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Super Danganronpa 2: Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen (PlayStation Portable)

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Title Screen

Super Danganronpa 2: Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen

Also known as: Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
Developer: Spike Chunsoft
Publisher: Spike Chunsoft
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released in JP: July 26, 2012

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Obligatory nude shower scene, and Chiaki's pantyshot.

Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Academy is what happens when Danganronpa goes on vacation.


Logic Dive Maps

Unused Character


A model named test_usami_model.gmo, which features running and idling animations. This character seems to originate from the PlayStation Mobile SDK, and based on its name is most likely a placeholder for Monomi in the Magical Girl Miracle ★ Monomi minigame.

Unused Area

Unused Court Room

Super-Danganronpa-2 UnusedCourtRoom.png

A leftover courtroom from Chapter 3 of Danganronpa. Unlike the ones used in Danganronpa 2, Monokuma's chair and the stands are simple textures.

Unused Graphics

To do:

Early Character Designs

These designs are attached to 2D model files. Because of the way the game handles these particular model files, the original images are vertically squished, distorting how the characters should appear. The majority of the following images are model renders, which retain the intended body proportions. However as a result of this, the lower half of each body is quite blurry due to a lack of image data. Most of these are identical to the character's concept art that appears in the in-game gallery and on the official box art, though some have minor differences.

Hajime Hinata

Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Hajime-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Hajime-Final.png

Nagito Komaeda

Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Nagito-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Nagito-Final.png

Chiaki Nanami

Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Chiaki-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Chiaki-Final.png

Akane Owari

Akane's shoes are black in this early sprite, but white in the final version.

Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Akane-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Akane-Final.png

Nekomaru Nidai

The flower on Nekomaru's pant leg was removed in the final.

Early Design 1 Early Design 2 Early Design 3 Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Nekomaru-Early-1.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Nekomaru-Early-2.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Nekomaru-Early-3.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Nekomaru-Final.png

Sonia Nevermind

Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Sonia-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Sonia-Final.png

Kazuichi Soda

Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Kazuichi-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Kazuichi-Final.png

Gundham Tanaka

Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Gundham-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Gundham-Final.png

Byakuya Togami

Early Final Early (Deceased) Final (Deceased)
Super-Danganronpa-2-Impostor-Togami-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Impostor-Togami-Final.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Impostor-Togami-Deceased-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Impostor-Togami-Deceased-Final.png

Mahiru Koizumi

Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Mahiru-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Mahiru-Final.png

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Fuyuhiko-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Fuyuhiko-Final.png

Peko Pekoyama

Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Peko-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Peko-Final.png

Mikan Tsumiki

The red cross on Mikan's apron was replaced with a design of intersecting red stripes, most likely because the Red Cross is trademarked.

Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Mikan-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Mikan-Final.png

Ibuki Mioda

Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Ibuki-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Ibuki-Final.png

Hiyoko Saionji

Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Hiyoko-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Hiyoko-Final.png

Teruteru Hanamura

Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Teruteru-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Teruteru-Final.png


Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Monokuma-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Monokuma-Final.png


Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Monomi-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Monomi-Final.png

Monomi (Trial)

Early Final
Super-Danganronpa-2-Usami-Trial-Early.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Usami-Trial-Final.png

Placeholder and Test Graphics

Spot Selection

These eight images depict points of interest that can be selected in a scene. Their in-game versions are included below each for comparison.

Spot Selection

A scene from the first game, when Makoto wakes up in an empty classroom.

Spot Selection

A scene from the first game, where Makoto first meets his classmates.

Spot Selection

A zoomed-in area of the party room after the first murder.

Spot Selection

The beach house, after the second murder.

Spot Selection

The beach house storage room.

Spot Selection

The masked hanging scene at Titty Typhoon.

Spot Selection

Outside of Strawberry House and Grape House.

Spot Selection

A schematic for Strawberry House and Grape House.


Multiple instances of this file are present, for numbers 146 through 172 and 182 through 197.



A versatile placeholder screen for cutscenes. Comes equipped with numbers.

A placeholder screen for the time bomb in Jabberwock Park. The text translates to "Going down... Time until destruction: [...] Days".

(Translations: Divingkataetheweirdo)

A placeholder item graphic that reads Monokuma File 1. A Monokuma File is a key item for each trial that details the murder.

A placeholder icon for gallery mode. There are copies for numbers 145 through 150.

Super-Danganronpa-2-Island-Mode-Test-1.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Island-Mode-Test-2.png
Two test graphics for the "Island Mode" minigame. The image on the left simply details obtaining certain items, or accomplishing certain tasks. The list graphic is intended to scroll vertically in the empty space on the right image. The white text at the top of the right image reads "行動中 / In Progress". This section of the image was replaced with an animation of Monomi flying between Start and Finish goalposts as a timer. The white text on pink background says "早送り / Fast-Forward".

