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So ummmm hey, name's Incineroar. Thought I'd make this page so I can plot out some additional stuff, as well as keep notes that could be relevant to other games that may require additional research.

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I've started a couple pages of my own, mostly after doing some/a lot of research of my own. This section may expand in the future.

Of course, help is always welcomed on those pages.


Just stuff I'm working on. Ignore the mess!

Prerelease: Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
Proto:Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
The Legend of Legacy

Bookmarks I don't want to loose for these

Pokémon DP prerelease footage:

  • [1] (Retouched TG Sprite compared to this)

Archives of past leak images:

  • [2] (This is a great source!! I need to find larger scans so I can crop them at sane sizes.)

excel2wiki converter (Thanks Glitterberri!)

To-Do List

  • /a/1/0/3 file 3_87 in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver contains an unused model for surfing (Has eyes, fins, and spikes rather than just a blob with fins). Find the regular surfing model, replace, and get screenshots.
  • Trim and upload images for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl/Unused Graphics.
  • Get screenshots for Proto:Super Mario 3D Land using a CFW or something.
  • Find an installer for the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gold Rescue Team demo from Korea (The site is dead) and datamine it. The demo is a whopping 450 MB and has to have something in it that's unused. In addition, compare the translation to the final translation on the NDS - According to a blog post, it seems to be an early translation with some errors.
  • Create a page for Style Savvy (Nintendo DS). The Virtual Console version on the Wii U is rather... Interesting. But it's not the game itself.
  • Create a page for Nintendo 3DS CTRAging. There's so much going on there...

Wanna talk to me?

Go right ahead! Feel free to drop any concerns or whatnot on my talk page!