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Ultima VIII: Pagan (DOS)

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Title Screen

Ultima VIII: Pagan

Also known as: Pagan: Ultima VIII
Developer: Origin Systems
Publisher: Origin Systems
Platform: DOS
Released in US: March 15, 1994

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Ending Test

Quote away, Mr. Quoter.

Create a file in the STATIC directory called I81B4U83.ICU with anything in it. Now there will be two new options in the Avatar's diary - one for viewing the ending sequence, and one for seeing the Developer Quotes.

The filename spells out "I ate one before you ate three. I see you." That's... probably an inside joke.

Debug Mode

Ultima VIII continues the series' tradition of having monstrously comprehensive cheat modes.

Crack open GAMEDAT/AVATAR.DAT in a hex editor, then change both 2A and 2B to 01.

F8 Menu

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Blue Screen of Debug

Press F8 at any time to bring up this buggy, buggy menu.

Button Commands

Press these buttons at any time during play to toggle them. Or you can activate them in the Toggles corner of the F8 Menu.

Hackmover (H Key)

Landscape Renovation

Pick up anything. You can even stuff bits of the environment in your inventory! Can't carry around NPCs, though. But you can kill them by repeatedly picking them up and dropping them from a height.

Power Avatar (P Key)

God Mode by any other name.

Footpads (F Key)


Displays a grid over the gameworld, presumably related to collision.

Egg Bounds (E Key)

Displays egg boundaries. Duh.

Avatar Menu


Once debug mode is enabled, opening this menu is pretty easy: Just left-click the Avatar. A voice will shout "Cheater!" and laugh at you, and the menu will open.


Hey guys! What's going on? I kind of skipped straight here, so I kind of missed a heap of plot.

Skip to any "cutscene" sequence in the game.

Spell Book


Lets you cast any spell in the game.


Am I interrupting something...?

Brings up a crosshair. Upon clicking an NPC you'll be given information on their location and current animation.

Enemy Caster

Brings up a crosshair and asks for a Spell Caster that must be a sorcerer and not the Avatar.


Bloodwatch 2: Watch Bloodier

The Avatar tells you the time.


I got the seeeecreeeet!

The Avatar says "You now have the key."


Now make 'em get back to work!

The Avatar says "You have returned the staff."

Call Guards


Brings up a crosshair. Upon clicking an NPC, you'll be given various options to decide what you did. Once they pass, the NPC you clicked will call for a guard, and Beren will show up and judge the shit out of you.

Blow Up!

Doctor, it hurts when I do this.

Does exactly what you think.

Kill Me

And nobody suspects ANYTHING.

Brings up a crosshair. Upon clicking an NPC, they will be dealt untold amounts of damage, usually killing them unless they're immortal for plot purposes.


MacGuffinsDirect Dot Com: Your Plot MacGuffins Fast Or Your Money Back

Lets you spawn Blackrock Fragments or Energised Fragments.

Jump Ahead

No Whammies, No Whammies...

Brings up a list of cryptically named options. Some spawn items, while others just make the Avatar say "Bzzzzt! Thank you for playing."