Japanese English
ケモノ肉 Beast Meat
接着剤接着剤接着剤接着剤接 GlueGlueGlueGlueGl
海藻 Seaweed
宿をキレイにした! Cleaned the hotel!
ジャバラルド Jabbamerald
体力がすこし回復した! Recovered a little bit of energy!
牛乳 Milk

These strings repeat in the left graphic three times in a row. "宿をキレイにした! / Cleaned the hotel!" is slightly different here compared to the final version of the game, where it's written "宿を掃除した". The "体力がすこし回復した! / Recovered a little bit of energy!" message doesn't appear in the final game, but would have likely been used to show the results of a character resting.

(Translations: BlackDragonHunt)

Unused Demo images

A save file icon for a demo version of the game which was never released.


Danganronpa 2 Ultimate Imposter Trial Mugshot.pngSuper-Danganronpa-2-Usami-Class-Trial-Mugshot.png
Byakuya has a mugshot for class trial discussions that goes unused, and Usami has a mugshot for Nonstop Debates. Neither of these characters appear in trials (except as Monomi in Usami's case), but Byakuya's Nonstop Debate mugshot is used for his Shot Through the Heart event in Island Mode. It might have been intended for a Demo trial where a different murder happens, and Usami does not get transformed into Monomi for the case, similar to what happens in Danganronpa and Danganronpa V3.

Super-Danganronpa-2-Evidence-Positive.png Super-Danganronpa-2-Evidence-Negative.png
Placeholder Truth Bullet graphics that say Positive and Negative; for the "Affirm" and "Deny" bullets in Shot Through the Heart events in Island Mode.

(Translations: Divingkataetheweirdo)

The game uses mist overlays during the "Man's Nut" shower scene to cover up Mahiru and Hiyoko, but the base image is a lot more revealing, including nipples for Mahiru drawn, surprisingly.

Much like the previous image, the scene of Chiaki facing the camera in Chapter 6 has Chiaki's thighs and underwear(?!) drawn on the moving part for her legs, but most of it is covered by her skirt.

Danganronpa Leftovers

To do:
Tons, including Influence/Focus Gauges and Hangman's Gambit graphics.

Chapter 3 Early Designs

Both the early and final designs for Danganronpa's Chapter 3 murder artwork are leftover.

Early Final
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Act-1-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Act-1-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Act-3-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Act-3-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Drawer-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Drawer-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Evidence-Camera-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Evidence-Camera-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Evidence-Clock-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Evidence-Clock-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Evidence-Hagakure-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Evidence-Hagakure-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Evidence-Hammer-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Evidence-Hammer-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Evidence-Watch-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Evidence-Watch-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Yamada-Approach-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Yamada-Approach-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Yamada-Psycho-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Yamada-Psycho-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Yamada-Creeper-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Yamada-Creeper-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Yamada-Scary-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Yamada-Scary-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Ishida-Face-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Ishida-Face-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Ishida-Arm-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Ishida-Arm-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Ishida-Watch-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Ishida-Watch-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Ishida-Bust-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Ishida-Bust-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Hammer-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Hammer-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Yamada-Swing-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Yamada-Swing-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Yamada-Slam-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Yamada-Slam-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Ishida-Shock-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Ishida-Shock-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Ishida-Corpse-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Ishida-Corpse-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Yamada-Killer-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Yamada-Killer-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Yamada-Hammerfoot-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Yamada-Hammerfoot-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Hagakure-Leaning-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Hagakure-Leaning-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Hagakure-Head-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Hagakure-Head-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Hagakure-Drugged-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Hagakure-Drugged-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Hagakure-Back-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Hagakure-Back-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Robot-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Robot-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Lifting-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Lifting-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Choking-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Choking-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Camera-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Camera-Final.png
Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Fake-Picture-Early.png Danganronpa-Chapter-3-Fake-Picture-Final.png

Dithering Test

The dithering test images make a return. The various levels of dithering are more prominent in the evidence images.

Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P01.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P02.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P03.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P04.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P05.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P06.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P07.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P08.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P09.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P10.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P11.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P12.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P13.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P14.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P15.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P16.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P17.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P18.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P19.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P20.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-P21.png

Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E01.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E02.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E03.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E04.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E05.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E06.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E07.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E08.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E09.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E10.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E11.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E12.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E13.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E14.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E15.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E16.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E17.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E18.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E19.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E20.png Danganronpa-Dithering-Test-E21.png



A leftover present icon.

Gallery Icons

150 gallery icons are leftover from the first game.