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Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier

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Title Screen

Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier

Developer: Monolith Soft
Publishers: Bandai Namco (JP), Atlus (US)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: May 29, 2008
Released in US: April 29, 2009

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Build Date

Present at 0x75FCA00 in the ROM.

2008/04/22 04:34
2008/11/25 14:43

Regional Differences

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Confirm what the Super Robot Taisen A bonus is, and whether it's available in the US version by other means.

Both the US and Japanese versions have unlockables by detecting Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation or Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2 in Slot 2. The Japanese version also supports Super Robot Taisen A.