving decorative black orbs on the area before the Mini-Boss in Act 1 now move like any other in the level, as intended.
  • The fan platforms pop out earlier, causing the player to visibly pass through them as they ascend.
  • Sonic and Tails now use their falling animation after encountering Knuckles in Act 2.
  • The Egg Vortex arena now has a solid ceiling as Sonic and/or Tails, making the boss fight much more difficult. This may be an oversight.
  • A bug from the original game causing the player to become invisible while travelling up a translucent white tube water jet was fixed.
  • When entering Debug Mode during the transition to Marble Garden Zone, the game will crash.

Marble Garden Zone

  • The first encounter with the Tunnelbot mistakenly causes debris to fall for the rest of the act, or until the level is reloaded.
  • The Spindash-activated flywheels have a new interaction with the Drop Dash: activating a Drop Dash on it will activate the wheel and cause Sonic to bounce off of it, similarly behave when spindash on top of it.
  • The flywheels use a new sound effect that was unused in the Genesis original:
  • The player uses their cylindrical spinning sprites when inside the tall vertical shafts.
  • The falling ceiling segment of Sonic & Tails' Act 2 has a fixed camera height.
  • The Egg Drillster Mk. II now spawns to the right instead of the center.
    • When the Egg Drillster Mk. II slams into the ground, the player gets into his edge animation.
    • When fighting the Sonic/Tails version as Knuckles, Eggrobo will appear in the zoom-out graphics instead of Eggman.
    • When fighting the Knuckles version, the music will correctly play the Act 2 boss theme rather than the Act 1 boss theme.
  • The palette change to nighttime at the end of Act 2 is much smoother.
  • The spinning tops inherit player's current speed when they're activated, and have higher acceleration overall.

Carnival Night Zone

  • The music in this Zone is significantly closer in style to the music from Sonic & Knuckles Collection, rather than the 1103 prototype. Act 1 is faster in tempo and 3 semitones lower in pitch, and its instruments and arrangement are generally less refined. Act 2 is more similar to its prototype counterpart, but also has less refined instrument choices. The Origins versions of both tracks are also missing any stereo panning effects, which are prevalent throughout both tracks in their prototype counterparts.
Name Original 1103 Prototype Sonic & Knuckles Collection (General MIDI) Sonic & Knuckles Collection (FM Synthesis) Sonic Origins
Carnival Night Zone Act 1
Carnival Night Zone Act 2
  • Tails following Sonic can no longer pop balloons; he instead bounces off of them.
  • The barrels have misplaced white pixels on the side of their sprites.
  • Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles now look up and duck when moving the barrels up and down.
  • Yellow springs, rings, and ring monitors have an incorrect underwater palette in Act 2.
  • As a result of the expanded aspect ratio, the unseen hole at the end of Act 2 is now visible.
  • In Act 2, the animals freed from the Egg Capsule in Knuckles' route now bounce around him during the score tally instead of leaving as soon as they're released.
  • Even if Knuckles were to fight Eggrobo at the end of Act 2, he will still be teleported to IceCap Act 1 as if he activated the teleporter.

Icecap Zone

To do:
Update the audio. They are low in quality with noise reduction.
  • Unlike Carnival Night Zone and Launch Base Zone, these tracks are much closer to their 1103 counterparts; specifically, Act 2 is identical to the prototype, while Act 1 is nearly the same other than using Act 2's instrument set.
Name Original 1103 Prototype Sonic & Knuckles Collection (General MIDI) Sonic & Knuckles Collection (FM Synthesis) Sonic Origins
Ice Cap Zone Act 1
Ice Cap Zone Act 2
Same as Prototype.
  • Using the Insta-Shield on frozen items now just breaks the containing ice, rather than only breaking the item inside and leaving the ice intact.
  • The snowboard in Act 1 uses smooth sprite rotation when flying in the air.
  • Sonic and Tails look up before being buried by snow at the beginning of Act 1. There's also a snow cloud effect when they jump out, similar to the beginning of Launch Base Zone.
  • Star Pointers now drop their remaining projectiles if destroyed early.
  • The snowfall during the fight with Big Icedus in Act 1 is now semi-transparent.
  • Big Icedus has a sound effect when lifting snow off the ground.
  • The palette change to noon at the end of Act 1 is much smoother.
  • The transition to Launch Base Zone leads the player off to the right instead of remaining centered for the entire sequence.
  • A glitch allows you to get to the Egg Capsule in Act 2 before Eggman's entrance by entering a Super/Hyper transformation right as you approach the boss area.

