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Proto:Rattler Race

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Rattler Race.

Download.png Download Snake v 0.1
File: SnakeV01.zip (7KB) (info)

This page documents Snake v 0.1.


Prototype Final
Snake01Game.png RattlerRaceGame.png

The prototype looks similar, but with noticeable less detailed graphics and has no menu. There doesn't appear to be any computer-controlled snakes or balls. To change the snake's direction, press 4 for left, 5 for down, 6 for right, and 8 for up. In the final version, the player-controlled snake is yellow.


Prototype Final
Snake01Icon.png Rattlerracefinalicon.png

The prototype icon is very similar to the one in the leaked Windows NT 4.0 source.

About Dialogue Box

Prototype Final
Snake01About.png RattlerRaceAbout.png

The prototype is by Duff Software.