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Proto:Halo 2

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Halo 2.

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This content was moved from the Prerelease page and needs to be rewritten/expanded upon.

Xbox Live Alpha

Start Screen

Proto Final
Halo 2 Xbox Live Alpha Start Screen.png Halo 2 Xbox Main Menu.png

The Alpha build uses a background not seen anywhere in the final game and is reminiscent of the loading screens in Halo.

The text "ALPHA BULID NOT LOGGED IN" is displayed at all times in this build, with the date mimicking the time that the console's clock is set to.

Title Screen

Proto Final
Halo 2 Xbox Live Alpha Main Menu.png Halo 2 Main Menu Xbox.png

Split-screen and System Link play are grouped together in the "Multiplayer" section. The final gives each option its own section.

As with the first game, Halo 2 was originally supposed to feature game demos from other Xbox first-party studios, but this was scrapped in the final. Accessing the string in the Alpha leads to an error message stating that the feature is not available in the Alpha.

The credits menu option was also scrapped and in the final game the only way to view the credits is by completing the last level.


A very early, cut, UNSC flying vehicle. Internal tag name of "Falcon". Only playable in this build on the map "Shared.map", which houses a lot of assets shared between different maps for quicker loading times on the Xbox.

Sentinel Beam

Walking over it prompts the text "NEED TO EDIT NEW HUD TEXT".