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From The Cutting Room Floor
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Achievement Unlocked: Found the Trinitro Man

Yahaha! You found me!

I may be mostly a creator of fangames, but I still am very interested in unused content, hence why I joined this place. :3

To-Do List

Watch this space to check for any future TCRF WIPs of mine.

Gonna temporarily store stuff I'm writing or rewriting there.

Updating articles

Released Games/Games under active development

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake
    • there might be even more unused content than just playable Red XIII, but I don't know for sure yet
  • Mushroom Kingdom Fusion
    • since that game has been officially revived, this would be a future update project once it finally gets finished

Unreleased Games


Unreleased Games



  • Mushroom Kingdom Fusion (that one is a real treasure trove of prototypes, and actually viable, considering that fangame has been officially revived not too long ago)


  • Final Fantasy VII Remake (only has a Talk page so far)