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Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden

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Title Screen

Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden

Developer: Banpresoft
Publisher: Banpresto
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: March 29, 2001

ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.

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Side-story to huge, epic mash-up between a couple dozen super and real robot mecha series. Generally considered to be one of the best in a very, very large series stretching from the NES to the PS3. The game also punishes you for being good at getting skill points by giving you terrible mass-production type mechs instead of Sazabi and other high-tier stuff.

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Unused and "Dummy" Mechs

The game contains a long list of dummied and unused mechs. Many are either alternative versions or holdovers from Alpha as the game runs on exactly the same engine. These can be forced into the game either through cheat codes in the bazaar or through a save or hex editor. If you cheat through the bazaar, though, you have to have a pilot compatible with the mech, which you often won't.

In general order as they appear in the hex list:

Duplicates of most ZZ Gundam mooks.

004E, 0050 - Alpha version of Quebeley MkII (4800 HP). The Alpha Gaiden version has 4000 HP.

0061 - The Gwadan, a ZZ Gundam battleship. Dummied.

0069, 006A - Two versions of Sazabi. One has better weapons. The other flies and has better armor. The land version is the one you get on "Easy mode."

006B - Alpha Aziel (Char's Counterattack). Dummied.

006C - Rewloola (Char's Counterattack Battleship). Dummied.

0085 - Zoroat (V Gundam mook)

0088, 0089, 008A, 008B, 008E - Dummied versions of Turn-A Gundam. Most have alternative sprites or alternative weapon placements. Likely at some point there were more versions of it to represent how it gradually got more weapons as the TV show progressed.

00AD - Wing Zero Custom with more HP and worse weapons (Likely a planned early-game boss version).

00B3 - Duplicate of Gundam X with Divider.

00C9 - Weaker duplicate of Gundam X.

00CA - Weaker duplicate of Gundam DX.

00DB - Duplicate of Iron Gear (May be "boss" version).

00DF - Duplicate of Iron Gear with differen Potan Cannon.

0103 - Alpha version of Daitan 3 (Weaker weapons, different sprites).

0115 - Bood (Mazinger Z submarine boss). Dummied. Sometimes glitches when you launch it, possibly because it's not supposed to spawn outside water.

0116 - Jet Pilder // Ghoul. Buggy, dummied half-Pilder, half-enemy mook.

013B - Texas Mac.

0151 - Garuda (Combattler V Boss). Dummied.

0152 - Minotaur Beast (Voltes V Mook). Dummied.

0153 - Voltes V without "Electromagnetic Ball V-Letter Cut".

0160 - Skullrook (Voltes V Boss). Dummied.

0161 - Voltes V, non-separable, worse stats (another potential early-game boss).

0163 - Raideen missing "extra" weapons, similar to early stages of Alpha. Likely at one point you started without the extra weapons enabled.

0169 - Weaker, slower Raideen.

0167 - Great Sharkin (Raideen Boss). Not dummied, but unused.

01C8 - Grungust Kai (Original robot). Unused and not balanced to be a player unit. Another possible early game boss considering the storyline.

01D4 - R-2 (Dummied, but stats differ from original Alpha).

01D5 - 01D8 - Balmar enemies from Alpha. All dummied.

01D9 - Dragon Tiger King. Dummied. Fully functional with hacking.

01DA - Tiger Dragon King. As above.

01DB - Dragon King Machine. As above.

01DC - Tiger King Machine. As above.

01DD - Rezun's Geara Doga (Char's Counterattack). Dummied.

01DE - Gyunei's Jagd Doga (Char's Counterattack). Dummied.

01DF - Quess's Jagd Doga (Char's Counterattack). Dummied.

01E0 - SRX (Original. Very weak weapons. Planned Boss version?) Dummied.

01E1 - SRX (Original. Stronger but not all that strong weapons.) Dummied.

01E2 - R-Gun Powered (weaker weapons than the one used in-game, but weapons have longer range. Planned boss version?)

01E3 - Huckebein Mk2. (Original) Dummied.

