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Halo 2

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Title Screen

Halo 2

Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Platforms: Xbox, Windows
Released in JP: November 11, 2004
Released in US: November 4, 2004
Released in EU: November 11, 2004

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The sequel to the smash-hit Xbox launch title, Halo 2 is famous for practically defining how online console multiplayer should work, and somewhat less famous for an interesting development period that went through at least two engine rewrites, the project lead vanishing for a number of months, and generally being worked on right up until the gold master was burned. As a result, the ending is kind of abruTO BE CONTINUED


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Unused Text
Headhunters? Arcanus? Making Marty upset???

Unused Enemies

There are several unused enemies that still exist in the game's data.

Flood Juggernaut

A huge-ass Flood enemy that would have been very tough to kill. To balance this out, only a handful were planned to ever be encountered in the entire campaign. It can still be spawned in the game. Its files are in the .map file for the mission "High Charity", and there are script files for a battle with the Juggernaut in the level "The Oracle". Bungie's Robt McLees was kind enough to explain how this terror was planned to work:

“The Flood Juggernaut was the progenitor of the pure form seen in Halo 3. There is nothing left of any host in this form other than the raw materials. Even the calcium has been broken down to form armor. Whereas the earlier combat forms were hosts used as vehicles, with the pure forms, the host material is used as building blocks to craft the ultimate form. And that’s what the Juggernaut was supposed to be.

There would never be more than one of these in any give place. Once you eliminated it, the combat forms that were supplementing it would go offline. ... It has four to six infection forms – brains – running it. It was supposed to be this uber-intelligent mini boss, but the suggested intelligence was way too high for what design needed to use it for, which was as a big tank.

It’s a fine line to walk. Make the enemy too hard to kill and players won’t find it intelligent at all. They’ll find it cheap and frustrating. Too dumb and it’s just another Combat form. For a more in-depth exploration of this same phenomenon, you should check out Jaime Griesemer and Chris Butcher’s tag team publication, “The Illusion of Intelligence.”

Shielded Flood Carriers

Flood carrier forms have energy shields similar to that of jackals. Their shield, known as the Kig-Yar Point Defense Gauntlet would be very durable so you would need to attack them from behind. They appear to be unfinished due to the fact their arms pass freely through the shields. When killed, the player would then be able to use the shield, taking the place of a secondary dual-wield weapon.

Space Blimp

A large ambient creature on the mission The Arbiter. It has no collision, but it can be moved with explosives.

Unused Vehicles

Troop Transport Shadow

An unused variant of the Shadow vehicle on the mission Outskirts. Where the Shadow would normally carry a Ghost, there is now a floating bench that elites, grunts, and jackals can sit on, complete with unused animations of them climbing on and off the bench. Surprisingly, the bench was remastered in Halo 2 Anniversary, despite being unused.

Unused Areas

Warthog Run

There was a warthog run, similar to the warthog runs at the ends of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 3, planned for the end of the mission High Charity, that was cut due to Halo 2's rushed ending. The warthog would have taken place between the end of High Charity and the Forerunner ship in the center of High Charity. In the middle of the warthog run, there is a large gap where the warthog would have floated to the end. Running throughout the center of the warthog run is the power beam that you see at the end of High Charity. The warthog run ends with a very large metallic thing, that was likely meant to be the forerunner ship.

Unused Scripts


Sprint was cut from the final game, but the animation still remains in the game's files. Also, sprinting while dual-wielding SMGs will cause the player to drop the SMGs and stick up their middle fingers. The SMGs will appear back in the player's hands.