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Bejeweled Classic

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Title Screen

Bejeweled Classic

Developer: PopCap Games
Publishers: PopCap Games, Electronic Arts
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: December 8, 2011 (iOS), December 12, 2014 (Android)

ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

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The result of putting a mobile device, Bejeweled 3 without Quest Mode, useful and useless extra features, advertisements, microtransactions and paywalls all in a blender.

This page covers both Bejeweled Classic and Bejeweled Classic HD. This game was previously known as simply Bejeweled until 2015.


Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Unused Graphics

To do:
Rip textures from the game files, there may be more unused sprites.

Unused Spritesheet

BejClassic UnusedSpritesheet.png

There is a PLETHORA of unused graphics in this sheet, ranging from generally unused textures, logos from previous versions of the game, and leftovers from the PC/Mac version of Bejeweled 3. In this sprite sheet, there appears to be:

  • Nebulas and Galaxies, possibly backgrounds.
  • Mythical animals, a wolf, a phoenix, a Pegasus, a dragon, a lion, and a butterfly. Possibly meant for early development on Stars since those introduce animals that are supernatural.
  • Different buildings with magical auras.
  • Constellations.
  • Magical plants.
  • UI elements, such as a curved and more oval dialog box. One of them appears to be bright red, maybe some sort of warning box or part of the board? There is also more deep blue and purplish buttons by one of the phoenix sprites.
  • Shines of some sort.
  • A green and blue keyhole.
  • a giant crystal with the outline of a blue gem likely meant for the nebula backgrounds.
  • 7 stars in the colors of the gems, one is black and white likely to represent coal, and one is rainbow and prismatic likely to represent a hypercube.
  • 3 orbs.
  • The Bejeweled HD logo, before it was later changed to Bejeweled Classic.
  • Very small gems and power gems.
  • A small grey lock that is very different from Twist's, and gold lock with a yellow star on it.
  • A weird chromatic shine that is likely meant for the hypercube.
  • A dollar bill with a face of someone that says at the bottom "One Antones?"
  • A chest.
  • Quest leftovers, the quest crystal's "100%" ribbon, the bomb's explosion aura, and broken score and hint widget.
  • Our old friends that are unused from Bejeweled 3 are still here, the clock, the Doom Gem STILL unused, and the Detonate button.

iPhone and Android (Portrait Mode) Only Sprites

BejClassic portrait mainmenu spritesheet.png

There are a few unused graphics in the main menu exclusively for phones with portrait mode:

  • A blue gem spinning, likely going to be on the main menu and used in a similar way as seen in Bejeweled Blitz.
  • An arrow used in Bejeweled Live for navigating the modes. It should be noted that this texture was used in an earlier version of the game, when the main menu was split into several pages. The texture would later go unused after an update that unified all the game modes into a single page.
  • An outline of both items described, along with alpha masks for both items described above for the first frames.
  • Level ranking system stars from Bejeweled Stars.

BejClassic unused mainmenu bluegem.gif

Blue gem sprites assembled

iPadOS and Android (Landscape Mode) Only Sprites

Like how the iPhone and other phones have those graphics, there are also exclusive graphics from the main menu here, but more interesting.

BejClassic landscape unused items.png

  • A chest locked and opening, likely going to be used as loot boxes, because EA.
  • A key likely intended to open the chest.
  • A "X2" boost/power, which would've likely increased the current score multiplier in Lightning and Ice Storm.
  • A boost/power with an explosion covering a ring, likely intended to be a Detonator button, which would destroy all special gems on the board; similar to Bejeweled Blitz. Detonator code still exists in the game, but unused unless one were to hex edit it in.

Earlier Version Leftovers

BejClassic unused mainmenu crystal arrow.gif

The arrow from an earlier main menu remains unused in Classic, even after several updates.

Unused Sounds

Most of the sounds heard here are mostly from Quest mode, which was removed in Classic.


