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Turok: Evolution (Windows)

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Title Screen

Turok: Evolution

Developer: Acclaim Studios Austin
Publishers: Acclaim Entertainment (International)
Platforms: Windows
Released in EU: October 24, 2003

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Turok: Evolution is the prequel to the original and the fifth game in the series. While the game was met with average reviews, it had a very interesting development process and has tons of content that was cut out because of financial troubles and time constraints. (Even the fat guy from the Fatboy Slim album!)

To do:
  • This is only the tip of the iceberg. Will upload more videos showing the functioning unused things in action soon.
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Unused Strings
Lots of them.

Unused NPCs / Objects

Because the game had to be rushed and Acclaim was close to bankruptcy, a lot of content had to be cut. This game is a gold-mine full of unused and early stuff.

Placeholder Ankylosaurus


Dire Wolf



Hog / Boar









Komodo Dragon


Large & Small Bat



Unused Sleg Variants


Unused Sleg Guard. Called "Uber" in the files. It's the flamethrower variant also noted in the files.


An unused variant of a Sleg Soldier that would've wielded a crossbow. He's not wearing his helmet because it's a separate model (and an .mtf file at that). (As seen in the strategy guide.)


Unused Senator

The game has 4 Senators but Senator 2 is the oddball. His place was taken by a random dying civilian so he went unused.


Human Soldier Driver


Human Soldier Guard


Human Soldier


Human Soldier (Urban Camo)

So the interesting part about those four models up there is that they aren't packed in with the other human NPCs. Instead of the "allies" folder, they get their own spot inside the "enemies" folder. Unless they were friendly NPCs that were packed up into the wrong folder, then at some point there would've been human enemies in Turok: Evolution. All four ultimately go unused.

Some of the early stuff that still works in action:

Unused Textures

Turokunused (90).png Turok Evolution-Acclaim Logo.png

Two Acclaim logos.


An AI Marker. While this is technically used to control the AI, it can't be actually seen.

All_Highlightturok.png Check_In_Highlight.png Check_Out_Highlight.png Undo_Check_Out_Highlight.png Turokunused_%28129%29.png Turokunused_%2815%29.png Turokunused (4).png Turokunused_%2834%29.png Turokunused_%28120%29.png Turokunused_%2819%29.png

Leftovers from tools the developers used to make the game.

Turokunused (7).png Turokunused_%2862%29.png A duck and a clown's face.

Turokevolutionnoodles.png Noodles.

Turokunused (3).png A map placeholder!

Turokunused_%281%29.png Appears to be a metal placeholder.

Turokunused (119).png Turokunused (48).png TV test patterns.

Turokunused_(121).png Super Happy Fun Fun Inc. logo, the company that ported the game to PC

Turokunused_%2823%29.png A rather colorful map test.

Turokunused_%2871%29.png Turokunused_%2813%29.png Turokunused_%2814%29.png Turokunused_%28114%29.png Turokunused_%28127%29.png Turokunused_%28113%29.png Some Debug Fonts.

Turokunused_%2816%29.png Not sure what this is, labeled as Area Map internally.

Turokunused_%2865%29.png Turokunused_%2866%29.png Turokunused_%2867%29.png Turokunused_%2868%29.png Turokunused_%2869%29.png Turokunused_%2870%29.png Some numbers.


Turokunused (117).png


Turokunused (122).png

Turokunused (132).png

Turokunused (5).png

Turokunused (8).png



Turokunused (52).png

Turokunused (53).png

Turokunused (54).png

Turokunused (55).png

Turokunused (63).png

Turokunused (64).png

Turokunused (111).png

Turokunused (112).png Temporary textures.

Turokevolutionenemyspawn.png Enemy Spawn




Turokunused_(126).png A plank in four different sizes, meant for measuring textures.

Turokunused_(97).png Turokunused_(107).png Turokunused_(108).png Early Multiplayer Icons.

Turokunused_(95).png Unused Flying Mode Indicator.

Turokunused_(103).png Turokunused_(104).png Turokunused_(105).png Turokunused_(106).png Flags meant for language selection.


Early splash screen. (As seen in Game Informer. )

Turokunused_(92).png Turokunused_(96).png Turokunused_(91).png Turokunused_(98).png Turokunused_(99).png Turokunused_(100).png Turokunused_(110).png

HUD textures. The last one is part of the unused Rage powerup. (Which was reworked into its own gamemode).

Turokunused_(135).png Turokunused_(133).png Turokunused_(134).png

Textures for an early Warclub and Knife.

Turokunused_(2).png An Ankylosaurus texture placeholder.

Turokevolutiondalek.png Test Dalek.

Turokunused_(45).png Turokunused_(46).png Turokunused_(6).png A Raptor texture placeholder.

Turokunused_(35).png Waterbug (As seen in early screenshots).

Turokunused_(40).png Dire Wolf (As seen in early screenshots).

Turokunused_(44).png Hog/Boar (Mentioned in interviews, Concept Art).

Turokunused_(47).png Komodo Dragon (Mentioned in interviews, seen in early screenshots).

Turokunused_(41).png Kronosaur (Seen on official website and E3 trailer).

Turokunused_(36).png Large Bat

Turokunused_(37).png Small Bat

Turokunused_(38).png Turokunused_(39).png Crane

Turokunused_(56).png Turokunused_(57).png Turokunused_(58).png Turokunused_(59).png Turokunused_(60).png Turokunused_(61).png Mammoth (Mentioned in interviews, Concept Art).

Turokunused_(25).png Turokunused_(26).png Turokunused_(27).png Turokunused_(28).png Turokunused_(29).png Turokunused_(30).png Turokunused_(31).png Some unused enemy variants. (Crossbow Sleg seen in strategy guide).

Turokunused_%28118%29.png Turokunused (21).png

Two easter eggs: one of the developers heads, along with the guy from Fatboy Slim's album "You've Come a Long Way, Baby".

Turokunused_(9).png Turokunused_(10).png Turokunused_(11).png Turokunused_(12).png Turokunused_(49).png Turokunused_(50).png Turokunused_(51).png Turokunused_(128).png Turokunused_(129).png Turokunused_(130).png

This is interesting: some early characters from "Vexx" in it, back when it was called "Jinx"!

Turokunused_(24).png Turokunused_(1333).gif One of many console leftovers; specifically, this was used for the GameCube port, for occupied memory blocks.

Turokevolutionunusedxbox.png Turokunused_(136).png These were used on the Xbox port.

Turokunused_(101).png TUROKEVOLUTIONCONTROLLERSMALL.png Leftover Xbox controller.

Turokunused_(93).png Legal screen for the GameCube port.

Turokunused_(94).png As above, but for the PlayStation 2.

Turokunused_(72).png Turokunused_(87).png Turokunused_(88).png Turokunused_(81).png Turokunused_(109).png Turokunused_(73).png Turokunused_(86).png Buttons for the Xbox controller.

Turokunused_(74).png Turokunused_(75).png Turokunused_(77).png Turokunused_(78).png Turokunused_(79).png Turokunused_(80).png Turokunused_(82).png Turokunused_(83).png Turokunused_(84).png D-Pad and analog stick graphics.

Unused Sounds

An unused gun sound. It doesn't fit anywhere in the game.