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The King of Fighters '97 (Neo Geo)

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Title Screen

The King of Fighters '97

Developer: SNK
Publisher: SNK
Platform: Neo Geo
Released in JP: September 25, 1997
Released in US: September 25, 1997

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Regional Differences

Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!
Notes: Images of complete endings are linked on the talk page.

Playing the game in Japanese will allow you to access three special promotional endings, all for Japanese magazines, by clearing the game with certain teams:


Terry, Mary, and Joe - Gamest magazine ending.

  • Yamazaki, Chang, and Choi - Weekly Famitsu magazine ending.
  • Billy, Kyo, and Mai - Neo-Geo Freak magazine ending.