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Bejeweled 2 (PopCap Loader)

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Title Screen

Bejeweled 2

Developer: PopCap Games
Publisher: PopCap Games
Platform: PopCap Loader

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

A web demo of Bejeweled 2, playable in your browser. Very similar to the Flash version, only key difference is having puzzles. Thank goodness for FlashPoint to save it.

Debugging Material


Since basically the entirety of the framework was ported, the said debug commands used in other games work in the browser too!

Developer Cheats

To do:
The following keys:

Modifying the GameObject embed parameter file in index.html and adding cheats to the params (param list) string as well as adding the said parameter set to true will allow these key-based cheats in gameplay.

Key Description
1 Changes the hovered Gem to a White Gem.
2 Changes the hovered Gem to a Blue Gem.
3 Changes the hovered Gem to a Red Gem.
4 Changes the hovered Gem to a Purple Gem.
5 Changes the hovered Gem to a Orange Gem.
6 Changes the hovered Gem to a Green Gem.
7 Changes the hovered Gem to a Rock Gem.
8 Changes the hovered Gem to a Time Bomb Gem set to 0.
9 Changes the hovered Gem to a Hyper Cube.
0 Changes the hovered Gem to a Yellow Gem.
a Displays the GO! animation silently.
b Changes all standard gems to Bomb Gems.
b Changes the hovered gem to a Bomb Gem, use overtop will change to normal gem.
c Toggles Create Mode (free movement, first use allows later uses to undo the last move).
E Sets the current level to 169.
m Goes back to the Main Menu.
n Empties the board.
h Triggers a hint (just like clicking the button).
i Moves the highlighted gem otherwise spawns a yellow gem upward one square ahead, using this can crash the game do be careful.
q Triggers game over with 50 frames of shake time.
r Changes all gems into Rock Gems.
w Immediately wins the level/solves the puzzle.
u Shows the upsell advertisement, only has an effect in-game.
Backspace Deletes the gem.
[ Adds 1000 points.
G Toggles the shine factor of gems (gem visibility).
R Displays a message box of ?
S Sets the sun position to 0, playing the sun curve.
L Activates hyper cube lightning for the hovered gem and other gems of the same color.
- Subtracts time from the Action timer.
] Displays INCREDIBLE text and plays the sound.
t Toggles time mode between timer and scorebar.
` Slows the game down.
CTRL+Z Undo the recent move.
CTRL+Y Redo the recent move.
(Source: LolHacksRule)

Revisional Differences

v2.1.2 (September 7th, 2009)

To do:
More than debug keys.
  • Added toggleable ingame debug tools.
  • Added the following keyboard codes.
  • Removed debug printouts:
aPenaltyPct: %2.5f (Sexy::Board::UpdateBonusPenalty)
Loading completed: %d out of %d (Sexy::WinDMApp::LoadingThreadProc)