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This page details one or more prototype versions of TicTactics.

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This page covers three prototypes of TicTactics: TicTacToe v0.1, 3-D TicTacToe v0.1, and TicTacToe v0.6.


  • All three prototypes only feature one game mode: TicTacToe v0.1 has 3×3, 3-D TicTacToe v0.1 has 3×3×3, and TicTacToe v0.6 has 4×4×4.



TicTacToe v0.1 3-D TicTacToe v0.1 TicTacToe v0.6 Final
Tic01Icon.png Tictactics-tic3.png Tictactics-icon.png Tictactics-tic3.png Tictactics-tic4.png Tictactics-icon.png

TicTacToe v0.1 uses a 3×3 grid for its icon, while 3-D TicTacToe v0.1 uses a 3×3×3 grid. TicTacToe v0.6 has three different icons, changing it depending on the grid size specified in the preferences. The final game simply uses TicTacToe v0.6's 3×3 grid icon.


TicTacToe v0.1 3-D TicTacToe v0.1 TicTacToe v0.6 Final
Tic01Game.png Tictactics-tilesprototype.png Tictactics-tilesprototypelater.png Tictactics-tiles.png

The tiles are bigger in the 3D prototypes and were likely shrunk down in TicTactics to save screen space. The lines were also changed from light grey to white and overlapping lines were removed in TicTacToe v0.6.


TicTacToe v0.1 3-D TicTacToe v0.1 TicTacToe v0.6 Final
Tic01Start.png Tictactics-board0.1.png Tictactics-board0.6.png Tictactics-boardfinal.png

As mentioned above, the board is much bigger in the 3D prototypes and none of the prototypes have a menu. A border was also added around the board in TicTacToe v0.6.




TicTacToe v0.6 is the only build of the game with a Preferences menu, which can be accessed from the About dialog. It's almost completely non-functional, though: the only settings that are semi-working are the Game Type ones, and even then they only change the game icon to match the selected board size.


TicTacToe v0.1 3-D TicTacToe v0.1 TicTacToe v0.6 Final
Tic01About.png Tictactics-about0.1.png Tictactics-about0.6.png Tictactics-aboutfinal.png

The "About" dialogs in the prototypes are very different - the only signs of official Microsoft involvement are in the names (Microsoft used the firstname-lastinitial format for their email addresses at the time, and probably to this day, and at the time people were generally referenced internally by that format too). Duff Software was a name used by Microsoft developers for unofficial projects, usually games, as explained here. TicTacToe v0.1's about dialog uses Bogus Software instead.

All three prototypes credit Minesweeper's Curt Johnson, whose credit was removed in the final.