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Halo 3

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Title Screen

Halo 3

Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Platform: Xbox 360
Released in JP: September 26, 2007
Released in US: September 25, 2007
Released in EU: September 25, 2007

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

To do:
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  • Find cut content in the published level scripts in the mod tools

The final piece in the original Halo Trilogy. Halo 3 was highly anticipated on account of actually providing an ending to Halo 2, and lived up to expectations by introducing four player online co-op, the impressive in-engine Forge editor and the gameplay recording Theater alongside the usual impressive singleplayer and multiplayer offerings.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Pre-Release Build Differences

Many alterations and tweaks have been documented for both private and public builds of Halo 3.

This video covers changes in the menus, weapon balance, levels, and more found in builds ranging from November 6th 2006 to retail product released in September 25th 2007.

Unused Enemies

There are a couple unused enemies that still exist in the game's data.

Banger Infection Form

This is an alternate Infection Form that explodes like a plasma grenade when popped. While the model data is nonexistent, the render_model tag and reused shaders suggest it was identical in appearance to a normal Infection Form.

Shielded Flood Carrier

This Flood Carrier variant is left over from Halo 2, but because the Jackal Shield weapon is part of the Jackal model in Halo 3, there is no shield for it to spawn with.

Unused Vehicle

Walking Shade Turret

A prototype of a slow moving Shade Turret with no textures that can move on spider-like legs.

Unused Cinematics

There are several unused cinematics that still exist in the game's data.

Video Calibration

A cinematic in which Sergeant Johnson helps the player calibrate video settings. A pre-rendered version of this is used in the Halo 3 Essentials disc included with the Collector's and Legendary Editions of the game. The original cinematic tags and resources are still present in the mission Crows Nest and can be played in-game with some hacking.

343 Found

A half-finished cinematic in which Master Chief releases 343 Guilty Spark from imprisonment on The Ark.

Ziggurat Reveal Alternate

An extension on the reveal of the Covenant tower in the beginning of the final mission, Halo. The dialog indicates that it was supposed to be a suicide mission, until Johnson showed up.

Orbital Scarab

An extension of the cut-scene from The Covenant in which the Scarabs drop from Orbit. Presumably the camera traces the Pelican and Hornets as they descend.

Scarab Intro

A rather unnecessary intro for the Scarab introduction on The Storm.

Unused Weapon Icons

Post Game Carnage Report Weapon Icons

In the sprite sheet containing the icons used for the Post Game Carnage Report, there are a few that go unused. In the final game, kills using the Power Drain fall under the category of explosions. There are also hints the return of the Halo 2 Spectre turret. Other oddities include placeholders like "Unknown15", "Unknown16".


"Plasma Mortar" from the PGCR sheet has an actual image in one of the game's fonts. It is meant to represent the Wraith's main cannon, but the entire Wraith icon is used in the actual game instead. It can be seen in-game using the unicode character E128.

Unused Audio

Placeholder Dialog in Miranda's Death Cutscene

Various scripts read by different voice actors were found. They are inserted into the respective cut-scene for convenience.

Cut Mission Dialog

Various pieces of dialog that were to be used in Campaign compiled together.

Unused Settings

Autosave Film Settings Menu

Film Autosave Settings

A cut menu in which you could set which game modes can automatically save theater films. While the toggles themselves save to your profile, nothing automatically gets saved regardless of what you choose. The feature was likely cut to prevent a player from leaving it on and filling up their hard drive, or it was created early on before recent films were stored in the console's cache.