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Title Screen


Developer: Mforma
Publisher: Mforma
Platform: J2ME
Released internationally: April 8, 2005

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

Elektra, released for J2ME cellphones, is notably one of very few games based on the 2005 Marvel movie starring the titular character.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Unused Graphics

misc.png, which contains sprites of the potions, shuriken projectiles, as well as some HUD elements, has a sprite for an otherwise unused green potion. What would it do in-game is not known.


(Source: UltimateGoblin)

Unused Sounds

beep.wav could have been used for selecting an option on the menu, though it never plays.

p_shuriken.wav and p_time.wav are both sounds that are present in v1.0.1, but not in v2.2.5. Both never play, and were likely meant to be used upon collecting the shuriken and time items, respectively.



(Source: UltimateGoblin)

Debug Functions

The game has several debugging functions, which are enabled by pressing button combinations on the main menu. If at least one of them is enabled, a text label reading "CHEAT" is added to the bottom of the screen on the menus.

836482 Enables a DEBUG option on the pause menu, which shows the amount of free memory, and also functions as a level select menu.
Pressing the buttons from 0 to 9 load the corresponding levels (0 is training). # loads level 10, * loads level 11, and to load level 12, any arrow key must be pressed quickly at least two times.
There is no way to load level 13, though given level 12 is a boss, it shouldn't be an issue.
912014 Enables invincibility
869236 Allows to use rage super powers (by pressing 0) whenever you want.
131738 Enables debugging coordinates, visible on the bottom left of the screen during gameplay. It also shows some third number, which changes when your character performs different actions. Most likely a current state id.
837443 Disables all enemies except bosses.
(Source: UltimateGoblin (original documentation), tikal. (valid numbers))