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Title Screen


Developers: Microsoft, eTablet Team
Publisher: Microsoft
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: August 2004

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InkBall is a Windows game originally developed for Tablet PCs, but was later bundled with Windows Vista as a mouse controlled game. Strangely, it was removed in Windows 7 for unknown reasons along with Tinker and Hold 'Em (both of which were Ultimate Extras games), despite the rest of the Windows Vista games appearing there.

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Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Version Differences

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There are more differences than the controls.


On Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, a pen tablet was required to play the game properly, as the mouse cursor was not visible inside the game window. However, pressing Alt twice while playing the game will cause the mouse cursor to show up. In Windows Vista, it can also be played using the mouse.

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Pressing the Alt key once in the Vista edition will pause the game (separate from the game's pause button) and change the icon to a normal cursor, giving the player two options. Clicking will exit the mode and generate a fixed-length diagonal line towards the bottom right from the cursor and change the cursor back to a pen. Pressing Alt again will exit the mode and change the cursor back to a pen.

Two lines made with the line mode and the cursor being changed to a normal one.


The Vista version of the game updated its icon to a Vista-style icon, whereas the original XP Tablet Edition uses an icon in line with the OS' other icons.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Windows Vista
XP brings back a lot of memories... I think they put a bit too much effort into the rendering on this one.

Help Files

The Windows XP Tablet version includes a .CHM file containing basic gameplay information and a generic Welcome to Tablet PC section. In Vista, this .CHM file is replaced with a help section accesible from the menus contained in a .MUI file and viewable though Help and Support (helpctr.exe). Oddly, no help documentations mention the block counter or the ability of placing gained blocks with right-click.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Windows Vista
Quite the read.. This one's quite short!

The Vista documentation is a modified version of the Playing Inkball page.

The help files also make no mention of the 20-line-at-once limit.