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WWE 2K (Android, iOS)

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Also known as: WWE 2K15
Developer: n-Space
Publisher: 2K Games
Platforms: Android, iOS
Released internationally: April 16, 2015

MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.

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WWE 2K is the second game in the series to use the WWE 2K name. WWE Superstar John Cena curated the soundtrack, which includes some original tracks produced by Cena and artist Wiz Khalifa. The mobile version was instead made by n-Space rather than Yukes, being far different,although the graphics for its time looks similar to WWE 2k15 in last gen systems.

Unused Videos

Found in the .obb in Assets/Design/Test is various placeholder videos.

According to the files, their file dates state they were modified back in September 30, 2014. About 7 months earlier than the final game.


This appears to be a video of a Baseball show called American League Championship Series.

The baseball match is the Red Sox vs. the Detroit Tigers


Big Show's entrance video, but with no audio.


Hulk Hogan's entrance video.


Randy Orton's entrance video, but with no audio.


A longer version of John Cena's entrance video.

Windows Folder

Found in assets/Audio is a folder called Windows, it is likely it has most of the sounds from the PC version or it has been suggested that the game would have a low-end PC version developed by n-Space at one point.