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Bejeweled (Windows, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X)

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Title Screen


Also known as: Bejeweled Deluxe, Diamond Mine Deluxe (Original Release)
Developer: PopCap Games
Publisher: PopCap Games
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X
Released internationally: May 30, 2000 (Windows), February 2006 (Mac OS X)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

Bejeweled, the one game that popularised the match-3 genre game massively. Most people who at least heard of the game would have figured out how it works: Swapping adjacent gems with your mouse to form 3 or more matches of the same colour. Then we have cascades for boosting scores and modes for a different challenge... Enough said.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Music Sequences

All of the music sequences below are generally segments of the tracks themselves, that are scrapped throughout the songs' composition.


Offset 1, with tempo 125. Alternative version of offset 20 with an instrument layer being extended. Unlisted in the music track file's surface.

Offset 9, with tempo 125. Unlisted.

Offset 11, with tempo 125. Readily similar with offset 20. Unlisted.

Data Jack

Offset 0, with tempo 133.

Offsets 50,51, with tempo 133.

Offsets 20,24,25,24,26,27,28,43, tempo 133. The longest unused sequence string.


Offset 10, with tempo 125. Likely used to end the track.

Offset 11, with tempo 125. Unlisted.

Offset 41, with tempo 125. Unlisted.

Unused Sounds


A goodbye voice. Judging from future games in the series it is meant to play upon exiting the game, but was never implemented.


A welcome voice that is also not played within the game for similar reasons.

Unused Text

Diamond Mine Leftovers

<String id="YOU_MUST_REG1">You must register online now to continue playing Diamond Mine!</String>
<String id="DO_YOU_WANT_TO_CHECK_FOR_UPDATES_TO_DIAMOND_MINE">Do you want to check for updates to Diamond Mine? </String>
<String id="YOU_HAVE_PLAYED_DIAMOND_MINE_D_TIMES">You have played Diamond Mine %d times!&cr;&cr;</String>
<String id="YOU_ARE_A_DIAMOND_MINE_AHOLIC">You are a Diamond Mine-aholic!&cr;&cr;</String>

Diamond Mine was the initial name for Bejeweled when it was first published, which explains the presence of these duplicated (but renamed) strings.

Unused Graphics

Bejeweled bagholder alpha.gif Bejeweled bagholder.gif

Leftover Sprites of a Money Bag from Big Money. Maybe it was used for registering?

Bejeweled dm-back.png

A copy of _alphaback1.png's alpha mask. Another copy of this can be found called _yahoo-back.png.

Bej1 Waitbar.gif

An unused loading bar.

Command-Line Parameters

  • -version Does nothing. Supposed to display the version details in another window but doesn't work.
  • -play Plays a recorded file.
  • -recnum Records sequentially named demos each time you run the game. The filenames of the saved demos are "Popcap1.dmo", "Popcap2.dmo", "Popcap3.dmo", etc., with "Popcap" being replaced with a specified file name with -demofile.
  • -playnum Starts Bejeweled with the previously recorded demo files sequentially.
  • -record Records gameplay, this will get saved as a DMO file.
  • -demofile Specifies the filename for the played or recorded demo and only works when used with the "-play" or "-record" command line parameters (see below). The correct syntax for this parameter is "-demofile=MyDemo.dmo" (minus the quotes), substituting "MyDemo.dmo" with your demo filename of choice (either a previously recorded demo to play, or a filename to save a new demo that you wish to record).
  • -crash Stimulates a game crash.
  • -screensaver Doesn't do anything. Might be from Insaniquarium due to it being the first game from PopCap to have a screensaver.
  • -changedir Changes the directory of the game.

Revisional Differences

To do:
What bugs were fixed?
  • v1.1 fixed bugs.
  • v1.2 fixed more bugs, added debugging code for crashes and adjusted the time trial difficulty.
  • v1.3 fixed framework issues and a sound issue.
  • v1.41 added the game continue functionality which didn't exist until that point.
  • v1.5 added update checking support.
  • v1.73 for Macintosh fixed even more bugs and made the game compatible on a Mac OSX computer.
  • v1.8 added localization support.
  • v1.862 was the final bug fixing update.
  • v1.87 Windows Vista Compliance, it had two different PopCap logos despite it being the same version.
Original Release Final Release
Diamondminedeluxe title.jpg Bejeweled title.png

Bejeweled was originally called Diamond Mine Deluxe but due to copyright issues they had to inspire the name of the movie Bedazzled to change it to Bejeweled.

Bejeweled Deluxe v1.87 (PopCap CD) Bejeweled Deluxe v1.87 (Steam/PopCap, latest)
Bejeweled-oldtitle.png Bejeweled title.png

Earlier revisions of the game used older variants of the PopCap logo. The PopCap CD version of the game features the 2003-2006 logo, with the GAMES wordmark on the side. Later revisions (including the Steam version) use the 2006-2011 version of the logo, without the GAMES wordmark.

Mac OS X Windows
Bejeweled macosx title.jpg Bejeweled title.png

The Mac OS X version of the game features the "DELUXE" byline on the Bejeweled logo, which is not present on the PC version. Oddly, a version of the logo with the DELUXE byline appears on the Trial Version's DRM launcher.


Earlier versions of Bejeweled originally featured the Blue Gem as it appeared in Diamond Mine, the game Bejeweled would evolve from. Beginning with v1.87, the sprite would later be replaced with the gem’s in-game appearance; albeit with a thick outline. The Steam release of the game would feature the Blue Gem’s appearance in Bejeweled 2, albeit hue-shifted to a cyan color.

v1.0 v1.87 Steam Release
Bej1 v10 Icon.png
Bej1 v187 Icon.png
Bej1 Steam Icon.png