Launch Base Zone

  • The music is fairly close to that of the prototype, but with different instrument choices that sound more like the Sonic & Knuckles Collection. Act 1 is also in the key of D major like the Collection; in the prototype, it's one semitone higher. The Origins version of Act 2 appears to have volume balancing issues in the section between 0:30 and 0:45, as the backing instruments are loud enough to almost drown out the main melody, an issue which does not occur in the prototype's version of the same track.
Name Original 1103 Prototype Sonic & Knuckles Collection (General MIDI) Sonic & Knuckles Collection (FM Synthesis) Sonic Origins
Launch Base Zone Act 1
Launch Base Zone Act 2
  • The spinning elevators are now much faster and use the Super Peel-Out sound effects instead of the normal spinning sound.
  • Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles now look up when riding up the teacups.
  • The teacups now play a sound effect when they detach from their poles.
  • Orbinauts now drop their remaining projectiles if destroyed.
  • Ribbot's appendages fall apart like a boss when destroyed.
    • Similarly, the appendages now make a sound when they reach their maximum extension, using the same sound effect as the spiked blocks.
  • Snailblasters now play a "ping" sound effect from Sonic CD when the player bounces off of one.
  • The ziplines now react to the player's weight when grabbed.
  • Knuckles' bomb in Act 1 flashes the screen when it explodes.
    • Knuckles' bomb throwing animation in Act 1 transitions to his laughter earlier than it did in the Genesis original.
  • Eggman and Twin Hammer now properly flash when taking damage.
  • The boxes that spawn Twin Hammer for Knuckles use their (unseen) Sonic 3 placement, where both boxes are much lower.
  • Eggrobo's previously unused jumping sprite is now used for the boss battle if Knuckles makes his way to Sonic and Tails' portion of the stage.
  • The timer continues to run between the Egg Cannon and Egg Rocket, as it did in Sonic 3.
  • Tails properly joins Sonic in the Eggmobile instead of falling into the water and dying.
  • The Eggmobile "takes damage" when Knuckles punches it, flashing and playing the damage sound effect.
    • If Knuckles were to use Debug Mode to get to the fight with the Egg Cannon, not only will Eggrobo take Eggman's place, but the NPC Knuckles will be absent. Unlike in the original game, Knuckles does not face backwards when jumping into the Eggmobile, nor will he get "hit" by the invisible NPC. Instead, the thrusters that are attached to the Death Egg will take off automatically.
  • During the battles on the platform, two updrafts have been added to the side to prevent the player from falling off.
  • Big Arms is now fought as all characters instead of just Knuckles, just like in Sonic 3. Unlike Sonic 3, however, he cannot deal damage to Super forms.
  • Big Arms has a new defeat animation where its arms don't fall off until Eggman starts to fall, with the rest of it falling to pieces as soon as Eggman hits the ground at the center of the screen, after which he falls to the bottom of the screen. This immediately cues the cutscene where the Death Egg's launch is thwarted.
    • The new defeat animation applies to Eggrobo as well, although in the transition to Mushroom Hill, he still emerges from the top of the screen despite falling to the bottom.
  • The cutscene where the Death Egg falls apart after defeating Big Arms now has no music, instead of continuing to play the final boss theme.
  • A score tally appears after defeating Big Arms, and it uses the previously-unused Sonic & Knuckles All Clear jingle instead of the standard Act Clear theme.
Sprites for cutscene in Sonic Origins
  • A previously unused Eggman animation for the cutscene at the end of Act 2 was added to the game. Amusingly, he's incorrectly layered on top of the platform's bars, making him look tiny.
    • Eggrobo has been given a similar treatment if playing as Knuckles and fighting Sonic and/or Tails' version of Big Arms.
  • The Sonic & Knuckles title screen sequence has been repurposed as a cutscene after Act 2.
  • In Knuckles' version of Act 2, the Floating Egg Capsule now moves off-screen after the Flickys and Cuckys leave it rather than immediately upon being opened.
  • Knuckles no longer alternates between his hurt and falling sprites in the cutscene after his Act 2.

