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The King of Fighters '97 (Neo Geo)

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Title Screen

The King of Fighters '97

Developer: SNK
Publisher: SNK
Platform: Neo Geo
Released in JP: September 25, 1997
Released in US: September 25, 1997

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Is that a bit of Morse code in the Orochi Team's stage theme?
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Document Mary's unused intro animation which includes a motorcycle object.
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It came to the end in 97.

Orochi's Unused Graphics

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Add Orochi's super bar charge animation in Extra mode.

Orochi has unused graphics that would come to be used in the PS1 version, where he is playable. To see them in-game, enable him by changing address 10A84B (for P1) or 10A84C (for P2) to 1E; he will not appear in the player select screen, but the first character you select will be changed to him.

Battle queue portrait. Since he is a single character in the boss fight, this is not seen in the normal game.

Win screen portrait when he is the team member who wins the match. Since the CPU does not use win screens, this is not seen in the normal game.

Win screen portrait when he is not the team member who wins the match. Also shown in the player select screen (PS1 only) and in the post-credits "All Clear" screen.

Regional Differences

Playing the game in Japanese will allow you to access three special promotional endings, all for Japanese magazines, by clearing the game with certain teams:

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Terry, Mary, and Joe - Gamest magazine ending.

Japanese Translation
遥かなる欲望チーム Distant Desire Team
やあ、みんな、 Hey, everyone
マリー、テリー、東3人のゲーメストチームこと Mary, Terry and Higashi together are the Gamest Team.
「遥かなる欲望!チーム」を使ってくれてありがとう。 Thank you for using the Distant Desire Team.
来年もぜひマリーを Next year be sure to
ゲーメスト代表として選んでくれよな。 Choose Mary as the Gamest representative!
舞もOKだよ。じゃ! Mai is okay as well. Bye!
  • Yamazaki, Chang, and Choi - Weekly Famitsu magazine ending.
Japanese Translation
悪い子ちゃんチーム Bad Boys Team
週刊ファミ通の読者人気投票でナンバー1の座に輝いた Shining at the number 1 spot in Weekly Famitsu's Reader Poll,
山崎竜二がついに「KOF」に登場!! Yamazaki Ryuji finally appears in KOF!!
キムの修業に耐えかねたチャン・チョイを引き連れ、 Joining Chang and Choi, who can no longer bear Kim's training,
悪(ギャグ?)の限りを尽くします。 He is devoted to evil (or at least mischief?) until the end.
イラストは柴田亜美先生だ!! Illustration provided by Ms. Ami Shibata!!
  • Billy, Kyo, and Mai - Neo-Geo Freak magazine ending.
Japanese Translation
火気元気チーム Fiery Vigor Team
Yah!勝利おめでとう! Yah! Congratulations on your victory!
ま、オレたちがついてるんだから当然だよな! Well, since we make up the team, it was expected!
ネオジオフリーク・火気元気チーム、 The Neo Geo Freak Fiery Vigor Team,
イカシてただろ? You made good use of us, eh?
オレたちも結構楽しかったぜ! It was pretty fun for us too!
じゃあな、ほかのチームに浮気すんなよな! Well, see you, and don't cheat on us with some other team!

(Source: VGMuseum)