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Bejeweled (HTML5)

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Title Screen


Developer: PopCap Games
Publisher: PopCap Games
Platform: HTML5
Released internationally: December 2011

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Yet another version of the match-3 for web browsers, being in place of Bejeweled 3, despite the title. Now with 20% less Lightning and 20% more Speed!

Debugging Information & Hidden Cheats

To do:
Rest of debug functions.

Due to function packing, this is difficult in the original .js file. There are three ways to enable, either set hr in Game.j.prototype to true or n (being an external value for true), passing ?debug to the game link or enter the below in your browser console during a session.



An FPS display is drawn on the bottom right corner.


Note capital and symbol ones are dependent. The arrow keys can move the in-game cursor too!

Key Description
0 Changes the hovered Gem to a Red Gem.
1 Changes the hovered Gem to a White Gem.
2 Changes the hovered Gem to a Green Gem.
3 Changes the hovered Gem to a Yellow Gem.
4 Changes the hovered Gem to a Purple Gem.
5 Changes the hovered Gem to a Orange Gem.
6 Changes the hovered Gem to a Blue Gem.
7 Changes the hovered Gem to 5+ Moves, matching 4/+ or forming a L shape with them will crash the game.
f Changes the hovered Gem to a Flame Gem.
h Changes the hovered Gem to a Hyper Cube.
l Changes the hovered Gem to a Star Gem.
m Changes the hovered Gem to a Multiplier Gem.
t Resets in-game tutorials, prints "tutorial reset" to the bottom left corner, in Speed, changes the highlighted Gem to a Time Bonus Gem.
p Adds 100 points.
r Resets in-game stats, prints "reset stats" to the bottom left corner in red.
q Makes matching impossible, with a setup of all gems going in an unmatchable diagonal set per line, this does NOT wipe out Power Gems, "NO MORE MOVES" is immediately triggered this way, in Speed, it triggers "TIME UP".
x Internally adjusts the sun curve to play the lighting animation for diagonal lighting.
z Internally adjusts the sun curve to play the lighting animation for a D-Pad set of gems based off where the cursor is pointing at.
A Turns on autoplay, prints "Autoplay: {0}" where "{0}" is "Random moves" (Slow moves with invalid moves or not), "Aggressive moves" (Quick moves), "Aggressive with invalid moves" (Quick moves with invalid moves), "Test hyperspace" (Does whatever possible to create Hyper Cubes, preferably, the majority of amazing plays), after that would set it to "Off", also writes "Ticks elapsed u:{0},g:{1}" where {0} is the update count and {1} is the game's tick count.
H Resets high scores.
@ Changes the highlighted Gem to an empty gem, with a flag of detonator, completing the level will crash the game.
! Changes the highlighted Gem to an empty gem, with a flag of scramble, completing the level will crash the game.
- Decreases the game's timescale by multiplied or equal to 0.75, in the rank screen, lowers the rank by 1.
+ Increases the game's original timescale by 1, in the rank screen, increases the rank by 1.
= Restores the game's original timescale.
R Resets the user's profile, also changes the game resolution to 480x768 (SD) due to using another call, if different, changes to 1024x768 (HD), refreshes the game without warning.
] Updates animations.
[ Sets time to the amount of game ticks, only affects Speed.
F Activates "BLAZING SPEED", in Speed, also changes the "Speed bonus" to 1000.
N Goes to the next level, has no effect in Speed.
\ Increases the multiplier by 1 and enables the tutorial, only affects Speed.
P Adds 1000 points.
X Changes the background to the first one, draws "Background changed to idx: {0}" where {0} is the background index, negative.
Z Does the exact same as "X" but positive.

Main Menu

On the Main Menu, the version number is drawn on the top right corner in white with the DEBUG string before the version number.

(Source: LolHacksRule)

Version Display

A simple printout is accessible at any time by pressing V, it prints the version number and information on the game's 3D environment, being "HTML5 WebGL" or "HTML5 Canvas". Oddly debug keys are not required to use it.

Version %s (%s)

Internal URLs

In the game framework and game logic, values for a server on PopCap's internal network and a local IP are set. p4_managed is likely a Perforce depot that contains PopCap's development environment[1][2], Prime is the name of the multiplatform PopCap framework, Sharp likely means this HTML5 port of the framework was derrived/based off or generated from C#, which was used for the Windows Phone 7 XNA port of the framework.

  1. Peggle (Mac OS X) build path
  2. Bejeweled 3 (Steam) Windows build path