Mushroom Hill Zone

  • Prior to the v1.04 patch, there's a bug where attempting to restart the level while entering the Giant Super Ring but before the screen starts to fade to white will place Sonic and/or Tails in the Super Ring's chamber as if they just left it, but upon attempting to leave, the Knuckles cutscene happens once again, causing the player to get crushed when Knuckles closes the door due to the former being positioned right below it.
    • Alternatively, restarting the level while the screen is fading will curiously start you off at Hidden Palace Zone, skipping half of the entire game.
  • The camera now stays fixed on the player while riding the large pulleys.
  • Hey Ho doesn't turn until it starts chopping, the animation for which now includes a sprite that was unused in the original game.
  • The fans no longer are heard when Knuckles activates them during the Sonic and/or Tails version of Act 2.
  • Knuckles now always fights Eggrobo at the end of Act 2. In the original, he would sometimes fight Eggman instead due to a bug.
  • The tip of the Egg Scrambler's satellite has a new animation for falling off when the Act 2 boss initiates, instead of instantly disappearing.
  • The music stops during the Egg Scrambler's defeat animation.
  • The Mad Mole piloting the Flying Battery after the score tally had its graphic edited to be consistent with the ones encountered in the rest of this zone.
  • All characters will use the new rotated Look Up sprites when watching Eggman/Eggrobo in the cutscene after Act 2.

Flying Battery Zone

  • The beginning of Act 1 has an animation where the player is thrown onto the starting platform from below.
  • The Laser Prison can now be properly destroyed by Tails or Hyper Sonic attacking the laser itself. It takes 10 hits to defeat.
  • The animation for the Egg Hanger has been improved, showing him hopping to the left and right instead of shimmying.
Original Origins
SnK FBZ2BossHead.png SOS3aK-Eggman in Hanger Looking Up Blue.png
  • Eggman uses a front-facing sprite when Sonic and/or Tails is directly above the Egg Hanger, something that was planned in the original game. The sprite has been redrawn to make him actually look directly up.

Eggrobo's appearance in the Egg Hanger

  • Knuckles now fights Eggrobo instead of Eggman (an oversight in the original) at the end of Act 2, complete with new sprites.
  • The door the player breaks through at the end of Act 2 now rotates as it falls.

Sandopolis Zone

  • Knuckles reuses Sonic's cutscene at the end of Act 2, although the next Zone still begins with him walking in instead of falling in.
  • During the Egg Golem boss in Act 2, if a transformed Super character is still damaging Eggman when the golem re-forms, it now causes a crush death instead of triggering another damage cycle.

Lava Reef Zone

  • Fake Rocks now give 100 points upon exploding, as they did not before despite the score object showing up when it self-destructs.
  • During the transition from Act 1 to Act 2, the foreground in the boss arena shifts to the Act 2 palette rather than remaining with the Act 1 palette.
  • Knuckles' laughter after pushing the boulder into Sonic and/or Tails in three different prototypes is restored.
  • During the transition from Act 2 to the Egg Inferno sub-Act, Sonic and/or Tails are accompanied by the boulder that they were carried with, providing continuity.

