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Halo Infinite

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Title Screen

Halo Infinite

Developers: 343 Industries, Certain Affinity, Skybox Labs
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows
Released internationally: November 15, 2021

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Released after a one-year delay, Halo Infinite rights some of the wrongs of Halo 5: Guardians, including the multiplayer portion of the game being free-to-play.

The multiplayer launched in "beta" on November 15, 2021, and the separately-installed Campaign became available on December 8, 2021.

Halo 5 Leftovers

Many weapons from Halo 5 remain in the files in varying degrees of usability, including the Fuel Rod Cannon, Golf Club and Shotgun. Armor pieces for some Spartans also remain.

Prototype Items

Several unfinished weapons and vehicles remain in the files. Among them is the Cougar vehicle cut from Halo Wars.

Credits Midroll Cutscene

An entire cutscene taking place after the ending was supposed to play at some point in the middle of the credits.