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Halo: Reach

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Title Screen

Halo: Reach

Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Platform: Xbox 360
Released in JP: September 15, 2010
Released in US: September 14, 2010
Released in EU: September 14, 2010

MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

A prequel to the best-selling trilogy and Bungie's swan song to their involvement in the series, Halo: Reach added some needed tweaks to the level-editor "Forge", armor abilities, updated visual effects, and a campaign that followed the NOBLE Team on their suicidal mission to try and save the planet Reach. The game was regarded as a huge success, though many disliked it due to the exclusion of Master Chief and rather different feeling than the classic Halo trilogy.

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Cut / Developer Map Images

Halo Reach stores the images it uses for its maps as .blf files inside the maps\images folder, which are then put into .mapinfo files which the game reads to display information about a map in-game. Until Halo Reach was re-released as a part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection's release on PC, the following were never before seen.

Unused Armor Abilities

Most of the armor abilities have different names internally, however there are armor abilities that never made it into the final game.

Internal Name Final Name
<equipment_ammo_pack/> Ammo Pack
<equipment_power_fist/> Power Fist
<equipment_repulsor/> Repulsor
<equipment_sensor_pack/> Sensor Pack
<equipment_emp_pulse/> EMP Pulse
<equipment_shield_generator/> Shield Generator


There are several unfinished scripts found in the game's code. They were brought to full functionality and shown in the videos below.

Hold (X) to board Hunter

A feature meant to be used in Firefight and Campaign. It enables the player to hop onto the back of a Hunter, similar to hijacking a tank. The player can then melee the Hunter, and even plant a grenade for an instant kill. It includes unique animations for holding onto the Hunter, and attacking it. Halo: The Master Chief Collection reenables this function when playing with the Bandanna skull enabled in Reach.

Guta Assassination

A cut assassination animation on a Guta. The Guta does not have an animation to go with it.

Laser Sight on Sniper

This weapon (called sniper_rifle_june internally) is the weapon given to Jun during the Falcon ride with Emile and Carter. It's never meant to be used by the player, but by giving it to the player, it's a Sniper, but with a charge up time, a very inaccurate laser sight, and extremely weak damage.


Within Halo: Reach there aren’t a ton of unused graphics within the files, however there are still plenty of interesting images in both the beta version and the retail version of the game.

Tools of Destruction

Teleporter… What is this, Quake?

After each Matchmaking game you will get a carnage report which features your “Tool of Destruction”, which is the weapon you got the most kills with that game. As this is limited to Matchmaking games (Campaign and Firefight replaces this with “Biggest Kill”) there are weapons and vehicles that you never use, yet they still have a Tool of Destruction picture.

The Sabre and the Seraph have Tool of Destruction icons as Bungie planned to have a Sabre Slayer gamemode where players would fight other players in Sabres (see "Gametypes").

The teleporter icon is more interesting as you cannot kill anyone with the teleporter at all, however “telefragging” was planned to make its return into Halo games since it was introduced in Halo: CE and was last seen in Halo 2. Telefragging would occur when a player is standing on the receiver node of a teleporter while another player is entering the sender node. This would cause the player on the sender node to be teleported inside the player at the receiver node and kill the player on the receiver node, attributing the kill to the player who went though the teleporter.


There are several different game modes that never made the final cut of Halo: Reach for one reason or another. Some game modes were added later on with the Action Sack playlist, others were remade by modders and some have not come to life at all since there isn’t enough information about them.

Guta and Buggers in Firefight

Both Gutas and Buggers were cut from Firefight in the final game. With mods, they can be re-enabled in the options and work as intended.

Guta in Firefight
Buggers in Firefight

Firefight "Schism" Setting

An option in Firefight for Covenant to fight each other. It appears that Covenant of similar species (i.e. Jackals) will work together to kill other species.

Sabre Slayer

In early versions of the game Bungie played with the idea of including a Team Slayer gamemode where everyone is forced to stay in a Sabre/Seraph, similar to how Race forces you to stay in a Warthog/Mongoose. The gamemode was ultimately scrapped as it was seen as “too repetitive” and would also give the console performance issues. The gamemode was remade by modders later on.


There are a few unused audio clips which were cut for various reasons.

Armor Ability Tutorials

Four of seven Armor Abilities have recorded tutorial dialogue. Presumably cut in favour of allowing the player to hold Back on the controller, and read a short blurb about their current weapon and armor ability, at any time in-game.

Need to upload these files.

Winter Contingency: Falcon Crash

Audio found on Winter Contingency, was going to play after discovering and encountering the Covenant for the first time.

Nightfall: Guta Draft Animals

This was going to play during the encounter with the Gutas during Nightfall. The Guta were drastically scaled back by the end of development, originally appearing on a few missions, now just one. This dialogue is the last remnant of another cut mechanic, Covenant using them in battle.

Tip of the Spear: Scarab Fight

Dialogue placed during the Falcon ride with Jorge, but before you get to the Spire. One of maaany cut Scarab encounters in Reach.

Unused Location Markers

Vaya con Dios!

Extra named location markers were cut from the game. They were intended to be used to mark zones, just like ones in multiplayer maps.
Cut locations include: Most of these were wrong, need to verify and clean up the table

Rocket Launcher Shotgun
Gravity Hammer Focus Rifle
Badlands Plasma Launcher Sniper Rifle
Sea Sniper Platform Spartan Laser Concussion Rifle
Red/Blue Man Cannon Red/Blue Base Energy Sword Grenade Launcher In The Air
Landing Zone Somewhere Weapon Drop
Red/Blue/Orange/Green/Big/Small/Center Grav Lift