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BlastoiseTCRF's Avatar

The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon And Dillon's Rolling Western Guy
Pronouns: He/Him

Located in: United States

DeviantArt: BTNetwork
Xbox Live: BTNetworkYT
YouTube: The Rolling YTP Master

Welcome to my userpage


This is where I will show which games I have made pages for.

If you think anything needs to be fixed on any of the pages I make or something I put is actually used in-game, let me know.

Also a quick tip: Xbox Game Pass will give you access to hundreds of games, making it easier for me to get proper resolution images using my Xbox console.

Programs I use

  • DeepL: For translations
  • AssetStudio: To extract from Unity Games
  • Blender And Noesis: Model Viewer

Pages I made for the TCRF




Pages I contributed on

Pages I consider making/sandboxes