01E4 - Huckebein Mk3. (Original) Dummied.

01E5 - Huckebein Mk3 Boxer. (Original) Dummied.

01E5 - Huckebein Mk3 Gunner. (Original) Dummied.

Notes: Nearly all of these are functional. Some of the enemy robots like the Bood caused glitches when I tested them. The theme songs for the originals and the R-2 was removed. Instead, it plays the intermission music, which is obviously an error handler result. It's not a default value because the music changes if you use the R-2 and then the Huckebein Mk3. In fact, the game crashes if you use two mechs where the song no longer exists. You cannot use the SRX in any way as even if you have R-1, R-2, R-3 and R-Gun (as required in Alpha) they won't combine. So without save state hacking there is no way to spawn it on a map.

Many of the alternatives are likely planned boss versions. The games are generally designed with bosses having weaker weapons, but longer range, much more HP and more armor. A lot of unused robots fit that mould. Many of the dummied robots, particularly the dummied original robots have been modified since their Alpha incarnations, so they were planned at some point to be present in the game.

Unused Pilots

You can force almost any named character into a robot using hacks. Ones never intended to be pilots will often cause a freeze if you play the cinematics. Some pilots from the original Alpha are statted-out, like Groval (captain of Macross). There are also duplicates of several pilots, including all of the Voltes V pilots and Masaki from Cybuster.

There are also 25 dummied-out pilots, which are helpfully numbered, as well as every NPC, the Skill Get screen and more. Stats are for level 99.


- Green garbage for portrait image.
- No voice clips.
- Potential, Assist 1, Shield Defence 9, Sword Cut 9
- Seishin: Hicchu, Concentrate, Tamashii, Iron Wall, Nekketsu, -5 morale to all.


- Seishink: Full heal, Hirameki, Iron Wall, Great Effort, Nekketsu, Kakuran
- Potential, Shield Defence 4
- No portrait, does have voice clips (male). 
- Probably a gundam pilot (A in space, B in air/land), but I don’t recognize the clips.
- Really poor stats at level 99. Maybe a grunt pilot.


- Xentraedi ship captain from Macross.
- All stats zero, no seishin or skills.
- No voice clips.


- Gets up to Telekinesis Level 9, Sword cut 7 and Assist 2.
- No voice clips, no portrait. Game just loads enemy portrait.
- Likely one of the Alpha 1 archetypes. Nobody aside from originals and Raideen gets Telekinesis.


- Gets up to Telekinesis Level 9, Shield level 9 and Sword Cut 9
- Hichuu, Tekagen, Tamashi, Hirameki, Nekketsu, Move again.
- No voice clips, no portrait. Game just loads enemy portrait. Except it loaded a black portrait once.
- Probably also one of the Alpha 1 archetypes.


- Alpha Boss version Ingram.
- No voice clips.
- Gets up to Telekinesis Level 9, Shield level 9 and Sword Cut 9.
- Hichuu, Tekagen, Tamashi, Hirameki, Nekketsu, Move again.

Dummy 24

- No portrait.
- Potential, Sword Cut 9
- Concentrate, Accelerate, -5 morale to all enemies, recover 30%, Kiai, Tamashii


- Dragon Machine’s Dragon.
- Voice is dragon screeching.
- No skills or seishin.


- Tiger Machine’s Tiger.
- Voice is tiger growling. 
- No skills or seishin.

Mysterious Voice (Nazo no Koe)

- Portrait is the Skill Point Get portrait.
- All stats zero at level 99.
- No Voice clips.


- All stats zero, no seishin or skills.
- No voice clips.

Not unused, but every pilot who can pilot a given robot, no matter how implausible, has voice clips for attacks that typically involve shouting out the attacks. Things like funnels, fin funnels, every mazinger including boss borot, and so on.

This is likely governed by just a set of flags, but you do end up with Boss saying "launch missile!" when he is hacked into piloting the nuclear missile, likely because that's the same clip recorded for him launching one of the mazinger's missiles.