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Ultima VII: The Black Gate

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Title Screen

Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Developer: Origin Systems
Publisher: Origin Systems
Platform: DOS
Released in US: April 16, 1992

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Ultima VII: The Black Gate really brought the immersive world of Britannia to another level, with NPCs living their own scheduled lives and impressive environmental interaction. The Avatar returns to Britannia to find it under the thrall of a mysterious organisation that totally isn't the Church of Scientology, leading to a desperate race to stop the mysterious, Muppet-esque Guardian from enacting his sinister plot.

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Ultima7 egg.png
Cheat Mode
If there is a larger debug mode out there, I don't even want to know.

Cheat Rooms

Strangely, these rooms, designed for ease of testing the game, are accessible through normal gameplay!

Trinsic Cheat Room

Locate the dead blacksmith's shop in the bottom left corner of Trinsic, the starting town. Climb up on the roof by stacking the crates that are available throughout various buildings in town. Walk to the back of the chimney to be transported to the cheat room.

Skara Brae Cheat Room

There is a lever just visible behind the statue to the west of the Tomb of Marney which opens a secret door to a chamber in the graveyard. It contains all the quest items for the Skara Brae quest, Magic Armor, Rings and a Death Scythe.

Different title screens

The French and German editions got their own title screen, while the Spanish one only shows the translated title on the version screen. Not that the work with the lettering is impressive anyway.

Ultima 7 title DE.png Ultima 7 title FR.png

(Source: Cheating in Ultima VII)