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Super Robot Taisen R

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Title Screen

Super Robot Taisen R

Developer: A.I
Publisher: Banpresto
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in JP: August 2, 2002

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

DCIcon.png This game has a Data Crystal page

The second Super Robot Taisen GBA title, focusing instead on time travel.

Unused Graphics

Super Robot Taisen R-font.png

The game's font includes squished text for "Akatsuki" (アカツキ) among the names of the other Nadesico Aestivalis pilots (Akito/アキト, Gai/ガイ, Hikaru/ヒカル, Izumi/イズミ and Ryoko/リョーコ), though Akatsuki does not appear in this game.

Unused Weapons

The weapon data contains some weapons that aren't pointed to from any robot's data. Most of them are placeholders named "dummy" (ダミー) or duplicates of used weapons; the interesting ones are:

  • A weapon set containing "Nail Missile", "Melee" and "Compact Shot" (ネイルミサイル, 格闘, コンパクトショット) among the data for the Daitarn 3 enemies.
  • A weapon set containing typical Getter-1 weapons plus "Getter Final Knuckle" (ゲッターファイナルナックル). This data suggests that the God Getter was once planned to be an actual unit rather than only appearing in a cutscene.
  • A copy of Gundam Maxter's weapon set with greatly inflated attack power and with different EN costs (some weapons consume more EN than the regular Gundam Maxter's and others consume less). It's hard to guess what this might represent; in the GBA titles, bosses and late-game enemies are normally made strong by giving them upgrade ranks rather than inflated base stats.
  • Two copies of a "Twin Bit" (ツインビット) combination attack, one of which is in the Febral's weapon list (but never usable or even visible in-game) and the other which is not associated with any robot.

Unused Battle Dialogs

These dialogs can be viewed in the "BTL BG VIEWER" of the debug menu (see below) with the given settings.

Dialog Translation Settings Description
マシュマー「行けっ! ファンネルよ!」
マシュマー「蹴散らせっ! ファンネルッ!!」
Mashmyre: "Let's go! FUNNEL!"
Mashmyre: "Let's kick this off! FUNNEL!!"
PILOT = 013
PAT   = 000 or 001
These dialogs are used when Mashmyre Cello uses the Funnel weapon on the Queen Mansa. Mashmyre never pilots the Queen Mansa in-game.
Hathaway "Even I can use this...
 Go, funnel!
Hathaway "Requesting for a funnel!"
PILOT = 020
PAT   = 000 or 001
Dialogs exist for Hathaway Noa using the Funnel weapon on Qubeley Mk-II (either color) or Sazabi. However, as Hathaway becomes unplayable after the first few scenarios, he never has the chance to pilot those robots and thus the dialogs remain unused. (He can in fact pilot these UC robots if hacked into the game or accessed through the "INTER MISSION" debug menu option.)

These dialogs are distinct from the Fin Funnel ones, which are used as Hathaway can pilot the Nu Gundam in-game.

Debug Menu

Super Robot Taisen R-debug.PNG

Like most of the GBA titles, Super Robot Taisen R has a debug menu. Use the CodeBreaker code 03001320:31, restart, and you'll end up in the debug menu. Disable it once you're in.

Sound Test

Super Robot Taisen R-sound.PNG

Accessible from the debug menu.

Data View

Super Robot Taisen R-dataview1.PNG

Super Robot Taisen R-dataview2.PNG

The "DATA VIEW" option is unreachable from the debug menu, but can be accessed by using the code 03001320:30 instead. Controls:

  • A / B: Selects the next / previous resource. Static images may not load the correct sprite sheets because this information is not available on the resource table for the sprites.
  • R + A / R + B: As above, but advances through resources in increments of 10.
  • Start: Pauses or unpauses the debug menu.
  • Arrow keys: Moves the animation. Static images cannot be moved.
  • R + Arrow keys: Adjusts the 6 parameters shown for animations. The parameters are all displayed in hexadecimal. The flip options do not work if either the scale is not 0100 or the angle is not 0000.

In-Game Debug Menu

Super Robot Taisen R-debug2.png

Another in-game "system debug menu" can be accessed using the codes 080951C8:08030ED9 and 080951CC:080342B9. This replaces the grid on / off menu with the menu shown to the left.

These options are available:

  • Character debug (キャラデバッグ): Adds an extra "DBG" option at the bottom of the action menu for all unmoved player units. Selecting "DBG" will enter the unit debug menu shown below. Certain actions such as viewing battle animations may turn this option off.
  • Display coordinates (座標表示): Displays the X and Y coordinates of the cursor in the bottom right corner.
  • Rout grunts (ザコ全滅): Destroys all enemy units that use generic pilots.
  • Gather enemies (敵集結): Respawns all enemy units at the cursor.
Super Robot Taisen R-unitdebug1.png

Super Robot Taisen R-unitdebug2.png

The debug menu for units is split into two pages and has the following layout. Use the L and R buttons to cycle through available values. Use B to exit the menu.

Will (気力) SP point (精神ポイント) Current HP (HP) Weapon upgrade rank (武器改造)
Pilot level (Lv) Pilot EXP (経験値) Current EN (EN) Unit full upgrade (ユニット全体改造), modifies HP / EN / mobility / armor ranks together
Kill count (撃墜数) Support coefficients HP upgrade rank (HP改造) Unit part, cycles through all parts available in-game
Support coefficients EN upgrade rank (EN改造)
Mobility upgrade rank (運動性改造)
Armor upgrade rank (装甲改造)
Strongest settings (最強設定), restores full HP / EN / SP and grants maximum Will / EXP / upgrades. Weakest settings (最弱設定), lowers HP / EN / SP and resets Will / EXP / upgrades.

Not all support coefficient values are modifiable.