Alchemy quests do not exist since Quest is absent, so it goes unused.


The crystal orbs do not fly out when you get a game over or head back to the title screen. The game just fades out.


Again, because Quest mode doesn't exist, this sound goes unused.


Similarly to backtomain.ogg, the crystal orbs do not fly in when selected, the level just appears in a fade in when a game mode is selected.


The match sound combo_2.ogg doesn't play this in-game.


Once more, because quest mode was removed, this sound will not play.


Same reason as the sound above.


Same reason as firework_crackle.ogg. The other two sounds below are also for Quest mode.




As there is no special hover text when you select a Special Gem in Classic, this goes unused.

Audio Differences

To do:
Find out more differences in audio from 3 to Classic.

Some sounds were changed in Bejeweled Classic's development, for some particular reason.


Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled Classic

This sound was replaced entirely, it's now just a little "ding" sound.


Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled Classic

Different explosion with what seems to be more glass shattering. What's odd is that this isn't used for a Flame Gem exploding, this is used on the Lightning mode for the iPad version when you run out of time.


Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled Classic

Bejeweled Classic's has a more whimsical-sounding version of the crystal ball being selected.


Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled Classic

The match sound has the whoosh from combo_1 removed.


Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled Classic

This uses the combo sound listed here with a high shiny ding noise.


Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled Classic

The star gem explosion has more of a surging and combusting noise rather than a zapping noise.


Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled Classic

An alternate version of the bomb gem being destroyed, sounds more destructive than the original from Bejeweled 3.


Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled Classic

Like gem_countdown_destroyed.ogg, the explosion of the flame gem explosion sounds more destructive with glass shattering and with a loud slam at the start.


Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled Classic

The sound from Bejeweled Classic is 3's but sped up.


Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled Classic

The steam releasing from the valve sounds more condensed in Classic than 3's.


Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled Classic

Again, Classic sound is 3's but more sped up.


Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled Classic

Again, Classic's sounds more surging than the original sound from 3.


Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled Classic

The flame gem being created in Classic sounds more brighter with some background audio removed, the new inclusion is a "TAN" noise


Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled Classic

Gaining a new rank in Classic uses a rising noise rather than using Zen's game menu transition from Twist in 3's.


Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled Classic

Classic uses 3's but with the inclusion of a new foreground noise while fading out.


Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled Classic

Once more, the sound is only sped up in Classic.

Unused Code

If you modify your save file in Bejeweled Classic on gem's value like in Twist or 3, you can access secret and unused gems not used in the game.


Bomb Gem

Bomb Gem code still exists in the game, but because Quest mode was removed, you don't get a game over, but instead the game only crashes. The font for the bomb's counter also doesn't appear, but the steam still does.

Doom Gem

Doom Gem code also exists from 3, but still unusable since you can't make matchless moves like in Twist. It does exist because in the video, you can't match it since Doom Gem graphics don't exist in the game files.


The Detonator all the way from Bejeweled Blitz still works the same way in Classic.

Version Differences

The iOS versions of the game are split into two different apps for iPhone and iPad: Bejeweled Classic and Bejeweled Classic HD. The Android version features universal screen support. The phone and tablet versions of the game feature different UI elements.

Screen Elements

Bejeweled Classic and Android (phone size screens)

BejClassic iPhone&AndroidBG.png

The background used in the iOS and Android versions uses Ice Storm's ice trail in the middle, but the rest of the background is entirely different. The title screen is also hue-shifted. In the iOS version, tilting the device tilts the background.

iPadOS and Android (tablet size screens)

BejClassic iPadBackground.png

The iPadOS' background uses an entirely different background that is unique from Bejeweled 3, there are also two foreground elements that make it so when you tilt the screen, the gyroscope makes it have a perspective view. In this background, there are 2 cliffs where the one on the left seems to have some sort of palace at the top. Some large boulders also seem to be falling or floating on the left cliff too. The rest are also cliffs and mountains and there is a giant sea at the bottom.