Hidden Palace Zone

  • When entering the Special Stage in Hidden Palace for the first time, Sonic, Tails, and/or Knuckles will use the new rotated Look Up sprites when viewing the Chaos and Super Emeralds.
  • The teleporter that appears in the Super Emerald chamber during Special Stage visits is present during Eggman's theft of the Master Emerald.
  • After Eggman escapes, the floor below Sonic (and/or Tails) and Knuckles breaks off in a cascading fashion rather than all at once.
  • Sonic and/or Tails use their falling animation after Eggman escapes and the floor breaks open.
  • Knuckles taps his foot before motioning for Sonic and/or Tails to come with him.
  • Knuckles can be seen approaching the teleporter to Sky Sanctuary. In the original game, he is already there when the camera unlocks.

Sky Sanctuary Zone

Sprites for Sonic and Tails' version of Knuckles' cutscene in Sonic Origins
  • If you were to play as Knuckles in Sonic and/or Tails' Sky Sanctuary via Level Select and Debug Mode, the NPC Knuckles does not appear at all. As such, the platform extends automatically after the Death Egg moves offscreen, with the button still pressed as if NPC Knuckles still pressed it.
  • Every character now has new animation for hanging onto the bars and looking to the left.
  • During the fights against Mecha Sonic in both the Egg Wrecker and Egg Bouncer, the music is now the Act 1 boss theme. The Act 2 boss theme instead plays during the actual fight against him.
  • After defeating Mecha Sonic at the end of Sonic and/or Tails' Sky Sanctuary, the characters all go into their forward edge animation just before the floor gives way.
  • In Knuckles' version of the level, the HUD leaves during the cutscene where Mecha Sonic attempts to attack Knuckles, and returns afterward. Additionally, Eggrobo is given a proper death animation and the player is given 100 points from it.
  • If you were to play as Sonic and/or Tails in Knuckles' Sky Sanctuary via a Level Select and Debug Mode, the cutscene was adjusted for both characters. Instead of Eggman being defeated like in the original game by Mecha Sonic, his Egg Mobile is destroyed while he falls off the level with modified sprites from Mania. Sonic Drop Dashes to the right instead of gliding like Knuckles. Tails however flies to the exact middle of the cutscene just like where Knuckles usually glides.

Death Egg Zone

  • Act 1's secret Tails path has been tweaked, replacing its Thunder Shield monitor with a 1-Up/Coin monitor and adding red springs to the end's bottomless pit so Sonic can actually traverse it without Tails' help.
  • The countdown heard on the transport tubes uses a generic beep rather than the unique chime in the original. This is also present in Competition Mode.
  • The gravity chamber in Act 1 now plays a chime when all six buttons are pressed.
    • This same chamber no longer has the sound of the engine humming.
  • After defeating Red Eye, the entire floor breaks off in a cascading fashion rather than all at once.
  • The Death Egg Zone title card reappears sans "Act 2" during the transition between the Death Ball and the Giant Eggman Robo.
  • Giant Eggman Robo's fingers during the first phase of the boss no longer have a wind-up animation before they slam down on the floor.
  • The transition to Doomsday/bad ending after the final boss is much slower.
  • Debug Mode is now required to select this zone as Knuckles via Level Select.
    • While playing as Knuckles, Eggman is replaced with Eggrobo in all instances, not just the Master Emerald chase.
    • After defeating the Giant Eggman Robo or the Final Weapon in the Doomsday Zone, Knuckles will be automatically transported to Sky Sanctuary as if he had defeated Mecha Sonic.

The Doomsday Zone

  • The sound that plays during Sonic's transformation is now consistent with the rest of the game, no longer making the otherwise unused whistle.
  • Tails and Knuckles no longer have glitched graphics upon entering the stage.
    • Knuckles now uses his gliding sprite, rather than his running animation.

