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Silver Surfer

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Title Screen

Silver Surfer

Developer: Software Creations
Publisher: Arcadia Systems
Platform: NES
Released in US: November 1990

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, Silver Surfer is a shoot-'em-up that's infamous for its brutal difficulty.

At least the music, composed by Tim Follin, is decent.

Unused Sprite Debugger

Silver Surfer-spriteed.png

Game Genie codes STEAGESK OAEAIEUE will activate a sprite debugging routine. It is unknown where in code it would be called, hence the necessary variables might not be initialized properly, so the code might not work correctly every time. Waiting for the first demo after the title screen, then starting a new game, appears to be the most reliable way for it to work. Instead of the typical intro sequence, the screen at left will appear.

Press A / B to change the selected sprite, Left / Right to change the radius of rotation, Start to flip the sprite upside-down, and Select to exit.

Unused Error Handler

Silver Surfer-error3.png

The game still has assertions for certain error situations which may arise, such as bad animation indices, failed bank-switching, or corrupt data transfers from the PPU ROM. If any of these situations arise, the game will attempt to throw such an assert. During development, there was a handler to display the assert's message, but in the retail release it was replaced by a simple jump to the reset vector, so the game merely resets.

Game Genie code GAUSSEGV will re-enable the error handler itself, so you can see the relevant message. To explicitly trigger one of these errors, use Game Genie code ESNYVGAL and reset the game or start a new game. There are five error codes defined:

  • BAD DOWNLOAD - Occurs when the data copied from PRG-ROM to cartridge SRAM is read back incorrectly, indicating a bad SRAM chip.
  • BAD MOVE TOK - Occurs when the index for a move animation exceeds the maximum accepted value.
  • BAD TRIG TOK - Occurs for indices other than move-animation-related ones.
  • MMC3 WRITE BAD - Occurs when a ROM bank switch is attempted via the MMC3 memory mapper while another bank switch is in progress.
  • BAD ANIM TOK - Occurs when an animation sequence's index exceeds the maximum accepted value.

Unused Graphics

An alternate portrait for Mister Sinister is present among the level select graphics. While the last boss of the game is not Sinister, the portrait shown during the last battle is that of Sinister.

Used Unused
Silver Surfer-unusedface1.png Silver Surfer-unusedface.png

In addition to the above unused face, there is a cross which may have been displayed in place of completed levels on the level select screen. The retail release merely colors the faces blue when their respective stages have been cleared.

Silver Surfer-cross.png

Password Screen

Silver Surfer (NES)-Password Screen.png

To access a password screen, press Up on Controllers 1 and 2 at the title screen. A high-pitched noise will play if a valid password is entered, and an explosion sound effect will play for an invalid password.

Password Effect
FPNFR7 Go to Possessor Section 1
9KY3FG Go to Possessor Section 2
GDXK4F Go to Possessor Section 3
2SKSKQ Go to Emperor Section 1
B73MSK Go to Emperor Section 2
PL3ZZ5 Go to Emperor Section 3
MJXT8H Go to Reptyl Section 1
J3PS67 Go to Reptyl Section 2
RNHWDF Go to Reptyl Section 3
5QRXD6 Go to Mephisto Section 1
CMN17D Go to Mephisto Section 2
TGQ2JT Go to Mephisto Section 3
NSLWDF Go to Firelord Section 1
LNQ283 Go to Firelord Section 2
1X1ZTS Go to Firelord Section 3
JMDFWK Go to Magik Domain Section 1
H6N7D4 Go to Magik Domain Section 2
WVL3R9 Go to Magik Domain Section 3
KJTTJK Invulnerability
CKWJT4 Full Weapons
KCHDR4 Second Quest (unlockable)
S4FHFB Third Quest (unlockable)
J8SCL9 6 Continues
68VKG9 8 Continues
SJM333 Unlimited Continues
(Source: GameFAQs)