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Hitman 2

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Title Screen

Hitman 2

Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: November 13, 2018

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HITMAN™ 2, HITMAN™ 2 (2018), or HITMAN™ 2: Still No Subtitle is a stealth-action/ conspiracy thriller that acts as a direct sequel and continuation of the story started in HITMAN, which also got embedded into the game as a Mission Pack DLC. This time around, 47 is reunited with his beloved briefcase from Blood Money, Mirrors now work like mirrors, Stealth Grass returns from Absolution, and the long-sought after Nerf for the cheap accident kill that was the Fire Extinguisher also came to pass in this game. As with Hitman, this game is also available as a DLC pack for Hitman 3

A lot of the unused content present in Hitman can be found in this game too, as they both share pretty much identical file structures, owing to this game being made in the same engine.


Hitman2 Page Icon Elusive Targets Mark Faba.png
Unused Videos
Sucks to be you if you never got to kill Sean Bean Mark Faba....twice.
Mega Man (DOS)-pass.frm-09-sentry bee.png
Unused Audio
Legacy Pack leftovers and other interesting ti- OH GAaAaAHHH, NOT THE BEES!.
HITMAN2 Archmesh Large Briefcase.jpg
Unused Inventory Thumbnails
Thumbnails for pretty much everything in-game. No seriously...Everything!
Hitman2 page icon ghost mode.png
Inaccessible Content
All the content that died when the servers for Ghost Mode got shuttered

Unused Disguises

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There are several disguises that can be found in the files for each mission. Some of them are outfits worn by regular NPCs that were likely intended to be disguised as, or completely cut.

  • Head of Security: The outfit worn by Gerard Mann, Alma Reynard's head bodyguard in "Nightcall". Likely cut due to the map's small size and for having the same functionality as the regular Bodyguard disguise.
  • Contractor: The outfit worn by Max Decker, an NPC from Hitman, found in the files for "The Finish Line". Decker does not appear in the mission, suggesting that he was originally intended to reappear as part of a mission story.
  • Hostel Manager: The outfit worn by the Hostel Manager in "Three-Headed Serpent". Likely cut due to having no use.
  • The Vanisher: The outfit worn by The Vanisher, a forger found in Rico Delgado's mansion in "Three-Headed Serpent". It is likely the outfit could have been worn as part of a mission story.
  • Helicopter Pilot: The outfit worn by Jorge Franco's helicopter pilot in "Three-Headed Serpent". Likely cut due to having no use.
  • Rival Cartel Boss: An unused outfit found in the files for "Three-Headed Serpent". The outfit's name likely refers to Moreno Cartel boss Esteban Montoya, the rival of Rico Delgado. It is likely that Montoya was intended to appear in the mission as part of a mission story.
  • High-Profile DJ: An unused outfit found in the files for "Chasing a Ghost". It is likely that a DJ was supposed to appear in the mission, likely as part of Dawood Rangan's film shoot. The outfit actually has unique dialogue pertaining to it, which was later re-used for Berlin's DJ outfit in HITMAN 3.
  • Chief of Security: The outfit worn by Mateo Pérez, Milton-Fitzpatrick's Chief of Security in "Golden Handshake". This outfit appears to have been cut early on, as 47's build changes upon wearing it.

Developer Testing Maps

Secret Messages

The Isle of Sgail has some secret messages for dataminers hidden in "scenario_magpie.brick", underneath the "Easter Eggs" section:

> Easter_Eggs
-> Acceptable_level_of_sneaking_to_find_hidden_stuff_reached
-> Theres_nothing_to_see_here_either
-> Easter_eggs_hidden_from_sneaky_dataminers
-> Are_you_after_our_hidden_challenges
-> Do_you_want_to_find_our_Easter_eggs

Unused graphics





Sophia Washington

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The game files refer to Sophia Washington as "Serena Washington", including her target pictures. Her initial target intel originally left in "Serena" before it was updated to use the correct name. This change may have been done to avoid legal issues, since Sophia's appearance and name appear to be based on professional tennis player Serena Williams. This oddity was carried over to Hitman 3's mission "End of an Era".

There are still some civilian voice lines that use Sophia's original name, including ones for The Constant. These are triggered if Sophia's body is spotted by a civilian.

File Name Audio

Blue Seed Racing Team

In Miami, the Global Innovation Race has several teams racing, the notable exception being Blue Seed Pharmaceuticals, who are signposted right in front the main entrance, with their car on a podium and driver signing autographs. However, this seems to have been a last minute change as evidenced by the reveal trailer for the game showing Blue Seed racing amongst the other teams featured in the game. The Blue Seed teams' driver is listed as one of the competitors in the post-race results screen as coming in third place, despite not racing. This is not fixed in the Hitman 3 version of the level either.