Competition Mode

  • Competition Mode has been given a facelift - players are now full-size, and the levels themselves have been redrawn and upscaled to fit. By default, the physics are unchanged, and Sonic and Knuckles still can't use their special moves. Playing sounds "03, 02, 01, 06, 00" in the Sound Test reverses this, allowing all characters to play exactly as they do in the main game.
  • The menu music is identical to the 1103 Prototype.
Original 1103 Prototype / Sonic Origins Sonic & Knuckles Collection (General MIDI) Sonic & Knuckles Collection (FM Synthesis)
  • The Balloons and Bumpers in Balloon Park now play the same sounds as their counterparts in the main campaign, rather than the sounds of the bumper gumballs.
    • The Bumpers now use Sonic's palette rather than Knuckles, a bug that existed in the original game.[1]

Unused Graphics

To do:
There's more to be added.

SonicOrigins PressButton Alt.png
Alternate versions of the "Press Button" text, reading "Press Start" and "Touch To Start". "Touch To Start" appears to be a leftover from the initial mobile proof-of-concept Taxman & Stealth had made in 2014.

SonicOrigins Title BlueSpheres.png
An option on the title screen for the Blue Spheres modes. It's selected through both the collection's main menu and the Level Select.

SonicOrigins Slots BS S1 Leftovers.png
A load of Sonic 1 (2013) leftovers, located in the slots bonus stage.

SonicOrigins Unused BS Spheres.png
All of the previously unused bonus stage spheres. In addition, there's also a new "?" sphere. This is used for when the random monitor cheat code is enabled.

SonicOrigins AIZ2 Button.png
A button stored in Angel Island Act 2's object sheet. Still unused.

SonicOrigins S3 Monitors Unused.png
Monitor icons for a clock, three shields, an Emerald, and a spring. Similar icons appeared on the previous remasters of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2:

  • The Shields monitor toggled between the game's original Shield monitors and the elemental monitors from Sonic 3.
  • The Emerald monitor toggled the maximum Emerald count between 6 and 7 in Sonic 1, and toggled between giving or taking away all Emeralds in Sonic 2.
  • The Spring monitor only shows up in Sonic 2, where it is also unused.

The Clock monitor appears in Sonic CD's Debug Mode, originally meant to cause a time freeze effect but doesn't work properly there.

SonicOrigins S3 SurfSonic.png
Sonic's surfing sprites from the prototype's intro.

SonicOrigins S3 KnuxPlane.png
Sprites of Knuckles piloting the Tornado.

SonicOrigins S3 OldEggman.png
An older version of Eggman & Eggrobo's sprites, which features Eggman with black glasses.

SonicOrigins S3 TestObject.png
An unshaded ball with "TEST" written on it.

SoS3aK EggRoboUnused.png
Sprites of Eggrobo in the Egg Scorcher Mk.III in the background of Angel Island Act 2, zooming away during the Egg Drillster Mk.II fight in Marble Garden Act 2, a version of him in the Egg Mobile in a variation of the post-Big Arms graphics, and in the Egg Inferno in the Lava Reef Act 2 boss sub-Act. Only the Angel Island Act 2 sprite is currently unused in regular gameplay.

Unused Objects

Hyper Ring

The Hyper Ring monitor from Sonic Mania is present in the game's debug mode. It uses a broken HUD element, but it otherwise works as expected. It forms part of the selection for the random monitor and, as of v1.04, is obtainable through the random monitor cheat code, albeit while retaining the broken HUD element.

Blueprint Zone

A test stage with simple graphics and lots of slopes. The Taxman previously mentioned that "Blueprint Zone" was made to test RSDKv5, and the object graphics for the stage could be found in earlier versions of Sonic Mania, suggesting this to be a very old leftover.

Sonic Mania Leftovers

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Add every single Sonic Mania leftover, add images and videos.

The game appears to be based on Sonic Mania, as there are a lot of leftovers from it hidden in the files and codes.

  • & Knuckles Mode still exists in the files as a potential cheat code, but is disabled.
  • The character respawning behavior from Encore Mode.
  • An old version of the pause menu.


  • All of Sonic's sprites (not once, twice, but three times!).
  • Tails' sprites (twice).
  • Knuckles' sprites.
  • All of the chibi player sprites.
  • The player continue sprites (twice).
  • HUD-related graphics.
  • The splashes, bubbles, and drowning countdown.