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GeoSafari for Bob

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Title Screen

GeoSafari for Bob

Developer: Microsoft
Publisher: Microsoft
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: March 1, 1995

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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GeoSafari for Bob is an educational game that was bundled with Microsoft Bob, which can only be played if Bob is open.

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  • There's a bit more unused text.
  • Check if there's any version differences pertaining to GeoSafari between Microsoft Bob version 1.00 and 1.00a (and the beta).
  • Check the expansion packs for unused content.


Hank Rules

A message from a developer who evidently likes the game's mascot, Hank Elephant.

BOB Leftovers

These strings are all leftovers from Microsoft Bob's GUI.

Font Size
Font Bold
Font Italic
Font Underline
Text Color
Scale Left
Scale Top
Scale Width
Scale Height

Unused Icon


A unique icon of Hank Elephant is present alongside the used icon of the Bob logo.



"TIPS.GEO" is probably an early filename for GEO.TPR. "geo.exe" is probably an early filename for SAFARI.EXE, the game's executable.


December 12, 1963
Serengeti Plain
fermented mangoes
Hank is an African elephant from the Serengeti Plain. He knows the world's places, cultures, and languages. Like all elephants, he has an excellent memory! Can you  match him?

This text shows that at some point in development, Hank would be available as one of Bob's regular guides instead of being limited to GeoSafari. If you move HANK.ACT to the ACTORS folder in Bob, you will be able to use him as your guide in Bob, though he is only partially complete: he is missing a background for the guide chooser (it uses a random part of his body), and about half of his text is generic placeholders. The same goes for Lexi from Bob Checkbook, though Lexi is more complete, with a background and less placeholder text. Trying to force GeoSafari for Bob to use any .ACT files other than Hank's will crash the game, as Hank's .ACT file contains special data used by GeoSafari.

I will <pick you> this time.