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The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki (Windows)

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Title Screen

The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki

Developers: NIS America, Clouded Leopard Entertainment, Nihon Falcom
Publishers: NIS America, Clouded Leopard Entertainment
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: July 27, 2022 (Clouded Leopard Entertainment Port), March 1, 2023 (NIS America Port)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

To do:
Check if BGMs ed93101 through ed93112 are actually unused. They have no ID references. Are these all unused radio songs or triggered some other way?

Unused Maps

Present only in the original PS4 version and NIS America's PC port is the entire set of debug maps. If you are playing on the NIS America version, download the below Cheat Engine script then do the following to enter a test map:

Download.png Download Kuro no Kiseki - CE Load Map Script
File: Kuro no Kiseki - CE Load Map Script.zip (2 KB) (info)

  1. Attach the kuro.exe process to Cheat Engine.
  2. Load the cheat script.
  3. Enable the cheat, then a second cheat will be shown. Double click the blank area under "Value" and select a area.
  4. With the cheat on, enter a new area or load a save file.


Kuro no Kiseki - a0000-1.png

The main debug map. This allows quickly starting mini-games, starting at various chapter points, entering certain battles, and testing various system parameters.

Kuro no Kiseki - a0000-2.png

Allows quickly selecting mini-games.

Kuro no Kiseki - a0000-3.png

Allows quickly jumping to various story points.

Kuro no Kiseki - a0000-4.png

Allows quick battles.

Kuro no Kiseki - a0000-5.png

Various system related tasks.

Unused Test Characters

Kuro no Kiseki - Testcharacter1.png

Character ID 49990 is Olympia. She does not contain any crafts. Internally named "テストキャラ0" (Test Character 0)

Kuro no Kiseki - Testcharacter2.png

Character ID 49991 is Feri with her DLC outfit. She does not contain any crafts. Internally named "テストキャラ1(DLC/フェリ)" (Test Character 1 (DLC / Feri).

Kuro no Kiseki - Testcharacter3.png

Character ID 49992 is Risette with her DLC outfit. She does not contain any crafts. Internally named ""テストキャラ2(DLC/リゼット)" (Test Character 2 (DLC / Risette).

Kuro no Kiseki - Testcharacter4.png

Character ID 49993 is Agnès with her DLC outfit. This outfit is an unobtainable item in this version of the game. She does not contain any crafts. Internally named "テストキャラ3(DLC/アニエス)" (Test Character 3 (DLC / Agnès).

Kuro no Kiseki - Testcharacter5.png

Character ID 49999 is Van with several test crafts. Internally named "テストキャラ(戦闘用)" (Test Character Battle Use). His S-Craft loads a test background scene.

Unused NPCS

Kuro no Kiseki - UnusedNPC1.png

A dummy test NPC used for several debugging tests.

Unused Images

Kuro no Kiseki - vis 9998.png

Kuro no Kiseki - vis 9999.png

The Japanese text in the second image roughly translates to:

The image data is lacking the top and bottom to save weight.
Please be sure to draw the black band on the top and bottom of the image when you produce the image.

Kuro no Kiseki - vis test 0000.png Kuro no Kiseki - vis test 0001.png Kuro no Kiseki - vis test 0002.png

Images from the Cold Steel saga featuring Osborne, Rean, Altina, and Scarlet.

Unused Statuses & Icons

Kuro no Kiseki - UnusedStat1.png

An icon for additional damage. There doesn't appear to be a status ID linked to make this usable in battle.

Kuro no Kiseki - UnusedStat2.png

An icon for status ID 128. This makes the user gain EP each turn.

Kuro no Kiseki - UnusedStat3.png

An icon for a status effect that would presumably act as something similar to "Slow" or "Delay".

Kuro no Kiseki - UnusedStat4.png

An icon for statuses down.

Kuro no Kiseki - UnusedStat5.png

An unused accessory icon.

Additionally, status ID 130 is a status the breaks the players SCLM link with another character. This has no icon associated with it.

Unused Music

ed92241.opus seems to resemble something relating to Longlai or Shizuna. Contains information for loops.

ed93003.opus is an unknown solo guitar song. Contains information for loops.