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Ultima VI: The False Prophet (DOS)

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Title Screen

Ultima VI: The False Prophet

Developer: Origin Systems
Publisher: Origin Systems
Platform: DOS
Released in US: June 1, 1990

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Ultima VI: The False Prophet is a game about racism. No, really. When Britannia finds itself under threat of Gargoyle invasion, the Avatar is forced to investigate and finds that things are just a bit more complex than just "them bad guys, we kill". Can a common ground between two very different groups be reached?

Secret Cheaters Menu

Talk to Iolo, and tell him the following:


This will open up the Secret Cheaters Menu!

Get Items

You'll be asked for the ID Number of the item you want, the quality number (use 1 unless specified in the list) and the quantity you want. Once you leave the cheater's menu, the items will be dropped into your inventory. Any item created with this method will vanish if you drop it and leave the area.

See the Notes page for the item list.

Set Flags

Lets you set various internal game flags.

View NPCs

View anything about an NPC, including portrait.

Edit Party

You can modify the stats, level, and experience of any of your party members, as well as adding or removing anyone to your party.

Edit Player

Lets you view and modify your karma, and set some quest flags.


Holding ALT and 2-1-4 will bring up a prompt (in Gargish) for three coordinates - these three hex numbers will bring you to any location in Britannia, the dungeons or the Gargoyle world.

See the Notes section for co-ordinates to warp anywhere.

Overhead View and Co-Ords

To get a good overhead bird eye's view, (just as if you used a gem) hold ALT and press 2-1-3: This will also give you a number: XX YYYY ZZZZZZZ Where XX is the amount of Karma you have. (Which you lose if you steal) YYYY is the current time of the day in military time. ZZZZZZZ is the current location of your party.

Pass the Time Quickly

Tired of holding down the spacebar to make time go by? Press ALT + 2-1-5 to wait an hour.

(Source: Cheating in Ultima VI)